Do Beagles Need A Lot Of Attention?

I just recently adopted my new fur baby, a Beagle. He is the sweetest dog I have ever had so far. 

The one thing that I don’t know is if there is a certain amount of attention he needs. 

I understand that some dogs need more than others, and I am curious to know what this dog breed usually needs.

With some free time to spare today, I went ahead and did some research on the internet on this topic.

Do Beagles need a lot of attention?

Beagles need a lot of one-on-one attention where they receive affection and playtime, but they also need a lot of closeness to others, whether family or friends. This is because of their background as hunting dogs, who thrive best and are happiest when they have the people in their family or pack around them. 

Historically when they would be part of a hunt with their human companion, they would be kept close for work and rest. 

They do not need to have constant physical contact with their loved ones or pack members, but they need to know that those they care about and work or live beside are close by and not too far away. 

The Beagle’s need for attention and closeness will vary from one dog to the next in this breed, but each Beagle will need their own level of closeness, attention, and affection. 

Beagles will thrive best in households with many people or animals and will form a close bond with everyone from other dogs to their human parents.

Since they need a lot of attention and closeness to those they live with or their family “pack,” the Beagle doesn’t always handle it well when they are left alone for long periods.

Therefore, should their pet parents work away from home for long hours at a time, it may be best that they visit a doggie daycare or that a trusted and loving friend or neighbor stops by to check on the Beagle and care for them while their parents are away.

Beagles were originally bred to be hunting companions and have great success as dogs in this arena. 

While this was their historic occupation today, they can be found in many homes as loveable companions and friends to many.

Many Beagles still hold the position of hunting companion for many avid hunters today for their skills and abilities. 

Still, many Beagles are just a part of a loving family who adores all of them and their beautiful qualities.

Those who welcome a Beagle into their lives may be curious to know how much attention a hunting dog like these needs. 

This question is best based on the individual dog but, the breed needs a lot of attention.

When we think of the type of attention a human might show a dog, we might think of physical attention regardless of breed. 

Physical attention can mean many things, closeness where the dog is held, hugged, carried around, or allowed to sit on a lap.

Physically speaking, Beagles need a lot of closeness. 

Depending on the dog, this may or may not require a lot of physical holding or cuddling. They do need closeness in the form of their loved ones being nearby in case they need something or what to be beside them.

Do Beagles Need A Lot Of Attention 1 Do Beagles Need A Lot Of Attention?

This is typical of this breed because, as hunting companions, they stayed close to their human companions. 

They had a close bond and connection with their human companions based on their position in the hunting pack.

They need to know that their loved ones are nearby and that they can join in whatever activity is happening at any given moment.

Due to their breed background and who they are as a dog, this need for attention can be difficult for some pet parents to deal with in our modern world if they are not prepared. 

Like other dog breeds that like to be part of a pack and close to their loved ones, Beagles do not always do well when they are left home alone for long periods.

The amount of time that their pet parents leave them alone, whether for work or something else, will be based on the individual dog’s personality, which varies from dog to dog. 

How they are raised will also affect the individual Beagle and shape who they are as a dog.

For instance, if throughout their puppy months, they are never left alone for even a moment, and they are allowed to go on car rides and follow their loved ones to the bathroom, or anywhere they go, it can be challenging for them later to adjust if their loved one decides to go away for a few hours one day.

Beagles need a lot of attention, and while they suffer from separation issues related to being left alone for long periods, pet parents can do many things to show them love, attention and ensure that their needs are met.

What are some healthy ways to meet my Beagles need for attention?

There are many healthy ways to meet your Beagles need for attention daily that can enrich your life too. One great way to show your Beagle attention while enriching your own life is through exercise. 

Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle for both the Beagle and their human family members.

When exercise is something that is done together each motivates the other, including the four-legged members of the family.

They can inspire and enrich our lives in ways we humans didn’t think possible.

Whether in the form of a good long walk or tossing a frisbee, exercise can help keep Beagle and pet parents healthy and in good shape. 

Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle and promotes a strong bond between Beagle and pet parent while being fun. 

The key is to think not just inside the box when it comes to exercise ideas and be open to trying new things!

Possibilities are endless, hiking, biking, fetch, swimming, kayaking, you name it. If a pet parent can think it, they can do it with their Beagle. 

Beagles are intelligent, strong, and love to have fun just as much as their family does. The more, the merrier, so if everyone in the household or family can participate, all the better!

Another great way to meet your Beagle’s need for attention is by caring for them. 

This may not seem like a very exciting way to show attention, but with the right mindset, it can be fun and promote a strong bond between pet parents and Beagle.

Such activities as grooming and bathing or feeding and offering treats or training can provide moments for attention that make every day seem less daunting for everyone. 

Positive and loving words and pats on the head and hugs and kisses during these moments are loving reminders to Beagle and pet parents that they are loved and wanted.

When the pet parent is gardening or cleaning out the dishwasher, give a friendly pat on the head or scratch under the chin if the Beagle comes strolling by.

This can go a long way to meeting the needs of your Beagle as they work and play beside you.

The most important thing for pet parents who have a Beagle for a fur baby is keeping them close by. 

Since this breed likes to be a part of the family pack, involved in the activity or at least nearby, allowing them to be close at hand will bring them comfort and happiness when they can’t have physical attention and closeness like sitting on a lap or getting a good belly rub.

Meeting their needs is not so difficult if the pet parent considers their Beagle in everything they do. This is like a human child. 

When a vacation is being planned or simply an outing to the grocery store, the child or Beagles needs and wants must be considered and the pet parents.

In Conclusion

Beagles are a loveable dog breed. Their high level of intelligence and fun-loving personality make great fur babies for any family.

Their needs for attention may be a lot for some and require thoughtfulness on the pet parents’ part; if their needs are considered, life with them will be a breeze.

If a pet parent finds that their need for attention is too much, turning to a loving family member or friend can provide momentary relief when needed most! We all need a break sometimes, even when it’s from our adorable and loveable fur baby!

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