How Often Do Beagles Need to Be Groomed?

Some breeds of dogs need frequent grooming sessions to keep up with the amount of fur they shed each day. 

Other breeds only need grooming when they are in shedding season. 

When getting a new dog breed that you aren’t familiar with, it’s important to learn what their grooming needs are. 

How Often Do Beagles Need to Be Groomed?

Beagles need to be groomed weekly. Brushing should be done on at least a weekly basis while things like nails and bathing should be done every few weeks. Beagles require more frequent grooming routines, though their short hair makes these routines shorter. 

Beagles shed their short fur often, so they need frequent brushing to remove the loose hair from their coat. 

You should brush your Beagle at least weekly to keep their coat nice and healthy. 

Brushing allows for excess fur to be removed, some dirt to be swept away, distributing oils evenly, and stimulating blood flow to the skin. 

All of these are necessary for proper coat health.

Using the right brush is key to the quality of the brushing routine you will have with your Beagle

Using a good bristle brush will be great and getting into their coat for a thorough brushing. 

In fact, it is difficult to brush your Beagle too much as they can be brushed twice a week. 

During shedding season, the brush may not be enough to get rid of all the dead hair. 

At that point, you can use a de-shedding brush to sweep over your Beagle a few times to get rid of more dead hair. 

Many dogs like this tool as it’s just like getting pets. 

How Do I Bathe My Beagle?

Some dog owners might be surprised when they learn that even dirt-resistant coats still need to be washed.

Beagles have short and tightly packed coats that do a good job of repelling dirt when the Beagle runs and rolls around outside. 

However, dirt and other debris still get in the fur and mix with your Beagle’s natural oils. 

Regular bathing for Beagles is important so they don’t start to smell. 

Bathing also helps with their shedding as it will remove some of the dead fur at the same time.

Ideally, you should bathe your Beagle around every 3 weeks. 

During a bath, you should place cotton pads in your Beagle’s ears so that water doesn’t run down their ear canal and cause other ear problems.

Use a higher-quality shampoo and conditioner for your Beagle. 

Cheap soaps can irritate or have an improper Ph level. 

With their coat, you can use a bath brush to really get in their tightly packed coats.

A brush will help work the soap through their entire coat and will loosen up debris and dead fur that had gotten stuck. 

However, use a soft cloth on their face. 

Wipe around their face and eyes gently to remove any dirt or trapped oils. 

During a bath, do any extra treatments that may be necessary for your Beagle. 

This can include any medications provided by the vet, a flea and tick soap, or an aloe vera gel for skin irritation. 

Of course, not all these treatments need to be done every bath, but they would be the best time to do some of them.

How Often Do Beagles Need to Be Groomed 1 1 How Often Do Beagles Need to Be Groomed?

What’s the Nail Trimming Process for my Beagle?

Let’s be real, many dogs don’t enjoy having their nails trimmed. 

Some dog owners know the literal pain that can come with trimming your dog’s nails when they are not in the mood. 

However, that doesn’t mean that their nails can be left alone. 

A Beagle needs their nails trimmed every 5 to 6 weeks.

Otherwise, they will grow too long and either scratch up your furniture or get stuck on something and hurt the Beagle. 

Long nails on a dog aren’t fun for anyone involved.

You can always take your Beagle to a groomer to have their nails trimmed. 

However, for dogs that are extra wary around people or for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on groomers, you can trim their nails at home as well.

There are different kinds of nail trimmers.

There are electric nail trimmers, that are quicker but louder, or manual trimmers which take a long time but are quiet. 

Finding the kind of nail trimmers that are the most comfortable for your dog will ensure an easy and scratch-free nail-cutting session. 

Make sure to give plenty of treats to your Beagle, especially if they are usually skittish around having their nails trimmed. 

Positive reinforcement will help them get used to having the process done which is good since it has to be done pretty often. 

What Should I Do to Care for My Beagle’s Ears?

Beagles have long and floppy ears that while looking adorable, can also be prone to getting dirt and bacteria trapped in them. 

Cleaning your Beagle’s ears often is key in protecting their ears and keeping your Beagle healthy. 

You can use a specific ear product to clean your Beagle’s ears, or you can make your own solution. 

Doing a small mixture of one part of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) with one part of water and using that to wipe around the outside and the inside of their ears will keep them clean. 

Vinegar will kill bacteria or any pests that make their way into your Beagle’s ears so that they won’t get any ear infections. 

How Should I Care for My Beagle’s Nose and Paws?

Beagles are prone to having a dry nose and dry paws, especially in the dry Winter. 

This problem can be easily remedied by using a balm on their nose and paws. 

You can use paw wax on their paws and nose butter on their nose. 

That, or simple shea butter will work as well. 

Just make sure you use something that can absorb quickly so it doesn’t get spread around all over your house. 

How Do I Get My Beagle Used to Being Groomed?

Not many dogs initially love being groomed. 

They see being bathed and brushed as an annoying chore that can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

The best way to get your Beagle used to grooming is starting when young. 

By starting when they are a puppy, they will get used to the routine over time and think that it’s just a normal thing to do. 

They could even learn to enjoy it, but mostly they just learn to accept the process. 

However, not everyone can start the grooming process when they are a puppy.

Maybe you weren’t aware that you should be grooming your Beagle when they were a puppy or maybe you adopted an adult Beagle who never got regular grooming. 

Either way, there is still hope for them to get used to grooming.

Have a Routine

To start, establish a consistent grooming routine. Ease your Beagle into the routine, but make sure to stick with having a routine so that the grooming process can become a habit. It will be a lot harder to get your Beagle used to baths if they get one at a random schedule. 

Lots of Treats

Another way to get your Beagle used to being groomed is by giving your Beagle lots of treats and praise. 

After each step, you can give them a treat to show them that being groomed is a good thing.

Through treats, they can even learn to like the grooming process and will begin to behave better during the more difficult parts. 

Use Tools That They Like

Making the process comfortable is very important in getting your Beagle used to being groomed. 

For example, use the kind of nail trimmer that your Beagle is more comfortable with. Some may prefer the quiet manual trimmer while others will like the quick process that comes with electric. 

This can be applied to the kind of soaps they have, the kind of toothbrush you use, and more. 

Combine these tips to get your Beagle used to being groomed and hopefully they will learn to like the process one day. 

Final Thoughts

Beagles do take a lot more grooming than some other breeds of dog. 

Establishing a grooming routine will make it easier for both you and your Beagle to remember when to do what.

A routine will eventually make the process shorter as both of you get accustomed to the routine.

If your Beagle hates grooming, there are tips to get them used to it. 

Have a routine, give your Beagle plenty of treats, and use the tools that make it comfortable so that your Beagle can have a good experience.

Keeping your dog healthy and happy requires grooming.

Many health issues can stem from not having a good grooming routine.

Prevent ear infections, skin/coat problems, and ingrown nails by having a good grooming routine.

Dogs are so important in many of our lives, so keeping them healthy and clean is a top priority. 

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