Do Boston Terriers Need A Lot Of Attention?

Boston Terriers are a fun, loveable, energetic dog breed that’s great for so many families.

However, if you don’t have a ton of time to spend with your Boston Terrier, you may be in for some problems.

Do Boston Terriers Need A Lot Of Attention?

Boston Terriers need a lot of attention due to their breed background as companion animals. Some Boston Terriers may be different and require a different level of attention, but this dog breed requires lots of attention. They need lots of love and affection but also closeness and activity to keep them content and happy.

Companion animals thrive best when they are in close contact with their owner or family and need that connection to feel content. 

The Boston Terrier will want to be doing what the family is doing or right amid whatever activity or event that is going on with the family so they can enjoy it too.

This dog breed happens to be very people-oriented, so they love human contact and love it, even more when it’s with their family.

The good news about this is that Boston Terriers get along great with everyone, from kids to other dogs and, dare we say it, even the housecat too.

The Boston Terrier will need a lot of attention to grooming, playtime, exercise, training, and diet, but this is true of every dog regardless of breed. 

Loving and caring for a furry family member requires more commitment and time than we often devote to ourselves.

They are not high maintenance when it comes to needing a lot of grooming, but they will still need to be groomed regularly.

While they don’t need lots of attention in some of these areas like grooming because of wild fur, they need the most attention in the form of love, affection, playtime, exercise, and inclusion in the family’s activities. 

This is because of their breed background and what they were bred to be a companion animal.

When it comes to exercise and playtime, they are very energetic and require a home where someone will share their passion for activity and playtime as much as they do.

Therefore, they need a lot of attention in the right areas of their lives.

Companion animals enjoy spending time with their parents because they love being beside them, not because of the activity or a specific purpose they serve in life.

Do Boston Terriers Need A Lot Of Attention 1 Do Boston Terriers Need A Lot Of Attention?

What is a companion animal?

A companion animal is an animal that is kept by their family for the sheer joy of sharing in their humans’ life and being a friend to them. 

Every dog, regardless of breed, can fit into this category, but not all companion animals can be sporting or working dogs.

Organizations like the American Kennel Club and others needed to label dogs based on their breed is good at doing. Such categories as sporting class, working-class, and so forth helped them compartmentalize the dogs where they belong.

If a dog breed didn’t historically have a working or sporting occupation that they were successful at, but they were excellent at being companion animals to humans, they would be placed in this category.

This simply means that these animals are good at being friends and companions to their humans without a specific purpose, such as hunting or retrieving.

Many dogs in this companion class perform well in many areas of their lives, such as training and social skills and even sports and work but are simply best at being a companion.

These animals serve many important roles in our lives, from keeping us happy when we are sad with their silliness and adorable expressions to reminding us that we aren’t alone.

How can I leave my Boston Terrier alone if they need lots of attention?

You can leave your Boston Terrier alone for a time even though they need lots of attention because they adjust well to this situation.

They want nothing more to be with you, but thankfully, when you must be away, the Boston Terrier will adjust and manage quite well compared to other dogs while you’re gone.

The best way to leave your Boston Terrier alone if you must leave the house is to have a departure routine and return home routine.

Many dogs, regardless of breed, can struggle with loneliness and boredom when their parents are away, and routines help them understand and accept the process more peacefully and cope better.

The Boston Terrier is a dog breed that can do well when left home alone, but each dog is unique, and you should know your dog personally before setting up these routines. 

They should be based on activities that make the process easier to accept, such as providing a walk before you leave if they enjoy that.

Using a well-thought-out departure and return home routine consistently when you leave the home environment can bring peace with repetitiveness and time as they learn. 

The most important part of the process is consistency, not precisely what happens during the routine.

Another helpful idea that some parents use is leaving something of yourself for them to sleep with or on. A recently worn shirt can provide them with your scent and closeness when they need it most.

Your departure for the Boston Terrier may be easier if they feel you are near when they rest their head on that shirt, and it can make life easier for them while you are away.

Closing Points

We all need attention, some more than others, and your Boston Terrier is no different.

Bred to be a companion animal, their life purpose is to be by your side, sharing in the joys and sorrows of your life.

These dogs are good at being friends and companions and offering the emotional support we all sometimes need in our day.

While this might make them seem needy, it is no needier than the working dog that needs hours of outside time every day. 

Needs are linked to breeding and what is ingrained in who we are as a human or dogs.

Embrace that need of your Boston Terrier, a need for a lot of love and attention, and you will find yourself smiling more every day because of it!

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