Which Dog Breed is Best for First-Time Owners? (Explained)

If you are a first-time dog owner and are looking for which breed is the best one for you, then you have come to the right place! Choosing which breed to get can be a daunting task, as there are many things to take into consideration, such as how much they shed, their temperament, and their size. There is one dog, however, that outranks all others in each of these categories.

Which Dog Breed is Best for First-Time Owners

A Maltese is the best dog breed for first-time owners. Maltese are hypoallergenic, meaning they do not shed much. This breed is small in size, can travel, and requires minimal exercise. They are intelligent dogs with an innate desire to please their owners, making them easy to train.

Maltese is a wonderful breed for all owners, and they are especially good dogs for those who have never owned a dog before. They do well under many different conditions and they adapt well to their surroundings. To learn about why Maltese is the best breed for first-time owners, continue reading below.

Why are Maltese the Best for First-Time Owners?


A Maltese is a very small dog. They typically only grow to be between 4-8 pounds, and they are below 12 inches in height, making them petite in every way.

The Maltese breed is the perfect size for first-time owners. Their size makes them easy to care for, which is a must for those who have never owned a dog before. Larger dogs require more extensive work, which can be avoided with the Maltese.

Many first-time owners want to spend all of their time snuggling their new dog, as it is new and exciting to them. They want to shower their dog with ample amounts of attention and be with them at all times of the day.

This is possible with Maltese as they are small enough to fit on your lap. Their size is convenient and makes them the perfect companion for every new adventure.

Which Dog Breed is Best for First-Time Owners?


Every positive and noteworthy attribute you can imagine can describe the Maltese. Most owners characterize their Maltese as being intelligent, active, and affectionate.

They are easy to train and pleasant to be around. Their kind and gentle temperament is ideal for all owners, first-timers in particular. Their natural loveable personality makes it hard for anyone to not instantly fall in love with them.

Because of how intelligent the Maltese are, they are easy to train. First-time owners need to take trainability into account before choosing a breed, as some dogs are seemingly impossible to train due to their innate stubbornness. However, Maltese have a strong desire to please their owners, which makes training them a breeze.

They do well with repetition and gentle training. However, they do not respond well to being yelled at. The Maltese breed is sensitive, which means they do not perform well under reprimand. Patience is key with Maltese, and they want their trainer to be warm and understanding towards them.

Maltese make excellent family dogs. They are not aggressive and they are friendly with all. They love children as they typically match their high energy levels, making them become the best of friends. However, the Maltese can become annoyed with overly rambunctious children if they are not socialized properly. To avoid this type of behavior, socialization and training must occur.


The coat of a dog is important for first-time owners, as many do not wish to clean up immense amounts of fur daily. Many even avoid getting a dog altogether because they do not want to deal with shedding. However, with the Maltese, this can be avoided almost entirely.

Maltese are hypoallergenic, meaning they do not shed much. They do not have an undercoat, which is the root cause of most shedding.

Although they do not shed much, Maltese still need to be groomed regularly. Routine maintenance including bathing and brushing should be done at least once a week.

This will help them to appear well-kempt and fresh at all times. Although frequent grooming is required, it is simple and easy to do.


Maltese need daily exercise. They are fairly high in energy and incredibly playful. This means that if they do not receive enough exercise, they may resort to their innate curiosity and cause trouble around your house. Thankfully, because of their small stature, they only need 30 minutes of exercise a day. They can get their exercise in through playtime, going to the dog park, or going on a brisk walk. No matter how they get the exercise, Maltese are sure to enjoy every moment of it.


Maltese are typically regarded as healthy dogs. They do not have many health-related issues, and they have a long lifespan. They live for about 15 years, which is common for a breed of this size. However, despite their common health, they are susceptible to some diseases that can be dangerous but preventable. First-time owners should take the time to review the general health concerns of Maltese.

Below is a list of the general health concerns of a Maltese, as mentioned by the Animal Health Center:

  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Dental diseases
  • Vision problems
  • Liver problems
  • Bleeding disorders


Which Dog Breed is Best for First-Time Owners?

First-time owners are always pleased with how social their Maltese is. Maltese want to be around people at all times, and they live for attention.

If they do not get enough attention, then they might start to act out. They do not like being alone for long periods, and they will be at their happiest when around those they love.

Maltese love meeting new people and other dogs. They do wonderful in families that have lots of people and other pets, so that way they can always have company.

However, some Maltese are prone to shyness, which can make them timid when encountering new situations. This means that they may take time to warm up to strangers and other dogs, but you won’t have to worry about them being aggressive. 

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