Do Beagles Like To Cuddle? Answered!

You may be wondering if Beagles are the type of dogs who like a good cuddle, enjoy hugs, or are excited about snuggling up with a family member. We all bring pets into our homes for different reasons. Sometimes it’s for protection, other times it’s to help us get more exercise, and often it’s because we are looking for companionship. Having a dog that likes to cuddle is important if we want something to snuggle up to.

Do Beagles Like To Cuddle 1 1 Do Beagles Like To Cuddle? Answered!

Do Beagles Like To Cuddle?

Beagles are definite cuddlers. Given the fact they love being part of a pack, are super affectionate and sweet, and are highly attuned to their owner’s needs, a Beagle will provide you with tons of cuddle time.

With some animals, we know right away if they are snuggly or not. Beagles leave some people uncertain. Though they were bred to be hunting dogs, this breed has evolved over the years and is now one of the favorite choices to be a family pet. They are more cuddly than you might think.

I’ve owned dogs my whole life and love the companionship and cuddle factor that dogs bring into a home. Let me show you why Beagles are the best choice for all your cuddle needs!

Do Beagles Like to Cuddle?

Perhaps because of their breeding, Beagles seem to feel safest and most secure when being cuddled, held, or at least curled up next to their owners. These dogs are highly affectionate, which may be one reason they are always listed as one of the best family pets available. Let’s break down why.

Beagles Love Being Part of the Pack

Beagles are definite pack animals. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs, and being part of a pack has obviously remained an important part of their DNA.

Using other animals for warmth and protection is inherent to the Beagle’s makeup. When you see a litter of pups all snuggled up together, you can understand why snuggling and cuddling are still in their blood. A good cuddle isn’t just for fun – for the Beagle, it was and still is, seen as a means of survival. 

Watch your Beagle as he prepares to sleep. He will burrow under a blanket, or pillow, or snuggle up close to a toy or shoe if there is no packmate present. These dogs were used to sleeping in close and tight quarters when they were on the hunt. 

Nestling down into a small spot and wrapping themselves in a tight ball is still most comfortable for your Beagle.

Do Beagles Like To Cuddle 1 Do Beagles Like To Cuddle? Answered!

Beagles Are Affectionate and Sweet

As I said earlier, Beagles love their pack – and they see you as their pack leader. So, it makes sense that cuddling up next to you is going to be important to them and will make them feel safe and secure. These little attention seekers will often stop at nothing to get as close to you as possible, climbing in your lap, licking you, and whining when they can’t gain access to you.

If your Beagle isn’t allowed on the bed or couch, you may need to spend some time every day down on their level. Making sure you have plenty of play and cuddle time will ensure your Beagle buddy doesn’t feel disconnected from you. 

Beagles are also known for suffering from separation anxiety, so take care to make sure they don’t feel neglected, even if spooning in bed with your Beagle is not your thing.

Beagles Are Highly Attuned to Your Needs

These hound dogs are intelligent and are always aiming to please. They are also highly attuned to their human pack members’ needs. There’s a fair amount of research that points at something most of us already know about our big-hearted companions – dogs can actually feel our emotions and will respond accordingly.

This may be a big reason why dogs are the most common animal used as emotional support animals for people struggling with anxiety, depression, or loneliness. Beagles often top that list.

Not only do Beagles have a highly empathetic sixth sense, but they are very emotional animals as well. Not only will cuddling with your Beagle help lower your stress levels, but it lowers theirs as well. 

They don’t like being alone. A Beagle left idle will inevitably get itself in trouble. It may be fair to say that Beagles don’t just like to cuddle, they need some of it every day. 

If close cuddling, slobbery kisses, and someone constantly following you from room to room isn’t really your thing, then a Beagle may not be a good choice for you when thinking about bringing a new pet into your home. These guys need more from their pack leader than just a little food and water every day.

How To Give Your Beagle the Attention He Needs

As we’ve discussed, Beagles are not only highly intelligent, but they are also attention-seekers who desire lots of socialization and inclusion in their pack family. Obviously, you can’t be showering your Beagle with attention 24/7. But, there are some things you can do to make sure he’s getting the love and affection he needs.

Play Time

To the Beagle, play is work and work is play. Especially if you have a younger Beagle, it can sometimes feel like play is as important to their happiness and development as food and drink.

Play doesn’t have to be fancy or involve expensive toys or require tons of space. A good romp or walk around the yard, or a game of tug-of-war in the living room can suffice. Remember that when you play with your Beagle, you are not only teaching him how to socialize, but you are also helping him get excess energy out and giving him a chance to bond with you. 

To a Beagle, bonding is super important.

Training Time 

Another great way to give your Beagle much-needed attention while also doing something important to his development is to spend time training him. Again, Beagles are super smart and highly motivated when there are treats involved. 

Even though Beagles have a reputation for being stubborn, teaching your Beagle new tricks won’t be difficult if you stay focused and have yummy rewards to give him when he does well. This is another great way to spend time with your pooch while also helping him learn how to be a positive member of your pack.

Snuggle Time

Finally, though all the other activities listed above will be great for your Beagle’s development and help him fit nicely into society, nothing is going to beat a good snuggle when it comes to giving your furbaby the attention he needs. 

We discussed earlier that not all pet owners are okay with their dogs being allowed on couches or beds, and that’s okay. (Just make sure that, if this is a household rule, everyone adheres to it.) But snuggle time doesn’t have to take place on furniture. It can be letting him lay his head in your lap while you sit on the floor. 

It could be laying down next to him on a nice grassy hill or letting him nestle up next to your legs while you are working from home or sitting in the yard. These dogs love unconditionally, and any affection you show them they will lap up, no matter how you give it to them.

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