Do Goldendoodles Have Hair Or Fur?

One of the main reasons that people are attracted to Goldendoodles is because some folks claim that they are hypoallergenic.

It’s true that the hair that all poodles have makes the more hypoallergenic than most dogs. But it’s also true that Golden Retrievers are famous for their long, golden, not hypoallergenic fur.

So, what about Goldendoodles? Do they have hair or fur?

Do Goldendoodles Have Hair Or Fur?

Goldendoodles are typically said to have hair, but in truth, hair and fur both are made of keratin like skin, claws, horns, and nails. The difference between hair and fur is quite small. Most people think of fur as shedding while hair is nonshedding. In that sense, most but not all Goldendoodles have what you’d call hair. 

Perhaps the simplest way to understand and note a difference between the two is to say that any dog with a double fur coat has fur, and any dog with a single fur coat has hair.

That being said, a Goldendoodle can end up having hair and on a few rare occasions fur too. 

It depends on which parents’ genetics and fur coat they receive.

This is because the Goldendoodle is a mixed or hybrid dog breed that combines Poodle and Golden Retriever.

While the Poodle has a single coat of hair, the Golden Retriever has a double fur coat.

Most Goldendoodles receive the fur coat that matches their Poodle parent, but there are some instances of puppies in a litter ending up with a Golden Retriever fur coat.

The use of both terms fur and hair are pretty much interchangeable, but pet parents of certain dog breeds may use one or the other to distinguish their dog from another dog breed.  

Technically there is no right or wrong way to describe them as both mean the same thing.

Does the distinction between hair and fur for a dog breed have to do with allergens?

Do Goldendoodles Have Hair Or Fur 1 Do Goldendoodles Have Hair Or Fur?

Yes, it can be possible that the distinction that most people make when they state that their dog has hair versus fur or vice versa can be related to allergens.

Most dogs like the Goldendoodle and Poodle are considered hypoallergenic because their coat of hair doesn’t shed very much and is less likely to cause allergies in those who suffer.

Therefore, many people who have a Goldendoodle consider their dog to have hair instead of fur because they are a low shedding dog breed like their Poodle parent and are less likely to cause allergies or have hair flying all over the house.

Hypoallergenic dog breeds are those dogs that usually have a single coat of hair; their hair is typically curly or tightly wound, which, when combined, means that their hair is less likely to shed all over the place.

This prevents dander from floating around in the air.  

Dander is what causes humans to suffer from allergies to dogs and cats.

What are some other reasons a dog might have hair versus fur?

Some other reasons that a dog might be considered to have hair versus fur include how long it takes for their fur to reach its maximum growth potential; typically, dogs that have a double fur coat well go through a different growth and shedding cycle.

They respond to the seasonal changes and weather patterns and their fur coat will shed in the Spring and Fall.  There fur coat will also shed in a few days as opposed to a dog that is considered to have hair.

A dog is considered to have hair like the Poodle, and the Goldendoodle has a longer hair growth cycle.

Their hair takes longer to grow and goes through the growth phases to its dormant state and shedding season at a slower pace.

Their hair growth cycle is much longer than a dog with a double fur coat, and when it comes to the shedding of their hair, it is not affected by seasonal changes in the weather and also happens in a period of a few weeks versus a few days.

What are the benefits of having a dog with hair versus fur?

Having a dog with hair versus fur like the Goldendoodle or Poodle offers a few benefits.

First and foremost, the most apparent benefit is a reduction in allergens for those who suffer; this is one of the reasons why those who suffer from allergies often choose a Poodle or a Goldendoodle because their hair doesn’t shed everywhere and release dander which can cause suffering.

Another benefit of having a Goldendoodle with hair versus another dog with a double fur coat is that there’s less clean up around the house. 

Their hair doesn’t shed much, which can mean the furniture and household are cleaner it also makes life easier with less housework to do.

It should be noted that a Goldendoodle, just like a Poodle, requires a lot of grooming, therefore, what a pet parent loses in household cleaning, they gain in grooming of their dog.

Dogs like the Goldendoodle need more grooming because their hair is more easily tangled and matted, and they have a characteristic appearance. 

Still, one might consider grooming a far more enjoyable experience than cleaning hair or fur off of the couch.

Is it possible for my Goldendoodle to have a double coat of fur and be hypoallergenic?

Most Goldendoodles have a single coat of hair, but there are some instances where a Goldendoodle will have a double coat of fur and take after their Golden Retriever parent. If this is the case, this dog is not a hypoallergenic dog with a double fur coat.

They shed more often, and it is usually affected by season and weather changes. This increase in shedding means more dander being released into the air, which can potentially cause allergies for those who suffer.

As with any hybrid dog, many variations are possible.

Some Goldendoodles will have a double coat of fur. They will end up looking characteristically more like the Golden Retriever parent.

At the same time, others will have a single coat of fur and end up looking like the Poodle parent which is more typical of this crossbred dog breed.

Qualified breeders know how to breed their dogs for the best possible outcome in each litter, therefore, selecting a breeder that is qualified skilled, knowledgeable and practices responsible breeding is the best choice for anyone deciding to adopt any dog.

Final Thoughts

Calling it hair or fur is clearly up to the individual pet parent. While some may believe there are clear distinctions between the two, they are pretty much interchangeable.  

Both hair and fur or made of keratin just like nails and skin. 

While having a distinct difference between the two might make life easier for those who have specific dog breeds, It not as important as one might think.

Therefore, it might be better to distinguish a dog based upon whether or not they are hypoallergenic or how they were bred, whether for sport or protection, and so forth.

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