Is A Cavapoo Or A Mini Goldendoodle Smaller?

Both the Cavapoo and the mini Goldendoodle can be fun little dogs to add to your home. 

They have a lot of the curly hair and temperament of the Poodle parent, which is combined together with the other parent that can make them a little bit different. 

As you are choosing which breed to bring into your home, you may be interested in the sizes of the Cavapoo to the mini Goldendoodle. 

Is A Cavapoo Or A Mini Goldendoodle Smaller?

The Cavapoo and the Mini Goldendoodle are going to be similar in size. The Cavapoo will usually be a little bit smaller since they range from 9 to 25 pounds and the mini Goldendoodle is going to be closer to 30 pounds in most cases.

There are variations based on the individual dog and whether you are going with the true mini Goldendoodle or the teacup variety. Many times you will find the two dogs close to the same size. 

Picking the right dog can help you get the right one for your home. Sizing can be important when you are choosing the dog to fit into the home.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences in sizes between the Cavapoo and the mini Goldendoodle. 

Cavapoo vs. Mini Goldendoodle Size

While the Cavapoo is going to be quite a bit smaller than you will see with the standard Goldendoodle, it is possible that they will be similar in size to the mini Goldendoodle, depending on the exact size that you see. 

If you have a teacup Goldendoodle or even a petite one, they can be a bit smaller than the Cavapoo at standard size. But for a standard mini Goldendoodle, you will find that they are bigger than the Cavapoo. 

How Big is the Cavapoo?

First, we will take a look at the size of the Cavapoo. This dog is a mixture between the Cavalier Spaniel and the Poodle. 

This is going to make it a much smaller dog compared to some of the other dogs out there. 

They are short, coming in at 9 to 14 inches tall. 

This large gap means that they are going to really depend on the genetic traits that they get from their parents to determine what their final size will be. 

If they end up getting more of their genes from the Poodle, they will stand a bit taller compared to the ones who get more genes from the other parent. 

There is also a large weight range for this dog, with their weight often falling between 9 to 25 pounds when they get to adulthood.

You will need to pay attention to the size of the parents to figure out a good guess on how big the Cavapoo will be. 

How Big is the Mini Goldendoodle?

Then we can take a look at the mini Goldendoodle. This dog is going to be smaller than the standard Goldendoodle, which can make them more manageable for most families and can help them to fit in a little bit more. 

This type of Goldendoodle is going to be somewhere around 14 to 19 inches tall. 

This will make them a bit taller than we will see with the Cavapoo. 

The average height is going to be a bit bigger as well. The mini Goldendoodle will get up to 15 to 30 pounds. 

The hair that comes on them can make them look a bit bigger than normal. 

This is one of the smaller options out there for the Goldendoodle. 

You can also choose between the medium Goldendoodle, which can get up to 45 pounds, and the standard Goldendoodle, which can get up to 80 pounds depending on the parents. 

Keep in mind here that the mini Goldendoodle is traditionally the dogs that are closer to 30 pounds in this breed.

However, technically any Goldendoodle who is 30 pounds or smaller would be considered a mini Goldendoodle as well.

This means that if you get one of the smaller varieties, like the teacup Goldendoodle, they can be smaller than the Cavapoo. 

Most mini Goldendoodles, as well as the medium and standard varieties, will be bigger than the Cavapoo in weight and height. 

Is A Cavapoo Or A Mini Goldendoodle Smaller 1 Is A Cavapoo Or A Mini Goldendoodle Smaller?

Can a Goldendoodle be Smaller Than the Cavapoo?

It is possible for the Goldendoodle to get a bit smaller than the Cavapoo. 

The Cavapoo does have the potential to get up to 25 pounds, though this is on the larger side of the spectrum for this kind of dog. 

And the mini Goldendoodle will be any size of Goldendoodle that is 30 pounds or less.

If you have a big Cavapoo and a smaller mini Goldendoodle, it is possible that the Cavapoo will be the bigger option. 

This is also true if you go with a standard Cavapoo versus the teacup Goldendoodle. 

Most of the time though, you will see that the Cavapoo is going to be smaller than the Goldendoodle. 

While a mini Goldendoodle is smaller than some of the standard and medium Goldendoodles out there, they still have parents that tend to get bigger than you will see with the parents of the Cavapoo. 

If you are worried that the mini Goldendoodle could still be too big for your living area, then you may want to go with the Cavapoo instead. 

What is the Cavapoo vs. Mini Goldendoodle Appearance

The appearance between these two dogs are going to be a little bit different. 

While they both have the Poodle in them, they will have slightly different characteristics and appearances that you are sure to love. 

You will be able to see more of these features in some of the puppies depending on the genetics that they get. 

For some, they can look almost identical if they get a lot of the Poodle in both of them. 

Part of the fun of having either the Cavapoo or the mini Goldendoodle is that they have so much variety in them so you always get a unique dog. 

First, we can take a look at the Cavapoo.

It will come with some of the floppy ears like the Cavalier Spaniel, but the Poodle genes are going to make the dog a bit larger and you will love the curly and wavy coat. 

The coloration will be a bit different from one dog to the other, but you will find that many are red, apricot, golden, or brown with a bit of white on the chest. 

The face is going to look more like the Cavalier, with the floppy ears and the shorter snout on them. 

Then we have the mini Goldendoodle. Their legs are a bit shorter than the standard Goldendoodle, but they are still longer than the Cavapoo, giving them a good way to run around and play fetch. 

The ears are going to be shorter, as is the snout, compared to the Cavapoo. 

Their coloration is steadier between each dog, though they will have a few options for fur color including chocolate, cream, red, apricot, and golden. 

How Big is the Cavapoo Compared to the Standard Goldendoodle?

While it is possible that the Cavapoo and the mini Goldendoodle can be similar in size in some cases, there is a big difference from what you will see between the standard Goldendoodle and the Cavapoo. 

Keep in mind that the Cavapoo is going to be under 14 inches in height at the most and their weight usually does not get higher than 25 pounds when they are an adult. 

Many of these dogs are going to be quite a bit smaller than that amount. 

This can make for a small dog, but it can be a lovable option that you are sure to love. 

ON the other hand, there is also the standard Goldendoodle. These dogs are going to be two to three times as heavy at the Cavapoo. 

They will weigh somewhere between 45 to 80 pounds and then they can be taller than 25 inches tall depending on how big the parents are. 

The big height and weight difference is why most owners are not going to compare the standard Goldendoodle with the Cavapoo when they are choosing the dog. 

The weights and heights are so different that it is hard to compare them.

If you want a smaller dog, you will go with the Cavapoo, but if size is not an issue, then the standard Goldendoodle is the best. 

It is also possible to go with the mini Goldendoodle to help you get a smaller variety that may be easier to manage. 

Choosing the Right Dog Breed for You

Both the Cavapoo and the mini Goldendoodle are great dogs to consider for your home.

They are lovable and have a lot of fun with their owners, but if you are concerned about the size for each one, you may need to pick one type over the other. 

These two dogs are going to be similar in size, but the Cavapoo is more likely to be smaller so it is the best option for apartments and other small areas. 

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