Why Do German Shepherds Whine So Much?

Owning a German Shepherd can be a fun dog for the whole family or a solo person. 

They have great personalities, and their protective nature makes them a great watch if you want some security in your home. 

If you have had your German Shepherd for a while though, you probably notice that they are big whiners. 

This can be annoying during certain times of the day, and you might be wondering why your dog is whining so much. 

Why Do German Shepherds Whine So Much?

German Shepherds instinctively whine because they are bred to be herding and guard dogs. They usually whine because they are trying to get your attention, or they are trying to alert you to something. German Shepherds often whine and bark more than other dog breeds. 

You might be wondering exactly what causes your dog to whine and if you should do anything to stop them. 

In most cases, you want to acknowledge their whining because it means they need your attention for some reason. 

Why Does My German Shepherd Whine So Much?

There are many reasons why you might hear your German Shepherd whining, sometimes at all hours of the day and night.

Usually, acknowledging them whining or making noise will make them stop sooner.

If you see them whining, make sure you check out the situation and try and see why they might be whining. 

Your German Shepherd Wants Something 

Your German Shepherd might whine or cry when they want to go outside or when they want food. 

If they are wanting to go outside, you might see them whining at the door or running back and forth between you and the door while they whine. 

If they are whining for food, you might see them whining near where you keep their food or close to their bowls. 

Your dog will also learn your schedule or routine and they might start whining when they know it’s almost time for food.

If your dog is a puppy, they might whine in between mealtimes as they are growing and need more food. 

Your dog might also whine at the door if they want to play outside or if they have to pee. 

It can be hard to know the difference, so it might be a good idea to always let them out when they are whining as you want to avoid accidents inside the house. 

You don’t always want to give the dog what they want if they are whining for food though. 

If it’s close to mealtime, make them wait until the meal time hour. 

Whining can be annoying, but you don’t want them to think they can get fed any time they whine. 

You might also want to consider waiting until they stop whining to give them food. 

Make sure they have stopped whining and are walking away from the bowl. 

This will show them they eat on your schedule, and they cannot whine for food whenever they want. 

Your Dog Wants Your Attention 

German Shepherds are often very loving and dependent.

If it’s been a few hours since you played with him or gave him attention, he might whine for more love or he might whine because he wants to play. 

You might usually see them whining or attention if they are sitting near you or if they have a toy with them. 

If it’s been a long time since you played with them or gave them attention, you might want to stop what you’re doing and spend some moments giving them attention. 

If you recently went on a long walk-through or you just stopped playing with them, you need to teach them that playtime is over and it can’t whine for attention whenever it wants. 

This will teach them that whining when they want attention is not appropriate and that you can’t give them 24/7 attention. 

Your German Shepherd Might Be Bored 

German Shepherds need a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

If you are not exercising with them regularly or playing often with them, they might whine to let you know they are bored. 

German Shepherds easily get bored, and they will whine anytime to let you know. 

If they are whining from boredom, you might see them having a lot of antsy movements or being jittery. 

You might also see them with toys around them as a signal they are bored and want to play. 

You shouldn’t let your German Shepherds control you, but you should set up a playtime routine, so they are able to work off enough of their energy and they won’t become bored as easily. 

It’s usually best to play with them at the same time every day so they establish a schedule, and they know when it’s time to play and when it might be time to sleep. 

This way, your German Shepherd will never have time to whine because they will always have mental and physical stimulation.

When you can’t play with them yourself, you can also provide toys for them and let them outside on their own so they can run around and have fun. 

They are Excited to See You 

Why Do German Shepherds Whine So Much 1 Why Do German Shepherds Whine So Much?

Your German Shepherd might whine when you first get home from work or from being gone for a long time. 

This is just their enthusiastic way of greeting you and telling you that they want to be close to you. 

This is a natural response from your dog, and it should not be discouraged.

You also want to reciprocate these feelings, so your dog knows you love them and that you are excited to be home and be around them again. 

Your German Shepherd might also whine to see you anytime you leave the house, even if it’s just for a small period of time. 

Make sure to give them lots of affection when you get home so they learn you are happy to see them. 

Your German Shepherd Might Be Scared 

German Shepherds are known for being brave and tough, but they still get scared just like any other dogs in certain situations. 

If they are in a stressful situation, you might hear them whining and crying to show you they are worried and need help. 

If your dog is scared, you might also notice them shaking or having other physical signs of fear.

If your dog is whining out of fear, make sure to try and comfort them and be close to them so they can feel you around.

You can also put them in a place where they feel safe such as in their kennel or their bed. 

You might also want to try and minimize scary situations. 

For example, if you know it’s a holiday and there will be fireworks, try to consider going someplace else to get away from the noise and the commotion. 

If it’s storming, you can get them a special thunder shirt or try to minimize the noise in the house, so they are less in tune with the storm. 

Try to comfort them the best you can and stay in the same room with them during scary situations, so they know you are there for them and they don’t need to be as worried. 

Your German Shepherd Might Be in Pain or Sick 

If your dog is hurt or in pain, it’s normal for you to hear them crying or whining to try and get your attention to alert you that they are not well. 

Usually, whining will not be the only sign of sickness though. 

You might also notice them feeling lethargic or having a large lack of appetite. 

They might also have a reduced interest in playing or going for walks. 

If you notice any signs of illness, take your dog to the vet right away. 

You want to make sure they are healthy and don’t have any serious illnesses.

Your vet can do an examination and see if there are signs of diseases or problems. 

They can also prescribe antibiotics to ensure the dog gets better. 

While you are waiting to get into the vet’s office and while they are healing, make sure to give them as much comfort as possible. 

Make sure you are there for them and be a gentle Presence. 

Final Thoughts 

German Shepherds whine for a large number of reasons. 

Most of the time, they are not serious, and they just want love and attention.

If you put your dog on a schedule and give them enough mental and physical stimulation, they will whine less. 

You also need to train your German Shepherd properly with commands and manners so he or she whines less. 

Improper training or lack of training can cause them to whine more because they want attention and love all the time. 

The good news is that German Shepherds are easy to train and very adaptable. 

You should be able to train them starting from a young age so they learn your habits and routine. 

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