Do Maltese Stink? A Guide To Stinky Maltese

Some dog breeds, and some dogs smell doggie.   They carry with them this dog odor that seems to permeate through the house or indoor area. It’s not necessarily a bad smell to some people, but it’s a distinct and recognizable odor. 

So, are Maltese one of these particularly stinky breeds of dog?

Do Maltese Stink 1 1 Do Maltese Stink? A Guide To Stinky Maltese

Do Maltese usually smell bad?

Maltese dogs do not stink as much as other dog breeds, and they are, in fact, one of the cleanest dogs out there, and it’s not just related to their size. The Maltese is a good dog breed for people who want to live in a house that doesn’t smell like it has a dog, even though there is one sitting on the sofa.

They are small, easy to clean, bathe and groom, and have no hidden cracks and crevices where dirt and filth can invade. For these reasons, they are one of the cleanest dog breeds.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the Maltese will never stink. All dogs stink at one time or another for obvious reasons attributed to them being a dog.

Maltese might stink because they have an impacted anal gland, and the glands under their tail can become impacted and give off an odor. If the Maltese start smelling fishy, it might be time to call the veterinarian.

Another reason the Maltese might stink is that their teeth are not brushed. Let’s face it, no dog can brush their teeth, and while some treats can work wonders, they still can’t replace a good old-fashioned toothbrush.

As Maltese parents, we are responsible for their hygienic needs, including their teeth, nails, hair, and body. These things might seem like a choir or work as they can for human children, but without our help, the Maltese can suffer.

If the Maltese have an injury or undiagnosed skin problem, it can also cause them to stink if it’s unchecked. Regular baths and grooming sessions reduce the chance that any of this gets missed.

Good grooming habits, which include brushing, bathing, trimming nails, brushing teeth, and examining the body, are a good way to keep your Maltese healthy and prevent stinkiness.

If the Maltese are not bathed regularly, they can develop excess oil on their skin which can sometimes make them stink if left unchecked.

Another reason a Maltese might stink is due to improper care of their hind area. The Maltese are not able to use toilet paper. Therefore, the parent’s job is to ensure they are clean and smell fresh.

And finally, the last reason a Maltese might stink is due to flatulence. Flatulence can be a common reason for dog stinkiness that is easily treatable. If you have an older Maltese, it can be a problem.

The best way to address this issue is to provide your Maltese with a healthy and nutritious diet so they are the best dog they can be anytime.

How do I prevent my Maltese from stinking?

Do Maltese Stink Do Maltese Stink? A Guide To Stinky Maltese

The best way to prevent your Maltese from stinking is to have a good grooming schedule. They should be brushed often; every couple of days is good for the short and long-haired Maltese. The long-haired will need a more frequent brushing but not by more than a day.

Your Maltese should also be bathed monthly. If they spend much time outdoors, it may need to be more frequent but try to keep to this schedule. Overbathing a Maltese can lease to other health issues related to their skin and hair.

The parent should inspect their body for issues during grooming, brushing, and bathing sessions. The Maltese teeth should be checked, and their nails, anal gland area, and ears should be inspected for issues.

Their hair and skin should also be inspected for underlying problems that can easily go unchecked. This should be done at least once a week, if not more, to combat any issues that arise.

If your Maltese still smells after having a grooming ritual like this, you can check their diet to ensure they are eating healthy. Finally, if nothing is amiss and all seems good, it would be a good idea to consult their veterinarian.

Their veterinarian will be able to assist in identifying any underlying health issues that might go unnoticed, which could be causing a stink.

Maltese don’t usually stink but if yours does, you can also try a deodorizing shampoo which can keep them smelling fresh.  You will want to use a deodorizing shampoo that’s right for the Maltese. 

The deodorizing shampoo should be free of chemicals and other harmful substances that can make matters worse.  This option shouldn’t be used all the time, but once in a while here and there to keep them smelling fresh and clean.

Is it normal if my Maltese doesn’t stink at all?

Yes, it can be normal if your Maltese doesn’t stink at all. Some dogs do not have the same odor as others. One dog might always have a doggie odor about them, while the Maltese will smell sparkling fresh all the time or not.

Maltese are very clean dogs and are not noted for being very stinky. If you find that your Maltese doesn’t stink at all, consider it a blessing and gift and move on. You were lucky to adopt a Maltese, which is not usually stinky and got a Maltese dog that comes from good genes which don’t’ include stinkiness.

Final Thoughts

We all sometimes stink, whether we stepped in something or didn’t have a chance to bathe in the morning. For a Maltese that stinks, we must realize how we play a part in that stinkiness. The Maltese rely on us for everything, from good healthy food to the bathroom break and veterinary visits.

Suppose we don’t properly care for our Maltese. In that case, they can suffer in more ways than one, including stinking if it’s related to grooming and hygiene.

Having a regular grooming session in place and we use that time to clean and inspect them, most issues will be resolved, and there will be no stink.

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