How Much Sleep Does A Boston Terrier Puppy Need?

Growing up from a little puppy Boston Terrier to a full-grown one is exhausting work.

Fueling all that growth with the proper diet and enough sleep is essential to make sure your Boston Terrier grows up big, strong, and smart.

But just how much sleep does a Boston Terrier Puppy really need?

How Much Sleep Does A Boston Terrier Puppy Need?

Boston Terrier puppies need an average of eighteen hours of sleep per day, but this depends on the age of the puppy and their daily activity level. Younger Boston puppies will need closer to eighteen hours while older puppies will need less sleep, but it depends a lot on their activity levels.

This amount of time is just a guideline as every situation is different. Many factors determine how much sleep a Boston Terrier puppy needs in a twenty-four-hour period.

These include their diet, home life, how stressful or relaxing it is, how much exercise they’ve had, their health, and who they are as a dog.

Some puppies, like human children, don’t need as much sleep as others, some need more.

The eighteen hours per day is a time to aim for every day.

If the puppy doesn’t hit the mark or has more sleep, it is nothing to be alarmed about.

Boston Terrier puppies, like other puppies, will make up for too much sleep or not enough on the following day.

If the Boston Terrier puppy has slept too much for whatever reason on a given day, they can be given extra exercise the next day to make up for it.

For the Boston Terrier puppy that didn’t get enough sleep one day, the parent can limit the physical activity the following day, or this may happen naturally because the puppy is tired.  

This will keep them healthy too so they don’t over-exhaust themselves.

Even though a Boston Terrier puppy needs a lot of sleep in a twenty-four-hour period, there is no need for the parent to watch them and insist that they take a nap, rest, or be more active. 

Puppies like older dogs will naturally regulate how much sleep they need unless they suffer from anxiety or nervous energy.

Certain breeds are prone to this type of behavior.  

If this is the case for a particular Boston Terrier puppy, it is a good idea to set a bedtime and waking routine that squeezes in periods of rest. 

It can be a good idea if the parent takes these breaks with them, at least in the beginning.

This routine isn’t designed to make them sleep but provides the right environment for relaxation in the hopes that they take a nap, or at the very least unwind.

It is helpful for healthy growing puppies to have enough activity in their day to ensure they are tired when bedtime comes.  

Even though this is true they should never be forced to be overly active.

For Boston Terrier puppies, it can be helpful for the parent to have a flexible but thoughtful daily schedule that includes rest time, time for play and exercise, and time for snuggles.

A well-rounded lifestyle ensures that a puppy is exercised enough mentally and physically and that they are tired when it comes to a nap or sleep.

How Much Sleep Does A Boston Terrier Puppy Need 1 How Much Sleep Does A Boston Terrier Puppy Need?

What do I do if my Boston Terrier puppy refuses to sleep?

If your Boston Terrier puppy refuses to sleep, you should mentally think about how their day went. Think about what they ate, how active they were, how much stress they had, and so forth to determine if it was a balanced day.

If their day seems to have been filled with enough activity and few stressful situations, it could simply be that they have trouble unwinding.

Having a bedtime routine can be helpful, but if you don’t have one in place already, it can be a good time to start one, knowing in your mind that you may not get as much sleep the first night.

Tailor a simple bedtime routine that will fit into your day and night and then implement it. 

It can be easy and quick, providing the puppy with a few small treats and then taking a quick walk around the neighborhood.  

At this point you might follow it up with some cuddle time before putting them back in bed or their dog crate.

If, after you have completed this the Boston Terrier still isn’t sleepy, you may have to wait it out. 

As the parent, you can return to your own sleep space and limit exposure or interaction in the hopes that they get tired and nod off, this may or not be successful depending on the puppy’s age.

Some puppies may need you to sit with them and offer quiet affection and soothing touch to unwind and be comfortable enough to sleep. 

This is especially true during the early days when you first bring them home from the breeder.

It is also important to make sure they have used the bathroom before bed and that their sleeping area is comfortable and free of distractions, noises, or anything that would disrupt their sleep.

How the Boston Terrier puppy sleeps is entirely up to the parent or family. 

Some families love nothing more than providing a soft bed in their bedroom for the puppy to sleep; others do not.

Still, other parents might decide to let them sleep on the bed or a comfortable chair or in a crate. 

Whatever is chosen, there is no right or wrong way to life your life with your puppy.

If they are safe and their emotional, mental, and physical needs are taken care of, how or where they sleep is less of an issue. Love and care are the most important aspect of their well-being. 

Every decision should consider the complete puppy or dog and their happiness and health.

Do Boston Terrier puppies sleep a lot?

Yes, Boston Terrier puppies sleep a lot, but it depends on the puppy’s age, genetics, lifestyle, and health. 

They need about eighteen hours in a twenty-four-hour period.

Younger puppies will need more sleep than older puppies, but each Boston Terrier puppy is unique. 

Their needs in all areas of their lives reflect these things and can change from one day to the next.

Closing Points

How much sleep a Boston Terrier puppy needs is based on many factors. 

While they need eighteen hours in a twenty-four-hour period, some will need more and some less.

If they are healthy and their behavior isn’t affecting the health of others in the household, there is no need to count the hours they sleep.

Provide the Boston Terrier puppy with a healthy lifestyle and let their bodies do the rest. 

In the end all will be well, except, of course, on those days where there isn’t a balance, and they refuse to sleep!

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