Is A Boy or Girl German Shepherd Better? (Explained!)

Not only is the decision of what breed of dog to get super important but choosing the gender of the dog is important too. 

Female and male dogs each have their pros and cons, so it is important to evaluate which is the best for you and your household. 

Are Male Or Female German Shepherds Better?

While the decision really depends on what you want from your dog and how your household is set up, female German Shepherds are better for families with kids. Female German Shepherds aren’t as aggressive and protective as male German Shepherds, and they get along a little better with kids. 

As stated before, female German Shepherds tend to be a little less aggressive than male German Shepherds.

They can be gentler, especially around kids. 

They are good dogs to have if you have kids in your household as they will be kind but protective of your kids.

Female German Shepherds are good for keeping your kids safe.

Male German Shepherds are more territorial and might have more problems around strangers than a female German Shepherd would.

They are more protective, which while making them great guard dogs, might also make them more aggressive around strangers. 

However, both female and male German Shepherds are very loving towards their family and everyone in it. 

They both have lots of love to give and can be very energetic. 

These dogs are silly, fun, and loving.

What Are the Differences in Size Between Male and Female German Shepherds?

It is not surprising to find that female German Shepherds are smaller than male German Shepherds.

The female German Shepherd can reach a height of 24 inches tall while the male German Shepherd can get up to 26 inches tall. 

Females weigh up to 85 pounds and male German Shepherds weigh up to 95 pounds. 

When male German Shepherds get spayed or neutered when they are young, they might not grow as big as the typical German Shepherd. 

They won’t develop the same muscle mass as they would otherwise. 

How Are Male and Female German Shepherds Around Kids?

Is A Boy or Girl German Shepherd Better Explained 1 Is A Boy or Girl German Shepherd Better? (Explained!)

Both male and female German Shepherds can be kind and loving around kids. They can also be too rambunctious for kids. 

German Shepherds have a ton of energy and always love to be playing and running around. 

For small kids, these dogs can either be a great playing partner or they might be a playing partner that gets too rough.

Female German Shepherds are less likely to be as rough around children. 

They are typically kinder and gentler around the smaller kids. 

The maternal nature of female German Shepherds makes them want to protect the small kids more and not be as rough. 

Male German Shepherds can be too rough around smaller kids. 

As the kids get older and are more stable on their legs, then both male and female German Shepherds can be good playing partners. 

Training your German Shepherd on how to act around your kids can prevent any accidentally bumping and knocking over.

Bring your kids in during training so that they can learn how to train your German Shepherd as well. 

Are Male German Shepherds More Possessive than Female German Shepherds?

Possessiveness is a very natural trait in these working dogs. 

German Shepherds, no matter if they are male or female, show possessive and protective traits.

Male German Shepherds are shown to be more possessive than Female German Shepherds. 

The only time where it is the other way around is when considering female German Shepherds protecting their puppies. 

Male German Shepherds are more likely to protect their food, toys, bed, space, and their people

 You might find that your German Shepherd gets extra protective of a certain person in your household. 

Having each member of the household be a part of the German Shepherd’s training can help fight against certain people guarding.

Putting socialization as part of your German Shepherd’s training is important to get your German Shepherd used to other people being around. 

This will help fight against your German Shepherd being aloof towards strangers or even possibly aggressive. 

Socialization helps fight against people guarding, social anxiety, and separation anxiety. 

Is There a Difference in Training Between Male and Female German Shepherds?

German Shepherds are incredibly smart dogs that are easy to be trained. 

They pick up new orders and behaviors quickly and without much trouble.

There isn’t a noticeable difference in training between male and female German Shepherds as their intelligence is pretty much equal. 

That being said, male German Shepherds might need more socialization training than female German Shepherds to work against aggressive traits. 

They may show more aggression towards the trainer and socialization will be needed for the dominant instinct that male German Shepherds have. 

What About Mating Season?

This is where the biggest differences between female and male German Shepherds come into play. 

Female German Shepherds go into heat twice a year and this usually corresponds with their shedding seasons. 

During this time, female German Shepherds can become temperamental and moody.

They will also have physical changes that may include bleeding. 

If you are thinking about getting a female German Shepherd, you will want to prepare for the mating season changes that your dog will experience. 

You can get your female German Shepherd fixed to prevent any of these temperamental changes, but you should consult with your vet first to see what the options are. 

Male German Shepherds don’t get moody or temperamental, but they will still be impacted by their mating seasons as well. 

Many male German Shepherds get spayed or fixed when they are young, but this can cause them to not grow as big.

Again, check with your vet to get a better idea of what will work for you, your German Shepherd, and your family. 

What Are the Grooming Differences Between Male and Female German Shepherds? 

The grooming care of your German Shepherd doesn’t change much between males and females. 

Both male and female German Shepherds need regular brushing as they both shed a lot. 

During their shedding seasons, you might need to brush your German Shepherd once or twice a week.

German Shepherds don’t need to be bathed too often. 

You should bathe your German Shepherd around every 2 or 3 months unless their coat gets too dirty. 

Bathing can strip their coats of the oils that make the coats protect their skin so bathing too often can be detrimental. 

Do Male German Shepherds Need More Food Than Female German Shepherds?

The diet needs of both male and female German Shepherds are about the same. 

However, since males are a little bigger than females, they will need a little more food.

When deciding how much food you should give your German Shepherd every day, take into consideration their size, weight, and activity levels.

More active German Shepherds, such as those who work as herders or service dogs, will need more food than German Shepherds that aren’t as active.

Which is Better Overall, Female or Male German Shepherds?

If you are a big family with kids in the household, a female German Shepherd will be right for you.

Female German Shepherds do much better around kids as sometimes they treat your kids as if they were their own. 

However, if you are looking for a dog to protect you and to be on alert, a male German Shepherd will work for your situation.

Always take into consideration what your family dynamic is, how active you are, and what you need or want from a dog. 

Not every dog has the same personality, and they all need the proper training to have good behaviors and manners. 

Consulting with a vet might be able to help you learn whether a female or Male German Shepherd is the best for you. 

They will also be able to help you decide between of fixing your dog or not as there are pros and cons to both decisions. 

Final Thoughts

German Shepherds are great and loving dogs to have whether they are female or male. 

While they have some unique characteristics, they both have the same loving heart.

This breed is highly energetic and loves to get out and play.

It may take some time to get your German Shepherd to warm up to you, but once they begin to enjoy your company, they will love you with their entire hearts.

German Shepherds have some weird traits that are endearing and silly at the same time. 

They are very vocal beings that use their voices to communicate everything that they are feeling to you.

These dogs will sit on your lap when you are trying to watch T.V., and they try to sneak into your bed if you allow them to. 

All of these small traits are the same whether they are female or male.

If you want an active, loving, and big dog then German Shepherds might be right for you.

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