When Do Beagles Sleep Through The Night?

I just adopted a Beagle puppy, and I am so happy I have her. She is sweet and energetic, and I am excited to get to know her. I must confess I don’t know much about dogs as she is my first dog, but I am ready to learn.

And after a few sleepless nights with a baying, whining, crying Beagle puppy, I’m very excited to learn when I can expect my Beagle pup to make it through the night on her own.

When do Beagles sleep through the night?

If pet parents set up a routine very early on, Beagle puppies can begin sleeping through the night as early as three months old. Beagles will not learn to sleep through the night on their own, though, so if pet parents do not take an active role in training, your Beagle may never learn to sleep through the night.

Beagles will begin to sleep through the night when their pet parents set the proper routine and teach them the ritual of sleeping through the night. 

Like a human baby, the early stages of a puppy’s life are riddled with many challenges and changes as they develop. 

Still, as a Beagle puppy grows from the moment they come home, their pet parents can begin the process of teaching them to sleep through the night.

This can take time; like human babies, the Beagle puppy will learn to sleep through the night at their own time. 

This can be quite surprising for pet parents but is perfectly normal. 

Some Beagles might take a few months to learn this as they grow and develop in other areas, while others might take closer until their first year and beyond. 

There is no right or wrong answer, and some Beagles might start out having sporadic moments of sleeping through the night out of pure fatigue both mentally and physically from all they are experiencing but will end up taking two steps back later.

The best that can be done at this stage of life is to have patience, understanding, and the right mindset to get through. 

It is unrealistic in the early days when you first bring your puppy home to expect them to sleep through the night as they have tiny bladders and bodies that are not yet developed enough to wait until morning for a bathroom break. 

However, once that phase of their puppy life is over, pet parents can begin setting the proper routine that aligns with their lifestyle and habits. 

It will take time for the Beagle puppy to learn this as they are learning so many things, and it will often seem like a dance of one step forward and three back before they begin sleeping comfortably through the night. 

Pet parents need to set the right stage for good sleep habits in their beloved Beagle as it paves the way for their sleep through life.

Beagles are adorable dogs with a hunting background. They are versatile, friendly, and playful, with enough energy to keep everyone happy. Intelligent and loveable, they have much to offer a family or individual in the way of companionship.

When Do Beagles Sleep Through The Night 2 When Do Beagles Sleep Through The Night?

That being said, when you welcome a Beagle puppy home, like any other puppy, there are many challenges that you will face with your new fur baby.

One such area that can quickly leave pet parents exhausted and more than a little stressed is the area of sleep, and many want to know when their fur baby will sleep through the night so they can also get some much-needed shuteye.

There is no real set time for a puppy to begin the happy and peaceful time of sleeping through a night, as each Beagle puppy will be individual in their learning. 

Like other developmental milestones, this process takes time.

In the beginning, days when a new Beagle puppy arrives home, they will become acquainted with their new life. 

They will have thoughts and feelings about this new world around them that has taken them away from their mother and littermates and will also be learning a great deal.

While all this is going on, their little bodies will be developing physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Pet parents need to be understanding, patient, and just enjoy their moments while getting to know their new puppy during this transition time.

It can be hard not to set a schedule or get frustrated with the challenges that this phase brings that can come as a complete surprise unless the pet parents have had a puppy before.

The good news is that this phase will pass as they all do. In these first days or weeks, while Beagle puppy and parents are getting to know each other, it can be hard not to press them to learn new skills, with many pet parents pushing things like potty training and sleeping through the night.

Puppies of any breed have tiny bladders and bodies, making it very hard for them to hold their bathroom breaks until morning. 

It is entirely unrealistic to expect them to wait until morning, and new puppy parents should be prepared with the right mindset. 

The best attitude to take at this time is one of patience, understanding, forgiveness, and peace, as hard as that last one will be at three AM.

As the weeks pass, their bodies will develop, and they will be better equipped to hold their bathroom breaks until morning, and of course, sleep through the night.

The process of teaching them to sleep through the night can begin from the moment they arrive in their new home from the breeder, as long as the pet parents are casual and don’t put too much emphasis on success at this time.

Like human children, puppies can sometimes learn these habits early on with everything else they are learning but may eventually take a few steps back as they grow because it wasn’t the right time.

Teaching a Beagle puppy to sleep through the night is all about having a routine or ritual that fits comfortably with the pet parents’ lifestyle.

How do I set a sleep routine for my Beagle puppy?

The first step in setting a successful sleep routine for your Beagle puppy is to know your own sleep and waking habits and tailor theirs to align with yours.

If you go to bed every night at 10 pm, that is the time you will want to put your puppy to bed every night. If you wake at 7 am every day, they wake at 7 am every day, and so forth.

Once that is established in your routine, having the right tools is vitally important. 

These include a comfortable place to sleep that is quiet and away from distractions. 

This can be a crate or a soft bed somewhere safe and cozy. In the beginning days, it can be helpful for everyone if the puppy’s crate or dog bed is close by to their pet parents because you are forming a deep connection with them and vice versa. 

You need to be able to respond to their needs like a human baby.

Another great tool to have is a fun toy or two.

This will give the puppy something to do if they get bored and don’t want to sleep as remember up until now, they haven’t had to follow any sort of schedule except sleep, wake, eat, play, bathroom break, and there was no set timing for any of this to happen except when their body told them it should happen.

Once the routine is set and the tools are ready, the process can begin.

Every night they should go to bed when you go to bed, regardless of how old your Beagle puppy is when you start this learning process. 

The success of the routine matters not at this point, just that they learn the routine.

A typical routine might begin with a bit of playtime an hour before their bedtime, followed by a final trip outside for a bathroom break, and then some snuggles and a few tiny treats. After that, it is time for bed, with quiet and lights out.

The playtime that happens during this time and the final trip outside should work to tire the puppy out, and hopefully, they have been exhausted enough in their day to at least get a few winks before waking for a bathroom break or something else.

Pet parents should be prepared for many different things throughout their night at each phase of their Beagle puppies’ life.

Bathroom breaks, boredom, whining, and whatever else you can’t think of but know exists in the life of a puppy will likely show up at some point.

When the pet parents are settled for their night of rest, they should be prepared as they will likely be waking up during the night.

This can happen quite a lot in the beginning, and as the weeks and months go by, it will happen less and less as the puppy matures and develops.

The most crucial factor in this equation is keeping the routine.

No matter what happens in the day or how things pan out at night, the routine is the routine and must be followed for eventual acceptance and success.

Down the road, when the Beagle is more mature, the routine will become a habit, and there will no longer be a need to insist on certain behaviors like going to bed at a particular time. 

Once the routine is established, all else will follow, even on those nights when the family goes out for a light night movie with the fur baby, or there are disturbances at 3 am for whatever reason.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping through the night is on every parent’s mind as it affects the life of everyone in the household that the Beagle puppy lives.

While putting a time on when this should happen, the process is different for every Beagle, and their development and growth must be respected.

Thankfully like all things baby or puppy, the phase of not sleeping through the night, too, will pass. Before you know it, they will be sleeping while you wake up to use the bathroom, and this will all seem like ancient history!

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