How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a Labradoodle?

Adding a Labradoodle puppy to your home is an amazing opportunity. 

They are a loyal and fun pet that makes a great solo companion or a family pet if you have small children. 

However, as with any puppy, you need to make sure you have expectations and rules in place when it comes to potty training.

If you don’t start potty training from the very beginning, it will be difficult to set rules as more time passes. 

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a Labradoodle?

It will wake about 4-5 months before a Labradoodle puppy is completely potty trained without any accidents. However, you will see after one or two months that the accidents become less frequent. The exact time of potty training will vary though depending on how often you’re home and how dedicated you are to the process. 

In this article, you’ll learn about everything you need to know when it comes to potty training your Labradoodle

By following this guide and helpful tips, you should learn how to potty train your Labradoodle quickly and efficiently. 

Should I Take My Puppy to Classes for Potty Training?

Most puppy training classes have more to do with behavior and tricks than they do potty training. 

It’s best to potty train your puppy at home so they can learn the appropriate places to go to the bathroom. 

Training classes are never a bad idea though because they allow your dog to socialize and learn quicker.

It will also take away some of the burdens of training when it comes to the hours you need to spend with your puppy before they will understand commands. 

What are the Steps for Potty Training My Labradoodle? 

The best plan for potty training a puppy is to take them outside every 30 minutes or at least every hour. 

Puppies have small bladders and very limited bladder control, so they will need to pee frequently.

If you take them out every 30 minutes to an hour, they will most likely pee as soon as they get outside. 

Make sure to give them lots of praise and a treat or reward. Make sure you don’t touch them while they are using the bathroom as they might confuse it with a cuddle or playtime. 

If you have a certain part of the yard that you only want them to use, consider taking them out on a leash and leading them to the designated spot. 

If they don’t go potty right away, give them a few minutes to sniff and become aware of their surroundings. If they don’t go right away, you might need to take them back inside and put them in their crate. 

Don’t leave them in the crate too long so they don’t have accidents inside. Take them out again in 20 minutes to see if they will potty.

Remember that leaving them in the crate for too long can cause accidents as well as UTIs and other health issues. 

Should I Use Crate Training When Potty Training My Labradoodle? 

Crates are a great addition to your potty-training procedures. 

Crates also give your dog a safe place to rest and relax from the rest of the action going on in the house. 

Many people also allow their dog to sleep in the crate to minimize accidents during the night when you’re sleeping and might not notice they are awake and need to potty. 

When your puppy is in the crate, make sure you take them outside as soon as you let them out. 

It might be a good idea to have them on a leash to help them bring outside. 

Otherwise, they might stop and pee as soon as you open the door of the crate. 

You need to make sure they are going potty where you want them to. Don’t allow them to have time to pick a preference themselves. 

Some dogs might prefer the feeling of hardwood floors or grass over rocks. 

They might refuse to pee on the pavement or other textures if you allow them to make time to have a preference. 

Some people choose to use potty pads, but this might not be the best choice unless you need to leave your dog alone in the house for long periods of time. 

Cleaning up a potty pad is easier than looking for accidents around the house. 

If you do use a potty pad, you might want to keep it as close to the door as possible. 

Try not to put them all over the house and give your dog options to use them in several different areas. 

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a Labradoodle 1 How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a Labradoodle?

Should I Take My Dog Out at Night to Potty?

Your puppy will probably not be able to hold their pee in all night. If you wake up to hear them crying, go to their crate and comfort them. 

If they stop crying, they might have just been feeling anxious or lonely. If they continue to cry, they probably need to go to the bathroom. 

Take them out of the crate and directly to their potty spot. Stand by them until they pee. 

Since it’s the middle of the night, don’t try to start playing them or talk in an overly excited voice. 

This might cause them to think it’s time to wake up and play. 

Don’t worry, they won’t need to go out too many times during the night. This habit will probably only last a few weeks as well. 

Once they get a little older, their bladder will mature and they should be able to hold in their pee as long as you don’t sleep for long periods of time yourself. 

How Often Will My Puppy Need to Go Outside?

In the beginning, they might need to go outside every half hour to an hour. After just a week or two, they should be able to wait for two hours or more. 

They also need to go out after every meal, after playing, after taking a nap, or after being in their crate. 

Remember to use commands, treats, and praise to help them learn potty habits sooner. 

Choose a command that works for you when teaching them to go potty. 

For example, “Go Potty” or “Go Outside.” You can use any unique term or phrase that you want, just make sure you’re consistent. 

In consistencies will make the potty-training process lag. 

It will also mean you have to spend more time cleaning up accidents and searching the house for potential messes. 

Fast consistent potty training is helpful for the dog and everyone living in the house. 

It will take the stress of owning a new puppy much simpler and easy to get used to. 

How Should I React When There are Accidents in the House?

If you see the puppy peeing or pooping in the house firmly say NO.

You can also follow it by saying their name. 

Pick them up and take them to the spot they are supposed to potty and then give the potty command. 

If they finish going to the bathroom outside, give them a treat and praise. Keep in mind that hitting them and yelling at them will just make them scared of you. 

You don’t want them to be afraid of you or afraid of going to the bathroom in general. 

If they become afraid of going potty in front of you, it might lead them to have bad behaviors such as eating or trying to lick up their accidents. 

It might also cause them to hide the accidents in a corner or under a furniture which will cause you more hassle when trying to clean the house. 

If you don’t see them, make the accident and find it later, don’t be harsh with them. Even if you bring them to the accident, they might not remember making it. 

Only yell NO and take them outside if you actively catch them in the act. 

What Should I Do When I Come Home After Leaving the Puppy Alone?

As soon as you come home after leaving your puppy alone, let them out of the crate and take them to the designated potty site. 

Don’t ignore them in the crate or pretend like you can’t hear them. 

After being in the crate for a few hours, they will definitely need to go potty. 

Keep in mind they might also be excited to see you and pee from excitement. This is normal when puppies are really young. 

Try to take them outside before they have time to pee inside. If they pee from excitement, try not to get mad. 

Just take them to the potty site as soon as possible. 

Final Thoughts 

Labradoodles are an intelligent breed that’s easy to potty train. 

Even so, it might take 4-5 months to where they have zero accidents inside and always go to the designated potty site. 

Be patient and consistent when it comes to giving commands and the potty schedule. You might also consider using a crate and reward system. 

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