At What Age Do English Setters Naturally Calm Down? Ever?

Each dog is unique, and it can be hard to determine exactly what you will get, even with an English Setter. Families must consider the whole picture to determine close proximity of when and how the English Setter will calm down. Even the best dog who excelled at obedience training can have moments where they act hyper and uncontrollable. During these moments, training will be something to focus on while getting your dog to calm down and behave.

At What Age Do English Setters Naturally Calm Down 1 At What Age Do English Setters Naturally Calm Down? Ever?

When do English Setters calm down?

English Setters will naturally calm down around a year and a half, which is about when they have passed out of their puppy stage and moved into adulthood.

This doesn’t mean all English Setters will calm down at this time. Every dog is individual, but as a breed, whole English Setters start to mature and calm down somewhere between one and two years of age.

These dogs are naturally gentle and well manners, but those qualities won’t be as noticeable as they go through the puppy stage. When they mature, they will be that fun-loving, happy, loveable dog that many families enjoy.

English Setters have a youthful playfulness that isn’t likely to go away until they are much older. They enjoy life and being active, which will have them behave like a puppy throughout their life, no matter what age.

They are energetic; when outside, they will be active, excited, and full of fun. When inside, an English Setter will probably relax on their bed or the family couch. The breed can seem hyper and excitable, but it’s merely their need for physical activity.

This need for activity is due to their breed background as a sporting dog breed. They need lots of exercise and activity, about two hours per day. If their energy is channeled and expelled properly, they will be less hyper and easier to calm down.

The English Setter’s breed background is that of a hunting and sporting dog. Therefore their needs for exercise and activity, as well as something to do, will always be there every day. Those families that welcome an English Setter need to properly channel this energy and breeding into a worthy activity to foster calm and contentment.

As puppies, the English Setters will pick up training easily if they have the right trainer and environment. The process can begin slowly and in everyday life situations, and once they reach an appropriate age, they can start with obedience training.

All dogs are not created equal, even in the same dog breed. Some dogs will have more energy than others, and some will have less. Some dogs will pass through the puppy phase and continue behaving like that spunky puppy for many years, while others will calm down.

This dog breed is naturally calm, gentle, and loving. They are not usually hyper unless the English Setters have a reason to be, like when playing a game or outdoors.

That said, English Setters love being close to their family, and they don’t like being left alone. If they are left alone, they can suffer separation anxiety, which can cause them to act out, behave poorly and be hyper.

At What Age Do English Setters Naturally Calm Down 1 1 At What Age Do English Setters Naturally Calm Down? Ever?

How do I help my three-year-old English Setter calm down?

To help your three-year-old English Setter calm down, you should create a calm environment. It can be helpful to remove them from the situation depending on why they are hyper and out of control. Sometimes simply removing them to another location can help redirect their attention and forget the issue.

To get your English Setter to calm down, you must understand why they are hyper. If it’s because they were running around and having fun outdoors, you can take them inside for a break which will probably wind them down a bit.

Since English Setters bond closely with their loved ones, if you enjoy a relaxing break, they will probably take one too. First, to remedy the issue, you must identify the problem.

If they were separated from the family for a while, it could be helpful to take them outside to expel some pent-up energy while sharing a bit of love and affection. This time should be used to strengthen the bond after separation.

In this situation, some attention and fun will usually do the trick of restoring life to normal. Before you realize it, they will be calm and content because you are there.

At this age, they can still have spunky puppy energy. It can be frustrating, and you may want to get rid of it, but it’s a part of who English Setters are. The more you embrace this and who they are as a dog, the easier their energy is to manage.

Hyper energy can be challenging, and it can be very frustrating when a dog refuses to calm down. Understanding the English Setter dog breed and who they are as an individual dog beforehand can go a long way to creating a harmonious lifestyle with your dog.

Knowing your English Setter, tailoring a daily routine that aligns with who they are, and planning for unforeseen issues will make daily life much easier. They will usually be content and happy daily if you meet their need for physical activity and closeness to their loving family.

During the puppy stage, they will go through some challenges, and you will work alongside them, but it’s just a passing phase in life. They should begin training during this time to foster good behavior. Once all this is done, they will calm down at some point.

Determining exactly when that will happen is like determining when a human child will naturally pass through its growth stages.

Closing Points

We all have moments of calm and contentment and moments of high energy. An English Setter is exactly the same, and as a breed, they are naturally gentle, peaceful, and friendly.

Channeling their energy, addressing issues as they arise, and loving them as they are, is all that anyone can ever really do when they have an English Setter!

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