Do Labradoodles Need a Lot of Attention?

If you are getting a Labradoodle puppy for the first time, you might be wondering how much attention they need and what happens if they don’t get all the attention they deserve. 

Knowing everything about the nature and personality of Labradoodles will ensure that you are ready for their energy and have the proper time to exercise and play with them

Do Labradoodles Need a Lot of Attention?

Labradoodles are considered to be high energy and they will need daily exercise. Without them getting the proper exercise and care, Labradoodles may start to show destructive and ill behaviors. Making sure you give your Labradoodle enough attention and love will ensure they stay well-behaved and don’t have a bad temperament. 

You might be wondering exactly how much daily time and energy you need to give your Labradoodle for it to have enough attention

We will go over tips in this article for ensuring your dog has all the attention they need and to keep them entertained even when you are away from home. 

How Much Attention Do Labradoodles Need? 

Labradoodles need daily walks and playtime sessions. 

When they are puppies, they also need a lot of attention, but they will get tired quicker. 

Breaking up playtime into 15- or 20-minute intervals is best. 

Once the puppy is older, you will need to walk him or her for about 30 to 45 minutes a day. 

You will also need to have designated playtime so that the dog can burn off more energy even when it’s indoors. 

The good news is that Labradoodles are good at entertaining themselves if they need to. 

If you don’t always have time to play with them, you can leave them in a special area with their toys and they will learn to play with them on their own time. 

Once your Labradoodle is well trained, you can also allow them out unsupervised in the backyard if it’s fenced in. 

They will learn to run around and play by themselves without you always being there. 

Labradoodles can also take their toys outside and play there as they love being outdoors in the sunshine. 

Make sure there are no holes in your fence so that the puppy cannot get out and escape. 

Do Labradoodles Need a Lot of Attention 1 Do Labradoodles Need a Lot of Attention?

What If I Can’t Give My Labradoodle Enough Attention? 

If you cannot give your Labradoodle enough attention, you will see them start to exhibit bad behavior such as chewing on the furniture. 

They may also take your shoes or other items you leave on the floor and chew on them. 

If you notice your Labradoodle doing this, you might need to consider their change in behavior and why they might suddenly be showing destructive behaviors. 

If the behavior started after you began to work more or after the kids went back to school, you can bet it’s because the Labradoodle is not getting enough attention. 

If you are gone at work all day and your dog is alone, you might need to consider getting them a dog sitter or asking a trusted neighbor to come in play with them. 

There are many great dog walking services out there that bring a trusted person to your house that can play and entertain your dog. 

If you choose to go with a dog walking service, make sure you meet the person before you allow them in your house unsupervised. 

You will also want to read their reviews and contact some references. 

You might also want to consider watching how they interact with your dog to ensure they have a good and safe relationship. 

Some dog owners also choose to install cameras in the house if they get a dog walker so they can see the person while they are in their home and make sure the dog is getting the proper care. 

If you do this, you might want to consider putting cameras in the main rooms of your house so you can see the dog walker interacting with your Labradoodle. 

Remember to always tell the dog walker if you have cameras as they have a right to know they are being watched when in your home. 

Anytime you leave your Labradoodle alone, you want to make sure they have access to their toys. 

If you don’t leave them with their toys, they might chew on other items around the house instead. 

Barking is also a common sign of not getting enough attention. 

If you hear them on the cameras barking or your neighbors tell you that your dog barks for long periods of time, you need to consider ways to give your dog more attention. 

Make sure to always discipline bad behavior and reward good behavior as well. 

If you get home and there are shoes or furniture that were chewed, you can’t punish the dog as they will not remember doing it. 

Even if you bring them to the spot and show them, they will not be able to know why you are punishing them. 

Only punish them if you come home and see them actively chewing on something they shouldn’t be chewing on. 

Remember to never hit them or react in a physical way. 

Simply say NO in a stern voice and take away the item they are chewing. 

Instead redirect the chewing to a toy or something else they are allowed to chew on. 

Always be excited when you come home to show that you missed them and they aren’t alone. This will let them know what you were thinking of them and they will feel better now that you are home. 

Why Is My Labradoodle Misbehaving So Much? 

If you are giving your dog more attention and spending more time with them and they are still acting destructively, you might want to consider seeing a vet or behaviorist for dogs. 

Vets will be able to check for health conditions that might make your dog more aggressive or prone to anxiety. 

If physical problems are ruled out, you will need to take your dog to see a behaviorist. 

They will be able to redirect your dog’s bad behavior and see if they can get to the root of the problem. 

Separation anxiety can also be the root of your dog’s bad behavior. 

Even if you start to stay home more and spend more time with them, it might take them a few weeks or months to feel like you won’t leave again. 

Continue to play with them and spend time exercising with them until they start to adapt to you being home more often. 

Labradoodles are very intelligent and can adapt to new situations easily. 

They should be able to adjust to your new schedule easily. 

If you can’t spend more time with them, consider getting up earlier or staying awake later so you can take them for extra walks and spend a few extra moments playing with them. 

You should also exercise them and give them attention right before leaving. 

This way they are tired when you leave and will be less likely to chew on things while you’re gone. 

Do Labradoodles Like to Be Held? 

If your Labradoodle is high in energy and wants to play, they will not want to be held or cuddled. 

However, they are huge cuddle pals when they are tired. 

If you exercise your dog enough and make sure they get tons of activity, you will definitely enjoy a long cuddle at the end of the day. 

They also like to share sleeping and relaxing places with their owners. 

Keep in mind that Labradoodles differ in energy levels. 

Your Labradoodle might be much more energetic than other Labradoodles you own. 

They might also be less energetic. 

The more energy they have, the less likely they are to cuddle. 

If you want them to spend the evening cuddling and sitting with you, make sure they get enough attention and playtime during the day. 

Do Labradoodles Chew a Lot? 

Once your Labradoodle becomes an adult, they will not be prone to chewing unless they are left alone for long periods of time or don’t get enough attention. 

If you exercise them and spend time with them, they shouldn’t chew too often.

It also depends on how you train them though. 

When they’re puppies, Labradoodles will chew on things just like any other puppy. 

You will need to redirect their chewing to toys or bones. 

Do Labradoodles Do Well Alone?

Your Labradoodle will be fine alone for a few hours a day, but this breed is prone to separation anxiety. 

You shouldn’t leave them alone all day, especially without leaving them toys. 

You also need to walk them before leaving them alone. 

Final Thoughts 

Labradoodles need attention or they will chew on household items and show other destructive behavior. 

The good news is that Labradoodles adapt easily and are usually okay to be alone if they have been walked and are given toys. 

If you’re gone for long periods of time, consider getting a dog walker or someone to spend time with your Labradoodle. 

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