How Much Do Labradoodle Puppies Cost?

Many people and families are looking to bring home a new pet for their house. 

So many people love seeing these cute dogs until they see the price tag on the Labradoodle puppy

They can be extremely expensive but there is a reason for all of that. 

These dogs are beautiful, protective, smart, and loyal. They are great family pets and they love being active. 

How Much Do Labradoodle Puppies Cost?

The cost of a Labradoodle can range anywhere from $500-$4,000. These prices include if you decide to adopt or even rescue. The typical cost of a labradoodle puppy from a reputable breeder is $1,500-$2,000, though dogs from better lines may cost much more.

While this may sound like a lot, you get what you pay for, and any pet parent can tell you that you’re going to end up spending way more than that over the course of the dog’s life.

Paying more upfront helps ensure you’re getting a healthy, well-bred dog from an ethical, responsible breeder.

What Makes Labradoodles So Expensive?

There are many reasons that Labradoodles are so expensive, but most owners would say that their up-front cost is worth the money.

 Let’s take a look at this list of reasons as to why Labradoodles are expensive so that you can decide for yourself if this breed is worth the cost to you and your family. 

You will likely find that these sweet pets are worth every penny!

Labradoodles Are a Mix of Two Great Breeds

Labradoodles is a mix of Labrador Retriever and a poodle. 

Not only are both of these breeds popular dogs among so many people because of their looks and personalities, but they generally have strong, healthy bloodlines as well. 

This means that your Labradoodle will get the best of both worlds from these two breeds so you will receive lovability and good health. 

From the Labrador parent, your Labradoodle will inherit traits such as loyalty, a social, fun-loving nature, good health, and an easy temperament to get along with and train. 

How Much Do Labradoodle Puppies Cost 1 How Much Do Labradoodle Puppies Cost?

These qualities make people want to get these types of dogs because of how well they work with people, family, and even strangers. 

From the Poodle parent, your Labradoodle will get positive traits like high levels of intelligence, refinement, trainability, and loyalty. 

This breed is another breed that people search for by those who are looking to find an obedient and beautiful dog. 

These healthy, lovable, and loyal dogs make for a great combination that was intentionally chosen by responsible breeders looking for a pet to remain happy and healthy throughout its lifetime. 

You cannot go wrong with a Labradoodle considering the strong lineage that it comes from. 

When getting a Labradoodle, it is easy to see why so many people are willing to pay money for a dog like this. 

Labradoodles Are Low to Non Shedding

If you are looking to be a pet owner but you also know to have allergies to dogs, then getting a labradoodle can be a good choice for you. 

While no dog is truly hypoallergenic (as they all have at least a tiny bit of dander and pollen), the Labradoodle generally sheds very little and is therefore described as a more hypoallergenic dog. 

One of the biggest misconceptions of having allergies to dogs is believing that it is the dog fur that causes it but that is not necessarily true because people are more likely to be allergic to dust or pollen that is found in dogs’ fur. 

Keep in mind that this breed can have three coat types and each of these costs will cause a different amount of shedding. 

The Labradoodle can have a straight coat, wavy coat, and curly coat.

Straight coat Labradoodles generally shed the most of the three. 

It is still a moderate amount of shedding compared to other breeds. 

Wavy coat Labradoodles generally have low to no shedding. 

Curly coat Labradoodles almost always have no shedding as well as no odor. 

This makes these dogs extremely valuable for people who suffer from allergies. 

Labradoodles Are Playful

Yes, Labradoodles are an active breed, but they are extremely playful. 

The difference here is that you will not always have to be the one to entertain your pet, though they will always appreciate your company. 

This can be a huge win for many pet owners that enjoy watching their pet entertain themselves with a new favorite toy. 

It’s always a good choice to get a pet that knows how to entertain themselves and pets that are playful with people, not in an aggressive way. 

Yes, your animals will want you to get on the ground and play with them but this is not a requirement or something that has to happen all the time. 

They can have fun with themselves running around, chewing a bone, or playing with a new toy. 

They can keep themselves occupied as well as play with you!

Along with this, their playfulness makes your friends, family, and guests feel welcomed and safe with these types of dogs. 

Instead of having to worry about what you will do with your dog when your guests come over, you can rest knowing that your Labradoodle will be ready to play with any of them. 

Since Labradoodles are easily trained, you can expect your Labradoodle to be on their best behavior. 

Labradoodles are Intelligent 

Though Labradoodles get a high level of intelligence from their Labrador parents, this trait comes from their Poodle mom or dad. 

While some people enjoy the goofiness that can come along with a less intelligent dog, intelligence is a highly sought-after trait that is worth paying for and that is why so many people pay a lot of money for these dogs. 

Intelligence in a Labradoodle means that they will be able to read social cues, predict your next move, be aware of their surroundings, and show signs of affection when you need one. 

Their chief aim is to please you. 

That is why many times a labradoodle can be an emotional support dog. 

This also helps when training your dog. 

Your Labradoodle will show intelligence in the ways that it learns tricks and commands, as well as when it sees that you are sad and will come to give you some puppy love. 

Having an intelligent dog can ease your mind about many situations because you know the dog will be able to protect, give emotional support, and they can even know what they should do to make you feel happy as these dogs’ main goal is to please their owner. 

Labradoodles Are Loyal

Both the Labradoodles parents, the Labrador Retriever and Poodle are extremely loyal to their owners. 

That is why many people want to get a labradoodle. 

They know that no matter what, the dog will always want to assist, love, and be emotional support for you and your family members. 

Loyalty is one of the most important aspects of a dog’s life because that is how they get the reputation that dogs are a man’s best friend. 

Loyalty in a Labradoodle means that they will stick by your side no matter what the situation is. 

Since Labradoodles are non-aggressive and are easy to get along with, loyalty will mean that they will go wherever you go, and will always be up for spending time with you which always makes any owner feel special. 

This means that if you are looking for a cuddly dog, you can expect your Labradoodle to show you affection. 

If you are looking for an active dog to bring along on a hike, the Labradoodle will be the perfect fit.

They can adjust to any situations that you have for them. 

The reason this dog can be so expensive is because of how well they can be in all situations and how good they get along with people. 

Labradoodles Are Easy to Train

Since these dogs are extremely intelligent, the Labradoodle is an easy breed to train.

Their high level of intelligence as well as their aim to please you in all situations helps them to want and to be good at learning what your expectations of them. 

This makes it very easy to train these dogs. It is even enjoyable. 

Being able to easily train your Labradoodle will mean that you will not spend an excessive amount of time on potty training them or teaching them how to act around people.

Also, their trainability makes them easier when going out in public. 

This type of dog can be around other pets, animals, and loud distractions while still maintaining a level of composure that takes the work off of you from having to make them listen. 

You will likely spend just a few weeks or short months intentionally training your pet, followed by consistent training at home, and your Labradoodle will be good to go.


Labradoodles are an expensive breed, but by everything you read above you can see why they are so expensive. They are easy to train and easy to love. 

They are good dogs for people who have allergies and they are good for families because they are so active and get along with kids so well.

When you spend the money on a Labradoodle, you need to expect that this dog is in it for the long haul and will do whatever it takes to make you and your family happy. 

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