When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down?

Springer Spaniel puppies are full of energy. Sure, this is a breed known for being able to go all day long, even as adults, but you can expect them to calm down at some point. The question then becomes: when will your Springer Spaniel naturally calm down?

When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down 1 1 When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down?

When will my Springer Spaniel calm down?

Springer Spaniels calm down sometime after two years old. When exactly this happens depends on the dog. For a Springer Spaniel to calm down requires a level of maturity that only comes with time. Each dog will mature or grow up at a different time.

Growth and development in all areas of a dog’s life differ based on their breeding and ancestral background. The lifestyle they have as well as every area of their life, have the potential to affect how long it takes to be fully grown and mature.

For the most part, after two years, the Springer Spaniel is completely grown from a physical aspect, while behavior, emotional and mental development can take more or less time depending on the dog.

Fostering a loving home with everything they need in adequate supply ensures they move through every stage of puppy development.

Many Springer Spaniels will still display an energetic, endless enthusiasm that can make them seem hyper or that they never calm down. Channeling their energetic nature, ingrained in who they are as a dog, can help.

Channeling requires that they receive enough of the things they need regarding energy and activity, and it also requires that some of their instincts and breeding be addressed. 

This may be necessary for the Springer Spaniel to feel content and relaxed at the end of the day.

When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down 1 When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down?

If they have had enough activity, they will calm down

. If their cup is filled with activities that suit their breeding, they will feel fulfilled and naturally calm down at the end of the day. Combine the two together, and you will have a contented, relaxed dog.

Providing this level of engagement can be hard for those not prepared for the energy and activity level this breed requires, but the family can persevere with persistence.  

Springer Spaniels do best when placed in a family that is active, outdoorsy, and as enthusiastic about life as them.

It is possible for this dog breed and their energetic attitude towards life to benefit those families that are less active, but in the beginning, it can be challenging.

How much activity does a Springer Spaniel require to calm down?

When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down 2 When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down?

How much activity a Springer Spaniel requires to calm down depends on the dog. For the most part, all adult Springer Spaniels need at least two hours per day of exercise and, in many cases, more.

Much of the exercise they receive should be physical, with some mental playtime mixed in. Giving them activities like hunting down something important in the yard or house can easily add time to their exercise, and that can be a good way to tire them out without tiring yourself.

Games at the dog park or yard are easy for exhausting an enthusiastic Springer Spaniel. Varying up the daily activities will keep them interested and engaged in the fun. If they get bored, the activity may not be fulfilling, and they need more.

Puppies, elderly dogs, and those with injuries or illnesses will require less exercise based on their health and abilities. The more you give this breed in the form of activities and exercises, the better. When those activities and exercises engage their intuitive side, they will be more stimulating.

Will training help my Springer Spaniel calm down?

Yes, training can help your Springer Spaniel calm down. Training your Springer Spaniel from an early age teaches them acceptable behaviors. With time and patience, they learn what is okay and not, such as acting hyper and showing it.

Training won’t help calm your Springer Spaniel in the classical way of tiring them out. However, that can happen if it is included in their daily exercise. They are smart and enthusiastic, so anything they learn will engage them.

Training will teach them acceptable behavior while giving them a channel for all the energy to learn new things. Combine this with other daily activities, and you will have a tired Springer Spaniel by day’s end.

Since the Springer Spaniel is intelligent and, for the most part, easy to train new dogs, parents shouldn’t have trouble accomplishing this task. If for some reason, that isn’t the case, many qualified and skilled professional trainers can easily train your Springer Spaniel.

When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down 3 When Do Springer Spaniels Calm Down?

How much exercise does a Springer Spaniel puppy need to calm down?

How much exercise a Springer Spaniel puppy needs to calm down depends on the puppy’s age. New puppies eight to ten weeks or older will only need a few minutes of exercise daily, no more than fifteen minutes.

Springer Spaniel puppies around four to six months old will need half an hour per day of physical exercise to feel relaxed and calm. Older puppies will need close to an hour of exercise closer to a year.

How much exercise they need can change from day to day, based on how they feel, slept, and what they did the day before. There is no certain number; parents must gauge their dog’s mental, emotional, and physical state to determine the best amount. Every day may be different regardless of age.

Focusing on the whole puppy or dog is often the best way to ensure they calm down. Some puppies and adult dogs always have an overabundance of energy, and this dog breed is a breed that classically always has energy.

That is why choosing the right dog for your family is important. Selecting the right dog breed ensures that you don’t end up with a dog that has more energy than you or less. Dogs usually calm down with age, but some never seem to stop. 

In Conclusion

Springer Spaniels are energetic dogs and generally calm down when they mature sometime after two years of age. There is no set time for this to happen, if it does at all.

The long and short of it when it comes to the Springer Spaniel at all phases of life, the more exercise and activity, the better. If you want them to calm down, burn them out, or you might wish you had later in the night!

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