Are Beagles Good With Kids?

I have a large family with multiple children, and I am thinking about adopting a Beagle. I want to know if they would be a good match for my family.

After a long hard day at the office, I took a few minutes to research and found all I needed to know about adopting a Beagle into my family.

Are Beagles good with kids?

Beagles are good with kids because they are playful, friendly, and gentle. They have a sweet disposition and curious nature, which align perfectly with a family with multiple children. With their independent spirit and willed solid mindset, they will create many of the adventures that their pack mates will go on for fun.

It is also likely that the family’s children will keep them entertained and interested in all their diverse activities

Since Beagles struggle with separation and don’t like to be left alone, they will find happiness and peace in a big family with multiple children. 

Children and Beagles will have a natural affinity for playing together since they both need a good amount of exercise and like to play outdoors

Since Beagles were bred for hunting, they are exceptionally watchful and alert to the goings-on around them. 

They have a fantastic sense of smell and are very adaptable, which will lend themselves well to a home with children. 

They can be watchful of the goings-on around their human “pack” and be very loud when it is necessary to alert the adults of what is going on with the children should an issue arise. 

The only time it might be an issue for a family with children is if any of the children are babies that need their sleep and could get hurt by the Beagle, but this would be true of any dog breed and a newborn baby. 

While they make good dogs for families with children, they need to be trained to behave at their best with their families. 

Once that is done, the children will have great fun entertaining their Beagle and caring for them by feeding them, walking them, and grooming.

This is an essential skill for children, so they learn empathy, caring for another, and being responsible.

Are Beagles Good With Kids Are Beagles Good With Kids?

Beagles are a dog breed that was bred for hunting. For this reason, many people may be confused by whether they would make a good family dog for a household with children.

Despite their hunting background, Beagles make excellent dogs for families with children because they have so much to offer in the way of fun.

Playful by nature, yet gentle Beagles have a sweet disposition and curious personality that will have them create many adventures for the children and follow along with the children of the household on their own experiences.

Beagles can struggle with separation anxiety due to their need for lots of attention. 

What could be better than a family filled with many children, not much? Beagles will thrive in this environment as well as keep the children entertained and happy. 

They will likely share many moments and form an intense bond with those children, which will cause them also to be very protective of them.

Since both Beagles and children need a good amount of exercise and love the outdoors, they will naturally go together and share many fulfilling moments playing outdoors.

Beagles make excellent watchdogs because they are very alert and can focus, have a strong scenting ability, and a loud howl, when necessary, should the need arise. 

This is perfect for children unless any of the children are newborns, which may not go well with a Beagles loud howl.

While Beagles make great family dogs for families with multiple children, they need to be adequately trained. 

This may or may not be a challenge depending on who is training them.

Training and social skills training allow them to know what is expected of them in how they are to behave in certain situations. 

It teaches the Beagle to act at their best in various scenarios.

Like other dog breeds, Beagles naturally make good family members for households with children because they teach the human children empathy. 

By caring for their Beagle, human children learn to be sympathetic and understand the needs of others while learning how to care for their dogs.

When done correctly, this can teach the children responsibility, respect, patience, and understanding.

Some great activities for children to do for their Beagles include grooming them, walking them, feeding them, cleaning their crates, playing games with them, and possibly teaching them new tricks and fun activities.

These fundamental world skills will better the Beagle life and the children’s life by teaching them vital character skills for their future adult lives.

What can I do to promote a healthy relationship between my new Beagle and my kids?

You can promote a healthy relationship between your new Beagle and your kids by giving them specific activities to do where they care for their fur baby. These activities should be age-appropriate and align with the individual child’s abilities and strengths.

These character-building skills will serve the child throughout their lives, help their family, and enhance a strong bond between them and their dog. 

Aside from that, they learn new skills like how to cut a dog’s hair, walk a dog, bathe a dog, feed their dog, and many other helpful life skills.

Beyond these activities, providing toys and fun games that the children and Beagle can do together will promote time spent having fun.

This one isn’t an essential aspect since children and Beagles are all about fun and will likely create their own adventures together without any help from anyone else.

What can be a great addition to any family with children is to set aside time every day for snuggles and affection. 

This can often get overlooked in busy households, and it can be good to set aside time each day where the Beagle and children can count on this as their time.

Even if they receive love from each other and their parents during the day, this is a bonus and something that both the Beagle and children can count on when their days are hectic. 

Wherever it fits into the family’s daily schedule is best, if that is first thing in the morning before breakfast, right before bed after brushing teeth, and the final snack time, where it works is best.

Another way to promote a healthy relationship between the Beagle and the household children is to teach the children to respect the dog. This includes not poking or picking at the dog. 

They shouldn’t play in the dog’s crate or throw the dog’s bed around. The children also shouldn’t play with their food bowl, prevent them from eating their food, or play any hurtful or mean game.

In some respects, getting a dog also requires that children go through a series of passive training unless they have previously had a dog already. 

This teaches them how to respect and love their dog and treat it as they are supposed to. This promotes a deep and strong bond between the Beagle and children.

How do I promote a strong bond between my senior Beagle and my children?

How you promote a solid and healthy bond between your senior Beagle and your children is easy. The same ideas above apply to an old dog with a few modifications.

When caring for their senior Beagle, children should always be mindful not to hurt their dog. This is true at any age but more particularly for dogs that are seniors. 

For instance, walks might be shorter, or the children should learn to be mindful of their dogs’ needs, like when they seem to get tired on a walk.

When bathing and grooming their senior Beagle, they will need to pay close attention, so they don’t hurt the dog or stop when they appear tired or need a bathroom break. Again, this is true of any dog of any age but more so in dogs that are seniors.

If they feed the senior Beagle, they may need to feed them more often or in smaller amounts. They may need to be mindful of what they are feeding the old Beagle or when.

When children care for their senior Beagle, the same rules will apply, but they will need to pay closer attention. For this reason, smaller children may not be able to do as much as older children who are more capable of handling these issues. That, however, does not mean that every child cannot help and form a close bond with their dog.

Final Points

Kids and dogs often go together like peanut butter and jelly. They have a natural affinity for each other due to their nature and zest for life.

While certain dog breeds may not be good with all children, the Beagle is a breed that gets along with almost all children.

With their curiosity, friendliness, and love of the outdoors, to name a few, a Beagle will win the heart of any kid they encounter before you blink!

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