Why Dogs Are Happier Than Humans (Explained!)

Fur parents know very well that dogs make us happy. They radiate this warm yet playful energy that we can always connect with. When we come home after a tiring day, we know that we’re coming home to a happy dog, greeting us with a wagging tail and some comforting wet kisses!

Coming home to a dog that is happy to see you is awesome! But why are they happy?

Why Dogs are Happier Than Humans

  1. They enjoy life.
  2. Dogs love you.
  3. Their eyes are all on you.
  4. Dogs are social creatures.
  5. They move a lot.
  6. They stay true to themselves!

Dogs are smart and content animals. They depend on us for their needs and just love every moment with us. And as long they can eat or drink, they don’t care about things like fame or money. Dogs are cool creatures that simply enjoy the ride.

Why Dogs Are Happy

If you’re wondering why your cuddle buddy is happier than you, then here are some of the reasons. We can even learn a tip or two from our beloved pets and be happier humans for our doggo’s too!

  • Dogs enjoy what they do. Dogs are highly engaged creatures. Whether it be cuddling with you, or running free in your yard, or eating their meal, they enjoy every minute of it. 
  • They love spending time with you. Dogs constantly seek their “Hooman” because they want connection. Do you know that dogs talk to you? Building a strong and meaningful bond with you is what makes them comfortable and happy. 

Unlike dogs, people tend to seek more than what we have. We get too caught up in the so-called life and forget what truly matters. On the other hand, our dogs have mastered the art of maintaining healthy relationships (with you and other dogs) and living simply.

  • Your dog only has you in their mind! When they play or cuddle with you, they don’t think about anything else. All they can see and think about is you. What’s sweeter than that? When they want your attention, you can see how their loving eyes plead for a belly rub or a cuddle.
  • They focus on what matters. Dogs love to roam free, smell new scents, and explore things around them. They seem to know how to appreciate the simple joys of life. 
  • Dogs are naturally friendly animals. Our canine buddies need outdoor activities and socialize with other dogs to stay mentally healthy. Unlike our doggos, we tend to forget the value of human connection. A person’s happiness and overall mental wellbeing largely depend on quality relationships. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have (or struggle to have) happy and meaningful relationships these days. 
  • They love to stretch their muscles. It makes them happy to just play, roam free in your yard, take long walks, and exercise their muscles. They enjoy being outdoors and having fun! Thus, they’re happy creatures. Sadly, some humans forget (or are too lazy) to hit the gym or at least take morning walks. They’d rather stay indoors or binge-watch on Netflix.
  • Dogs never fake it! Unlike humans, our furry buddies don’t wear masks. They stay true to themselves. When they’re happy, sad, or angry, they show it. When they love you, they express it. They don’t need to pretend in front of you. We know how hard and miserable it is to pretend to be someone else, right?
Why Dogs Are Happier Than Humans

Why are dogs better than humans?

Needless to say, some people we know are… well, awful. But that doesn’t mean the entire human race is bad. However, if you’re a dog lover/owner, you know that there are many reasons why your dog is sometimes better than people you know.

  • Our dogs love us for who we are. Whether you’re in a good or cranky mood, your dog loves you. You show up looking like a total mess. Your dog still loves you. You cry like crazy over a bad breakup. Your dog will always be there for you. No matter what, even if the world ends, your dog will always love you. Unfortunately, humans won’t always love you in those circumstances. 
  • Our canine companions are smarter than you think. They can learn difficult tricks that will surely amaze us. We’ve heard about bomb-sniffing dogs or cancer-detecting dogs. And today, some canines can detect covid. So they are much more intelligent and helpful to humans than we know. 
  • They are always there for you! If you’re a doggie mommy or daddy, you know that our dogs are not just fun to be with, but they are always there for us when we are down. If you have experienced being alone in times of need, you know how humans can be unreliable at times, right? 
  • They’re a great fitness buddy. Do you feel not so motivated to do any exercise? Your dog can be a great fitness companion. They love doing all sorts of physical activities. You can walk, hike, jog, or run with them. Even playing fetch in your garden is a great way to sweat those toxins out and burn some calories.

Related Questions

Are most dogs happy?

Given that they are in a healthy and loving environment, dogs are typically happy animals. Thus, they make great family pets. However, different dog breeds may have different characteristics and personalities—some more energetic or playful than others.  

Like humans, dogs respond differently to different situations. For instance, if you bring them to a new environment, some dogs may find it hard to adjust right away and show sadness or change in behavior. A dog’s happiness can also depend on its owner’s behavior toward them. 

Do humans make dogs happy?

If you’ve already been welcomed by a super excited dog, jumping and tail-wagging, then you know that their humans make dogs happy. Of course, they are always happy to see you, especially when you’re out for a while and they miss you. 

Why Dogs Are Happier Than Humans

But pet parents are responsible for making their dogs’ life healthy and happy. By providing them with a safe and comfortable home, proper nutrition, access to healthcare, regular exercise, and more, you can be sure of a very happy doggie. 

Do dogs make you happier than cats?

According to a survey, people who have pet dogs are happier than those who have pet cats. But feline lovers should not feel bad at all. Regardless of the type of animal you raise, having a pet or raising animals helps us improve our mental wellbeing.

It’s comparable to having a hobby or living your life with meaning and purpose. So whether you’re a “dog person” or a “cat person,” it doesn’t matter. 

Final Thoughts

Are you sad, depressed, lonely? Then take a cue from dogs! We sure can learn a lot from our fur babies. Simple things make them happy. A yummy treat, a squeaking ball, and even your old socks make them very happy. 

Our dogs are happy living with just the basics like food, water, and shelter. And they are not even as picky with food. 

While it’s true that humans can never be like dogs as we are naturally superior creatures, but we can at least learn some “how to be happy” tips from them. 

Let’s take time to smell the flowers, spend time with nature, have fun with friends, and have real face-to-face encounters.

Even if we don’t have much, like money or other possessions, we can live a life according to our purpose. If we live in the moment and savor every experience we have in our life, we will live to the fullest and be happy like dogs. That’s for sure.

Now that you know why dogs are happier than humans, why don’t you give some of the tips above a try! 

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