Is A Mini Goldendoodle Bigger Than A Cockapoo?

The Cockapoo and Mini Goldendoodle are two cute dog breeds that many families like to choose.

Being a crossbreed means that you can get some wonderful characteristics in the dog that may not be found with just the parents on their own. 

As you are looking into whether the Mini Goldendoodle or the Cockapoo is the best pet for you, you may want to consider the size of each one. 

Is A Mini Goldendoodle bigger than a Cockapoo?

The Mini Goldendoodle tends to be bigger than the Cockapoo. While these dogs could potentially be the same weight if you have a small Goldendoodle and a big Cockapoo, Mini Goldendoodles tend to weigh a bit more. They are also a bit taller and sturdier than the Cockapoo, which is slimmer and shorter.

Both have similar personalities and hair and may look similar in appearance outside of a slight change in height and weight. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the Mini Goldendoodle and the Cockapoo match up and figure out the right size for both of these dogs as you make a decision on which one is the best for your home and your family. 

Cockapoo Vs. Mini Goldendoodle Size

Both of these dogs are going to vary in size. You will need to look at the size of the parent to figure out how big each one will get when they become adults. 

In general, the standard Goldendoodle will be a larger breed and can be big for a lot of dogs for most owners. This is why they may choose to go with the Mini Goldendoodle instead. 

First, let’s take a look at the Cockapoo. These dogs are considered small to medium dogs. Their stature is closer to the Cocker Spaniel and they will be somewhere between 10 to 18 inches tall. 

They are slimmer than some of the other dogs out there and not as sturdy so it is not uncommon for them to be smaller than the standard Goldendoodle.

They can be similar to the Mini Goldendoodle though. 

Depending on the parents,  your Cockapoo is going to weigh somewhere between 19 to 30 pounds. 

While they are not a really small dog or even Mini, they will be smaller and that is something that a lot of pet owners really like this breed compared to some of the others you can choose. 

This weight makes them a good companion in the home without having them be too big and taking up too much space. 

Just like with the Goldendoodle, you can get smaller Cockapoos as well. 

There are Mini and toy sizes that are available if you think that the traditional size is too big for your needs. 

The toy and the Mini options are some of the most common out there for you to choose and it depends on how much space you have. 

Is A Mini Goldendoodle Bigger Than A Cockapoo 1 Is A Mini Goldendoodle Bigger Than A Cockapoo?

Keep in mind that the smaller the dog gets, the more expensive because the breeders have to go through several generations to get that size.

They will also have more health conditions along the way. 

There are many different sizes when it comes to the Mini Goldendoodle and you will be able to choose the exact size of the Goldendoodle that you would like to have.

In general, though, a breeder will consider their dog a Mini Goldendoodle if it stays under 30 pounds. 

Traditionally though, a Mini Goldendoodle will be between 20 to 30 pounds and they come in around 16 to 18 inches high. 

Anything that is smaller will be a different type of Goldendoodle, such as a petite or a toy Goldendoodle. 

It is important to remember that each dog is going to be unique and different. 

There are some Cockapoos that are going to be bigger or on the higher end of the average, and some Mini Goldendoodles that are smaller or on the lower end of the average. 

We are also talking about the standard Mini Goldendoodle and the standard Cockapoo when we make these statements. 

If you have a petite or a toy version of either dog, then things will change when it comes to comparing the size. 

For these standard options, the Mini Goldendoodle is usually a bit bigger. 

Is the Cockapoo Smaller Than the Mini Goldendoodle?

This will depend on the type of dog that you get. Both of these breeds are able to get smaller than their “Mini” size, including toy and petite versions. 

If you are comparing a toy Goldendoodle to a Cockapoo, then the Cockapoo is going to be the bigger dog. 

The same can be said if you are comparing a traditional Mini Goldendoodle with the toy Cockapoo. 

It will depend on the exact dog that you are comparing. 

However, we can look at the standard sizes that come with these dogs and do an analysis based on that. 

Keep in mind that the Cockapoo will weigh somewhere between 19 to 30 pounds and usually does not get taller than 18 inches tall, though most are going to be smaller than this. 

On the other hand, the Mini Goldendoodle is going to be between 16 to 18 inches high and range between 20 and 30 pounds. 

This means that while the two dogs can be similar and you can find some individual dogs between the two breeds that are similar in size, including height and weight, most of the time the Mini Goldendoodle is going to be a little bit bigger. 

This dog is also a big sturdier, with a thicker body and taller, so you will be more likely to see this dog on the heavier side of their weight limit compared to the Cockapoo. 

The Cockapoo vs. Goldendoodle Health

Since these are crossbreeds, they are both going to be more prone to different health issues that you will need to watch out for. 

While it is possible that the dog will never have any issues if they come from a reputable breeder, then you will have fewer problems with this as well. 

Many of the breeders that you will use will test the dogs for potential health issues to help prevent and reduce the likelihood that the puppies they sell will have major health issues. 

Even with the testing and a reputable breeder, though, you will still need to be aware that some health problems are going to be present in these dogs and some of them can cost more.

Not all of either dog are going to have these, but it is a good thing to be aware of and budget for before you decide to bring the smaller versions of these dogs home. 

The Cockapoo and Goldendoodle Appearance

You will find a lot of similarities between the Cockapoo and the Goldendoodle, but one place where they seem to differ quite a bit is in the way that they look. 

First, we are able to look at some of the colors. Both of these breeds are going to come in an assortment of colors

These will usually show up based on the colors of the parents. 

If you want to know which color the puppy will be, just look at the parents and you will get a good idea. 

When you put a Cockapoo and a Goldendoodle next to one another, you will notice that the Goldendoodle tends to be a little bit larger. 

These dogs tend to be tall and lean, while also having more muscles to them or sturdy. 

This makes their overall size and build bigger than the Cockapoo in most cases. 

With that in Minid, the Cockapoo is more likely to be smaller and more compact in size. This means that they will be shorter compared to the Goldendoodle and they have a petite build that is not as tall and a bit slimmer than you would find for the Goldendoodle. 

The coats on both dogs will vary as well. Both will have a coat that is slightly longer and has some waves and curls. 

These are not going to be as tight at the Poodle but can be a great mixture of the parents for both of these.

Both dogs are hypoallergenic. 

Some of the dogs will shed a bit, it is lower, with the Cockapoo shedding the least out of both dogs in this breed. 

However, the Goldendoodle is not going to shed all that much so it is a good option to work with. 

Choosing Which Dog is for You

Both the Mini Goldendoodle and the Cockapoo are great dogs to bring into your home. They are on the smaller size so they can fit into an apartment or be gentler around smaller kids if your family is choosing a dog. 

The Mini Goldendoodle is often going to be a bit bigger than the Cockapoo, but both of them can be cute dogs to keep around your home.

When looking for a fun dog for the whole family, this is the one that you should consider. 

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