Are Labradoodles Good Apartment Dogs? Why?

There are many apartment complexes out there that allow residents to own a dog or cat. If you are in a situation where you want to bring a dog into the household and you live in an apartment, you also need to make sure that the breed you want is suitable for apartment living. While many breeds can thrive in an apartment setting, many won’t do well at all. 

Are Labradoodles Good Apartment Dogs 1 1 Are Labradoodles Good Apartment Dogs? Why?

Are Labradoodles Good Apartment Dogs?

Labradoodles are one of the breeds that can do really well with apartment living. These small to medium-sized dogs can live out fulfilling lives in an apartment as long as all their other needs are taken care of. 

There are several factors that make Labradoodles good for apartment living. For one, they are smaller dogs. While there are breeds of small dogs out there that aren’t good for apartment living, Labradoodles make it work. 

Depending on the size of the apartment, they can still have a lot of space to run around. Of course, make sure that your Labradoodle is getting plenty of exercise outside of the apartment as well.

Labradoodles also have a calm and even temperament that allows them to easily live in an apartment. The personality of a Labradoodle just works really well with living close to other people. You won’t have to worry about them barking at every person who walks past your apartment door. 

One more reason why Labradoodles are good for apartment living is that they are companion dogs. They thrive from being close to their family. 

Labradoodles are great around kids and large families because they are very social beings. They aren’t going to mind living in a smaller space with their family. 

How To Give Your Labradoodle Plenty of Exercise While Living in an Apartment?

When you have a dog while living in an apartment, you have to make sure that your dog still gets all the exercise that it needs. This will take more work than if you lived in your own house because you won’t be able to let them run around inside or in the backyard. 

A Labradoodle needs about an hour of exercise every day. This may seem like a lot, but there are ways to easily get this exercise done. An easy way to give your Labradoodle plenty of exercise is by taking them on walks. 

A Labradoodle can be walked every day for 30-45 minutes. You can also break up their exercise time by doing two smaller walks a day. 

Walk them for 30 minutes in the morning and then another 30 minutes in the evening. There, you have successfully given your Labradoodle the hour of exercise that it needs. 

You can also bring your Labradoodle to a nearby dog park to play games or allow them to run around with other dogs. This is a great way to get your Labradoodle to be social with other people and animals while also getting the exercise that they need. 

What is The Temperament of Labradoodles?

Are Labradoodles Good Apartment Dogs Are Labradoodles Good Apartment Dogs? Why?

Labradoodles have a relatively calm and even temperament which makes them great dogs for living in an apartment. These dogs are friendly and playful. They love to make friends with other people and other dogs, which is very helpful if you already live with pets. 

Labradoodles can be very playful and energetic while also being easygoing the next minute. You can often find your Labradoodle chilling out in a sunny spot or around the people that they love. 

The one downside of the Labradoodle temperament is that they are very curious beings. This might turn into them getting into some trouble by getting into something that they shouldn’t. Having your Labradoodle go on walks or play with the kids of your household will allow them to work their brains and be less destructive. 

Can Labradoodle Be Left Alone in an Apartment?

It is not a good idea to leave your Labradoodle home alone while living in an apartment. Really, your Labradoodle shouldn’t be left alone for too long even if you live in a big house.

Labradoodles are incredibly social creatures that don’t like to be left alone. Separation anxiety is quite common in these dogs as all they want is to be around their owners and family. Make sure to spend plenty of time every day with your Labradoodle. 

Of course, you can train your Labradoodle to get used to spending more time alone, but it still isn’t the ideal situation for your dog. 

If you have to leave your Labradoodle for extended periods of time while living in an apartment, look into getting a dog sitter or taking them to doggy daycare. This will make sure that your Labradoodle isn’t spending too much time alone. 

What Are the Down Sides to Having a Labradoodle in an Apartment?

Having any kind of dog living with you in an apartment will have its downsides. There will be some habits that will look different between apartment living and home living.

More Difficult Bathroom Access

This can really depend on what floor you live on in your apartment. Unless you live on the first floor, it will be more of a challenge to potty train your Labradoodle and to get them outside in time. You and your Labradoodle will have to walk longer to get outside, especially if you live on one of the upper floors. 

You will also have to pick up after your dog more frequently. With your dog having to go in a public space, there are rules that you have to keep the place clean. 

Having little baggies to pick up after your Labradoodle will have to become common practice. 

Noisy Neighbors Upsetting Your Labradoodle

While your Labradoodle isn’t likely to bark at anyone who walks past your apartment door, your Labradoodle might get upset if your neighbors are being noisy. 

Hearing neighbors across the way arguing or kids from down the hallway screaming might set your Labradoodle off and cause it to start barking in response. This can be upsetting and even annoying to you if this is a constant problem. 

Complex Rules

When you live in an apartment complex and they allow you to have pets, there are sure to be many rules that you will have to follow. 

Some of these rules might relate to the kinds of dogs you can have, which Labradoodles are usually on the list of breeds allowed.

Other rules might have to do with having your Labradoodle up to date with all their vaccinations and vet appointments, so you will have to really keep up with the vet appointments. Keeping up with all the vaccinations and medicines that you will have to give your Labradoodle is both to protect your dog and the other residents of the apartment. 

There will also be rules regarding what leashes you can use on your Labradoodle and that they will be required to be on a leash while outside. Make sure to go over all the pet-related rules that your complex has before adding a Labradoodle to your family. 

Keeping Your Neighbors in Mind

While we have already talked about noise neighbors upsetting your dog, you also have to keep in mind the possibility of your barking Labradoodle upsetting your neighbors. No one likes to be woken up in the middle of the night by a dog barking, so you want to make sure that it won’t be your dog doing the barking. 

You can have your dog trained to not bark from outside sources, so if your Labradoodle barks a lot because of your neighbors, you can train the barking out. Of course, also go and talk to your neighbors about what is happening so that they might change their behavior. 

Final Thoughts

Labradoodles tend to do really well with living in an apartment. While not everything will be perfect, your Labradoodle can live a good life with you in your apartment.

There will be more preparations to be made when considering bringing a dog into your family such as getting them registered with the complex and checking on all the rules that you will have to follow. 

It might be a good idea to get your Labradoodle used to a routine of living in an apartment. This routine will include feeding times, exercise (such as walks or going to the dog park,) and a sleep schedule. Having a routine can prevent several kinds of problems from occurring. 

It’s always nice to have a companion when you live in a smaller space. A dog can make an apartment less lonely, and many people love to see dogs out and around them. 

Your Labradoodle might make good friends with the kids living at the other end of the hallway when you walk your Labradoodle by. 

With the proper supplies, preparations, and routines, a Labradoodle will live a great life alongside you in your apartment. These friendly and easy-going dogs can make any living situation so much more enjoyable. 

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