Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed?

If you own a dog or a puppy, you are probably aware that they can sometimes exhibit some stranger behaviors.

Their personality and behavior might also change as they grow older or as they develop new habits. 

If they suddenly start doing new things though, you might be wondering if it’s normal or if there is something wrong. 

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed?

Dogs who like to sleep under the bed usually like private spaces. Sleeping under the bed might also make them feel safe and it might be warmer than other places in your home. If your dog has started to hide under the bed though or spends all day under the bed, it could signal a problem that needs to be looked into further. 

Whether your dog has just started sleeping under the bed or has done so their whole life, you might be curious if it’s normal and if you should allow them to sleep under the bed. 

We will go over all the reasons they might sleep under the bed in this article as well as some tips for getting them to come out from under the bed. 

Is My Dog Hiding or Sleeping Under the Bed? 

If your dog is under the bed a lot during the daytime, they might be hiding there rather than just snoozing. 

You can always get on the floor and check and see what they are doing under the bed to be sure.

If they are relaxing or snoozing, they might just be laying there because it gives them a relaxing place to sleep in privacy away from noises or lights that might be in your house. 

If they crawl under the bed at night, they might just assume that is their normal sleeping spot and they are ready to sleep.

If your dog has been doing this their whole life, it’s perfectly normal behavior for them and nothing to worry about. 

If they have just started to sleep under the bed or are spending a lot of time under the bed, you might want to check and see there is nothing under the bed that they are chewing on or ripping up. 

If your dog goes under the bed after there is yelling in the house or after loud noises, they might be scared of something or someone. 

Dogs might also go under the bed during thunderstorms or other events that make them feel afraid. 

Should I Let My Dog Sleep Under the Bed?

There is usually no harm in letting your dog sleep under the bed and it usually comforts them and makes them feel safe. 

If they are still a puppy though, you need to make sure they are not trying to hide pee or poop under the bed as this can be common. 

They might also be hiding something under the bed such as an item they shouldn’t have or something they took from the house. 

If you don’t like your dog sleeping under the bed, you can try to get them to come out from the bed with treats or calling or their name. 

You can also give them a designated sleeping spot such as a bed or pillow. 

If you don’t want them roaming under the bed or walking around the house during the night, you might also want to consider putting them inside a crate.

They will learn this is their designated sleeping spot and they might stop going under the bed. 

Some dogs will never stop going under the bed though as it has become a habit and they want to be able to feel the privacy and security that comes with being under the bed. 

Why Is My Dog Under the Bed?

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why your dog might be under the bed.

Most of them are harmless and normal behavior. 

Dogs like to be under things like beds and tables because it makes them feel safe and secure. 

There are some reasons why your dog is under the bed that might not be normal though, especially if the behavior is new or if they spend all day under the bed. 

They Want to Be in a Private Space 

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed 1 Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed?

Hiding under the bed or other furniture can give your dog a private safe space to be alone.

It can also make them feel like they are in their personal space and don’t have to worry about being around other people or pets that you might have. 

Furniture is also rarely moved and can make the dog feel like they have a sense of comfort and permanency. 

Mats and other items around your house might be moved frequently and your dog will feel like these things might not give them the same comfort since they are always moved around. 

Dogs like to be able to depend on something, even something as small as furniture.

They will enjoy that it has been in the same spot their whole life and they will seek comfort in being near it. 

They Might Be Afraid 

As discussed above, dogs will go under the bed if they become afraid of something.

Dogs can sense negative energy in the home, and they might crawl under the bed if they feel threatened or if there are people in the home fighting. 

Try not to fight or yell in front of the dog as they might get scared and go under the bed.

They might also go under the bed if there are new dogs in the home and they feel threatened. 

Give them a few days to adjust and then see if they stop hiding under the bed. 

Loud car alarms and fireworks might also cause your dog to seek shelter.

If they have been skittish since birth, this might just be their behavior and their personality. 

If you are just noticing a change though and see that they are more skittish than normal, you might want to consider seeking a vet’s advice or a behavioral therapist for dogs as they might have an underlying health condition that has caused this change in personality. 

They Might Be Sick or Injured 

Dogs tend to hide if they become sick or injured because they want to be alone. 

It can also be a way of coping for them because they might feel scared. 

If you notice your dog suddenly hiding and not wanting to be touched, see if they have any injuries or problems that need to be healed.

If it is something serious, you might need to take them to the vet for professional care. 

Some small injuries can be treated at home, but if you aren’t sure, always seek the vet’s advice. 

They Are Looking for Food 

Dogs spend a lot of time under the kitchen table because they are looking for food. 

If you also eat on the bed though, your dog might know they can find crumbs and treats under the bed. 

If you don’t usually allow the dog to eat food from the kitchen, they might also take the food and then hide under the bed with it. 

Dogs might also return to under the bed if they have left some food or treats there before and now, they want to go back and eat them.        

They Have Something They Shouldn’t Have 

Dogs are smart and always know when they have an item they shouldn’t have. 

Your dog might get a shoe or something else and then go hide with it under the bed in hopes that you don’t see them and take it from them. 

This might be especially likely if you see the dog running to the bed or trying to sneak under the bed without you noticing. 

Always make sure they don’t have food that is toxic or could harm them. 

You also need to let them know they cannot go under the bed to hide things or to misbehave. 

There’s a Change In Environment 

If you have a lot of company over for a party or there are more kids around than usual, your dog might hide or go to sleep under the bed to get away from the chaos.

They should come back out on their own after things return to normal. 

Try not to make them come out and join the chaos if they don’t have to. 

Allow them to seek shelter and solace if that’s what they need. 

How Can I Stop My Dog from Sleeping Under the Bed?

You can simply ignore the behavior, or you can give them treats when they are laying somewhere else other than under the bed. 

They will learn that laying under the bed is not the best behavior and that you prefer for them to sleep somewhere else. 

If they go under the bed, just ignore it. 

Usually, sleeping under the bed is not a cause for concern and they will come out on their own. 

You can always talk to the vet if you’re worried or concerned about the behavior. 


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