Are Pugs Good With Kids? What Makes Them That Way?

In the world, some people prefer small dogs to big dogs and vice versa. However, many can agree that pugs are super cute, even with all the snorting that they do. Along with dog size preference, there are also preferences on what dogs work well with kids. 

Are Pugs Good With Kids 1 Are Pugs Good With Kids? What Makes Them That Way?

Are Pugs Good With Kids?

Pugs are great with kids as they are super playful and energetic. These dogs make great family pets because they are good with kids of all ages and aren’t aggressive in nature. 

Pugs can be chill and laid-back one minute and crazy the next. Their energy can seem like it comes from nowhere at all, but this can lead to some funny experiences with your pug. 

Out of the small dog breeds that are out there, pugs are one of the more social breeds

Pugs are also very affectionate and just want to love and be loved by their owners. These dogs can often be seen cuddling up to their owner or begging for attention. They love to be near their families and to play lots. 

They are also great around other dogs because of how social they can be. If you have another dog in your house, a pug won’t be afraid of making a new friend. 

However, all dogs have some negative traits. Pugs can be quite stubborn which can be seen in them struggling to be trained or refusing to leave their spot on the couch. 

Even though they are very eager to please, their stubbornness sometimes gets the better of them. When a pug makes up their mind that they are going to lounge around, it will refuse to leave that spot no matter what. 

What Makes Pugs So Great with Kids?


The personality of a pug makes them great around kids. With pugs being super affectionate and loving, they won’t mind having cuddle sessions with the kids of the household. 

A pug can either lounge with the kids or have fun by playing with them. Again, pugs can be both lazy and energetic at the same time. 

Pugs are lapdogs at heart which is what makes them so great at lounging and cuddling with the family. These dogs can match the energy of anyone in the house so they can get along with everyone.

This breed of dog is also super loyal and will stick with your children no matter what. If your pug and children are good friends, you will see them together more often than them being apart. 

Pugs will stick by the people they love fiercely because they love their family so much. 

Their Small Size

Another great reason why pugs work so well with kids is because of their size. With large dogs, there can be the worry that they will knock over a smaller child when playing and possibly hurt them. 

Pugs are pretty small dogs and while they can still knock into a child, their size won’t make them as much of a concern. 

Are Pugs Good With Kids 1 1 Are Pugs Good With Kids? What Makes Them That Way?

Lack of Barking

Pugs don’t bark too often or too loud. In fact, they only rate a 1 out of 5 on a barking scale. Sure, their breathing can be loud and they will snort, but barking is something that they don’t really do.

The lack of barking is great for being around kids as many kids will get scared from sudden barking.

Pugs will typically only bark if a person is approaching the home and the pug doesn’t know who it is. With that, their barking is typically described as only being for alerting purposes. 

If you have a baby or kids who prefer a quieter animal, the pug will make a great companion. 

Lack of Biting

Pugs are one of the few dogs that have a very short nose. Many people describe their faces as being smooshed in as if someone just smooshed their nose into the rest of their face. While this look can be cute, it causes a lot of problems for the respiratory health of the pug.

On the bright side, this nose and mouth shape prevents pugs from being able to bite super hard. You won’t have to worry about your pug biting your kids more than the slight play nibble. 

Pugs Can Handle Play

Pugs may be small, but they are compact. With that, they can take some of the rougher playing that children sometimes show. These dogs have a lot of muscles underneath their soft exterior.

However, it is extremely important to note that pugs can still get injured from rough play like any other dog out there. They might be tough, but they are not indestructible. Make sure that your kids understand to be gentle with your pug so as to not hurt them. 

As a kid gets older and therefore bigger, make sure that they know to be gentle with the pug to prevent injury.

Also, rough play can be tough on their respiratory system. Teach your child to always be aware of the breathing of your pug and to never obstruct their airways by blocking their nose or mouth. 

Training and Socialization

If you want to get a pug as a family dog, be aware that training and socialization are necessary for your future put.

When you get your pug, you need to make sure they go through proper training. Obedience training is important if you have kids around so you can be able to communicate with your pug if they need to stop anything.

Obedience training allows you to have better control of your pug just in case something needs to stop.

Have your kids a part of the training process. Not only does your dog need to learn how to be around kids, but your kids will also need to learn how to be around the pug. 

Having them learn what they should and shouldn’t do will prevent bad situations from arising. 

Also, having your kids be a part of the training process establishes trust between the kids and the pug. It also helps the pug with socialization as it will get used to being around other people that aren’t just you.

However, general socialization training is still important as it allows your dog to safely be around other dogs and people. It also prevents separation and social anxiety. 

Pugs Can’t Handle Extreme Weather

If you are thinking about adding a pug to the family, be aware of the climate that you live in. Pugs can’t handle hot or humid weather because it makes it a lot harder for them to breathe. 

Hot and humid weather can put a strain on the respiratory system of a pug, so they aren’t the kind of dogs to take on many walks or bring to the park.

On the other side of the weather, pugs also can’t handle very cold temperatures. Pugs have short hair that doesn’t do much to keep them warm. With that, they are sensitive to cold temperatures and their noses and paws can dry out at this temperature

At least with the cold, you can put a jacket and dog shoes on them to help them stay warm. 

Pugs are good for temperate climates that stay at a consistent temperature. It is better to have a pug in a place that gets a bit cold rather than a place that gets hot. Pugs are inside dogs and shouldn’t really be outside for too long at a time. 

Are Pugs Hypoallergenic?

While some may think that the short fur that pugs have is better for those with dog allergies, this is not true at all. 

Pugs shed all year round and their short hair can get everywhere. In fact, some may say that shedding short hair is worse than long hair as it can spread even further. 

Pugs aren’t hypoallergenic because of how much they will shed. They can be tough for children who have dog allergies or asthma. It is a good idea to test your children for any pet-related allergies before bringing any kind of pet into the home. 

Final Thoughts

Pugs are great dogs to have in the family because they have amazing personalities. They are super loving, loyal, and playful. However, they also know how to chill out and just lounge around for a while.

However, when you have kids around pets, you also need to make sure that they understand what they can and can’t do around the pet.

Setting these boundaries protects both the new pet and the children while also establishing better trust between the two. 

As long as your children know what is expected from them when they are around the pug, they are sure to have a great relationship. Pugs get along super well with children because of their temperament and personality. 

If you want to bring a small dog into your family and you don’t live in a super hot area, a pug might be the pet for you. They are certainly adorable.

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