Can Beagles Eat Apples?

If you’ve been craving apples or apple pie lately but are afraid to give them to your Beagle out of fear that they might not be safe for the little guy–this post is for you.

Most dogs can eat a slice of apple here and there without any problems.

Apples are delicious low-calorie treats that offer Beagles antioxidants like vitamin A and C as well as dietary fiber. 

They also help freshen their breath if eaten raw and keep their teeth clean!

This post will discuss the safety and precautions of feeding apples to your Beagle, as well as how much fruit is acceptable.

Can Beagles Eat Apples?

Yes! Beagles can eat apple slices, apple sauce, and baked apples. However, they should not eat apple seeds as the seeds contain poison and can harm them. Avoid apple cores, too, as they’re a choking hazard to Beagles.

Beagles are curious when it comes to food! They will eat almost anything, but there are some parts of the Apple you should keep him away from!

Read on to know which parts are safe and which can be toxic.

Are Apples Healthy For Beagles?

Yes. Apples are healthy for Beagles. Apples provide a good source of vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and phosphorus. Raw apples will also clean your Beagle’s teeth and give him good breath.

Can Beagles Eat Apple Cores?

No. Beagles should not eat apple cores. They can easily get caught in their throat and cause them to choke. The apple seeds are also toxic to dogs. Keep the apple cores far away from Beagles.

For the safety of your furry friends, skip any apple cores. The flesh is fine for dogs, but not so much if they inhale the core and it gets jammed in their throat, blocking their oxygen pathway!

If you see he starts to chow down and swallow it before you can intervene, don’t panic!

You might instead just keep him under close supervision while watching his actions carefully: pawing at the mouth indicates choking, which needs immediate intervention by gently removing the apple core or initiating doggy CPR.

Can I Feed My Beagle Apple Peels?

Yes, in moderation, but not too many as they can cause indigestion. If you feed him apple slices with the skin still on, it shouldn’t be a problem, so long as you don’t feed him the core.

Eating too many pieces of peel could lead to indigestion in your Beagle. The best way to prepare apples as treats are by peeling them and slicing them into small chunks beforehand.

Can Eating Apples Be Dangerous For a Beagle?

Yes, apple seeds contain cyanide poison and are dangerous for Beagles. Apple slices are safe, though. Avoid the seeds and the core, as it’s easy for dogs to choke on.

Dogs should avoid apple seeds at all costs. The cyanide found in them is poisonous to their system!

Apple cores are a choking hazard. It happens more often than you’d think.

To ensure that your Beagle doesn’t get harmed by the Apple seeds poison, make sure you slice off any of its inner parts before serving it to him.

If I had an apple tree, I would be very careful about letting my dog eat the ones that fall to the ground.

If your Beagle happens to eat an apple seed or two, a vet is likely not needed. It should safely pass through his system.

You should keep an eye on him, though. If he shows any signs of poisoning, then take him to an emergency vet ASAP.

Signs of poisoning in a Beagle include: throwing up, diarrhea, drooling excessively, loss of appetite, dry heaving, and seizures.

If your Beagle eats some apple seeds and you notice any of those symptoms, then call your emergency vet ASAP.

In most cases, a Beagle won’t show signs of poisoning if only a couple of seeds are ingested. So do not panic.

Can Beagles Eat Apples?
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How Many Apples Should a Beagle Eat?

Don’t give him more than half an apple in a day. Beagles love food, but their treats should be limited. A half an apple a day may just keep the vet away.

Beagles gain weight very easily. This is partly because of their metabolism but mostly because of their nose and their love of food.

If your Beagle has diabetes, then you shouldn’t give him apples at all without consulting with your vet.

How To Feed Apples to a Beagle

It’s crucial to wash the apples before giving them as treats.

Remove any stems, cores, and seeds, so they don’t cause a choking hazard or harm your Beagle’s tummy.

There are plenty of ways to prepare cooled apples for dogs:

  1. Use chunks in their kibble for an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Make an apple sauce out of whole peeled apple.
  3. Mix up iced chunks into a delicious smoothie that you can both enjoy! (My Beagle loves smoothies.)
  4. Dip them in peanut butter and feed them to him! Yum.

Can Beagles Eat Apple Sauce?

Yes, Beagles can eat natural apple sauce that doesn’t contain added sugars. You should avoid feeding your Beagle any applesauce that contains sugar or artificial sweeteners. Âs they can upset his digestive system.

The best applesauce is always homemade. To make your Beagle some good ole’ homemade applesauce follow this recipe:

Well, that’s it. Now you know that Beagles can eat Apples.

Watch out for the seeds and the core!

Be safe and wash the apple before you give it to your little guy (or girl).

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