Are Boston Terriers Hyper?

Boston Terriers look like their just made to be your best friend.

But can you expect them to be laid back couch-potatoes (like your actual best friend) or are Boston Terriers super energetic?

Are Boston Terriers Hyper?

Boston Terriers are not considered a hyper dog breed. They can have an overabundance of energy and hyperactivity can occur in Bostons, it is not as common as in other dog breeds.  Boston Terriers are active and energetic but do not tend to be overly hyper.

Like so many others that are active and full of energy, this dog breed will get tiny jolts of energy that will have them running laps and acting out their energy in what looks like hyper behavior, but they are not hyper.

Like other dogs with lots of energy, they will need their energy to be channeled into work or play that is enjoyable but capable of tiring them out.

A mixture of playtime and work is best for this breed, which thrives on lots of movement and adventure. 

The Boston Terrier should have at least one hour a day but more if possible.

Some Boston Terriers might not want an hour of play and work time, but they are rare. There can be slight variances from one day to the next based on their lifestyle, what they are doing, and their home environment.

When the Boston Terrier is a puppy, they will appear hyper and over-energetic like most puppies, which is normal behavior and part of the puppy growing up.

Gender can affect how much energy a Boston Terrier has, but they can never be considered hyper. Males are more likely to have a bit more energy but not always the case, and females may appear to be less energetic at certain times, such as when they are in heat.

All this information doesn’t mean that there aren’t any hyper Boston Terriers. 

Hyperactive behavior can appear in any dog regardless of its breed.

If you provide a Boston Terrier with enough exercise and work in their day, they will be more relaxed and content at night and more likely to settle down and rest.

One area of a dog’s life that people often forget about is their mental exercise.

Dogs have minds that need to be exercised, and while they can’t pull out a crossword puzzle and solve it, there are things a pet parent can do to help them.

There are numerous toys and games that you can play with your Boston Terrier that will help them exercise their mind.

These games educate and tire their mind, which, if not exercised, can prevent them from settling down, just like when we lay awake at night thinking.

Are Boston Terriers Hyper 1 Are Boston Terriers Hyper?

This mental exercise is just as vital to their well-being as the physical work and play they do and will help them be smarter, more intuitive, and adaptive to the world around them. 

Some toys can help them learn to solve problems, like getting to the treat in a KONG toy and so forth.

Some dogs will act like an indie five hundred car racer and race around the house, yard, or park. This is not hyper behavior but a normal part of being a dog.

These little lightning bolts of energy have a technical term called FRAPS.

It means that they suddenly have a bolt of energy and start frantically performing a particular task, such as running, spinning around, and so forth.

This is nothing to be upset about for the parent and can be a normal part of a dog’s day when they have unspent energy that they need to expel.

They might take several laps around the yard nonstop at one hundred miles an hour. 

They might do many things to rid their body of excess energy. Not to mention that dogs usually have fun doing them.

What are the signs of a hyperactive doggie?

There are quite a few signs that your dog is hyperactive, but it is not as common as people think it is. If you notice most of these symptoms in your Boston Terrier, they may have hyperactively; these include:

  • Annoyance with someone or something
  • Excitability with an inability to settle down
  • Acts quiet and fearful at inappropriate time
  • Aggression at an inappropriate time
  • Inability to deal with environmental stimuli
  • Heaving breathing
  • Fast heartbeat

These symptoms can mean that your dog is truly hyperactive. If this is the case, they should be evaluated by their veterinarian. 

How can I calm my Boston Terrier when he is full of energy?

The best way for you to calm your Boston Terrier is to make sure that they have enough physical activity and mental stimulation throughout the day.

You can take your Boston Terrier for a hike with you to expel unspent physical energy. You can also teach them something, obedience training, swimming, and any number of other activities.

Outdoor games like catching and throwing a frisbee can be a wonderful way for them to expel energy and share in some good old-fashioned family fun.

Mental exercise toys and games will take care of their brains; outside time will exercise their bodies. 

You don’t want them to get bored because a bored dog will soon be getting into trouble, and the best way is to nip it in the bud.

Training is the top way to help your Boston Terrier behave, even when they are full of energy. 

Training your dog to know what is allowed and not allowed in different life situations.

Providing a well-rounded life is the best way to reduce the chance that your Boston Terrier will act out, even when they are full of energy.

Plenty of exercises, good healthy food, freshwater, restorative sleep, and lots of love are the perfect mix, even for an energetic dog like the Boston Terrier.

In Conclusion

Any dog can behave hyper at any time if they don’t have a proper outlet for their energy. 

They are not truly hyperactive in most cases, as this is uncommon.

Channeling is an effective way to deal with excess energy, which your Boston Terrier is likely to have from time to time.

When channeling is combined with training, socializing, and lots of exercises, they will be tired and barely have a moment to act hyper!

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