How Often Can You Bathe a Labradoodle? Solved!

Keeping up with a grooming routine for your dog is the best way to prevent illnesses, bug problems, and other kinds of issues that your dog can face. Bathing is an easy way to make sure that all the dirt, grime, and bacteria get washed away from your dog’s fur and skin. 

How Often Can You Bathe a Labradoodle 1 How Often Can You Bathe a Labradoodle? Solved!

How Often Can You Bathe a Labradoodle?

A Labradoodle should be bathed every 2 to 3 weeks, but no less than once a month. Their longer fur needs a good brushing and a good wash regularly. You should begin bathing your Labradoodle from the time that they are a puppy so that they can always be clean.

While 2 to 3 weeks already seems pretty often for a bathing routine, some may want to bathe their dog even more frequently. However, we highly advise against bathing your Labradoodle too often. 

Bathing your Labradoodle too often can strip away the necessary oils from their skin. When this happens, their skin will become very dry, and won’t be able to keep their fur healthy. Labradoodles will start to shed a lot more and the dryness will be very irritating. 

Stripping too much of their oils can also happen if you use too harsh of a cleanser. You should always use a gentle cleanser on your Labradoodle because a cleanser that is too harsh will dry out their skin and fur. 

So, while it is important to make sure that you keep up with your Labradoodle’s bathing routine, make sure that you don’t bathe them so often that you strip the oils away from their skin. 

When Should I Start Bathing My Labradoodle?

Labradoodles can be bathed starting from the time that they are puppies. Even the puppies get to be nice and clean. 

It is important to note that Labradoodle puppies need less bathing than adult Labradoodles. A Labradoodle puppy can be bathed once a month unless they are visibly dirty or your Labradoodle smells bad. The reason why they can be bathed less frequently is that their coats are going through a lot more changes until they develop their adult coats. The oiliness of their skin and coat will fluctuate often and needs to be left alone to balance itself out. 

How Do I Bathe My Labradoodle?

It is defiantly less work to bathe a Labradoodle than a German Shepherd. The smaller size of a Labradoodle makes bathing somewhat easier, but you should still know how to properly bathe your Labradoodle. 

Again, make sure that you are bathing your Labradoodle every 2-3 weeks (unless they are a puppy.) If you notice that your Labradoodle’s skin is getting dry and itchy even with the proper bath spacing, go ahead and push their bathing routine to once a month. 

What Will I Need?

Having the proper supplies ensures that bathing will be a smooth process for both you and your dog. While you don’t need all the luxury products on the market, having the right tools allows you to be able to properly bathe your Labradoodle.

First, you will need a good gentle soap. You can get a gentle dog shampoo and a hydrating dog conditioner to make sure that the oils don’t get stripped from your Labradoodle’s skin. Bath time is a great opportunity to do any treatments that your Labradoodle may need. 

This can include flea and tick treatments or any medications that have been given to you by the vet. Do these treatments after shampooing and conditioning your dog.

You will also need a comb or brush, towels, a space to bathe your dog, and maybe a hairdryer. If you use bath time to combine different grooming stages, you can also have a toothbrush and toothpaste along with you.

The Bathing Process

To start the bathing process, choose where you are bathing your Labradoodle. The bathtub is a great and easy option but it’s not the only option. You can bathe your Labradoodle in a bin, the shower (if your Labradoodle won’t run off,) or for puppies, the sink. Use the location that provides the most ease and comfort to both you and your Labradoodle. 

Fill the tub part way with lukewarm water and get your Labradoodle used to the water temperature. You can wet their paw or wipe them down with a wet cloth. Then, slowly place your Labradoodle into the water

The water shouldn’t be too deep, at the deepest, it should cover their paws. Getting your Labradoodle used to the water first makes the rest of the process so much easier because they will be calm instead of freaking out.

Start the washing process with the dog shampoo. Lather it on their torso, their legs, and their neck. Avoid their face and ears when using soap because you don’t want any of it going down their ears. 

While washing your Labradoodle, use your hands to check for abnormalities in their skin. This can include bumps, scratches or other wounds, bug bites, or anything else that can be a cause of concern. 

Rinse after every product is added unless the product states otherwise. Repeat for shampooing, conditioning, and any other product that you have been recommended to add to your Labradoodle’s bathing routine. 

When rinsing, make sure you keep adding water until you no longer see any bubbles. Labradoodles have thicker hair than some other breeds and this thick hair can trap soap in it for a longer time. You have to be especially thorough when rinsing them to make sure you get all the product off.

Regarding your Labradoodle’s face and ears, it is best to use a damp washcloth to wipe down this area. Take extra care of the ears and check for any problems such as bugs or bug bites. 

How Often Can You Bathe a Labradoodle 1 1 How Often Can You Bathe a Labradoodle? Solved!

After Bathing

Just because you are done with the washing part of the bathing process doesn’t mean that your Labradoodle is free to go. 

Make sure that you bring plenty of towels with you for the drying part of the process. For the thicker coat of a Labradoodle, you will go through 2 to 5 towels to get your dog’s coat mostly dry. 

After you have dried off your Labradoodle’s coat somewhat, you can use a hairdryer to help finish the job. Have your hairdryer set to low.

If your Labradoodle gets freaked out by the loud noise of the hairdryer, you can allow them to air-dry outside in the sun. Hopefully, they don’t go rolling around as soon as they are clean again. 

Dry your Labradoodle’s ears with cotton balls or a soft cloth. Your Labradoodle’s ears are fragile and delicate so it’s important to properly protect them.

After your Labradoodle is nice and dry, take this time to comb out its fur and brush its teeth. Don’t forget to put their collar back on, it’s their main way of showing their style. 

How Do I Get My Labradoodle Used to Bath Time?

The best way to get your Labradoodle used to bath time is to start them early and slowly take them through the steps. A Labradoodle that starts being bathed as a puppy will be used to the process by the time they are adults. 

Slowly go through the bathing process with your Labradoodle to allow them to get used to every step. Don’t rush in by placing your Labradoodle in the tub and showering them with water. Allow them to get used to how the water feels and how warm it is. 

With products, let your Labradoodle sniff and see the product before applying it. When it’s time to rinse, slowly introduce the water to their skin by rinsing off a small section of their leg or torso. 

When you are getting your Labradoodle used to bath time, give them treats during the process. Give them a treat for getting into the tub and give them a treat after they are done. 

It is not recommended to give them treats while bathing them simply because they might get soggy and gross. 

Just give your Labradoodle plenty of time to get used to the process. As time passes, they will learn that this is the routine and might eventually learn to like it. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what breed of dog you have, it is super important to keep them clean and dirt-free. Labradoodles need to be bathed more often than bigger breeds. For Labradoodles, you should bathe them every 2 to 3 weeks.

Labradoodle puppies can go longer without being bathed and their rule is that you should bathe them once a month.

Bathing can be a messy process, but it is a necessary one. Bathing your Labradoodle makes sure that they won’t have any dirt, dust, or dead skin sticking to them and causing problems. 

Bath time is also when you should check for any health problems including bug problems. 

With how often a Labradoodle needs to be bathed, it will become second nature for both you and your Labradoodle to do. Don’t forget to give them a treat for going through the process!

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