Do Beagles need winter coats?

As the temperatures are dropping and winter is knocking on our door, it’s time to think about what beagles need in their wardrobe. 

It turns out that many different types of coats exist for dogs, especially Beagles. 

Beagles were originally bred in England, where winters are typically milder than those found in North America. 

The breed originated as an animal that could hunt rabbits and small animals underground by smelling them out with its powerful sense of smell while hunting at night or on cloudy days. 

Today, these same traits make beagles perfect family pets because they don’t have any problems living indoors all day long.

Do Beagles need winter coats?

Yes, beagles do need winter coats During extremely cold weather. Especially in temperatures below zero and in the teens. For temperature above freezing, no coat is needed. If winter is warmer, then the natural layer of fur, fat, and muscle is enough to insulate your beagle. 

Remember, the beagle is an active breed that can generate more body heat as it moves around, making them susceptible to overheating. 

They are also small and stocky, meaning they have less surface area to dissipate heat than larger breeds. 

Depends on Location

If you live in a place where winter is cold and wet, which normally sees a lot of snow, then a winter coat might help prevent your little friend from freezing as well as keeping them dry. 

They are a shorthaired breed which means that their skin will come into contact with melted snow and make it wet much quicker than longer-haired breeds. 

Since their hair is not really long, they also don’t produce many natural oils, which creates a waterproof layer and helps insulate them from the cold when wet.  

Water droplets from contact with the snow are problematic since water is a much better conductor than air. 

This means that if your dog gets wet from being in contact with snow, they can easily lose body temperature. 

Beagles are a muscular breed of dog which doesn’t have a thick layer of insulating fat, making them much more susceptible to hypothermia.

What is a Beagle Winter Coat?

A beagle winter coat is an article of clothing similar to those worn by most people during the colder months, except made specifically for your cute beagle friend. 

They come in many thicknesses, designs, colors, and materials. 

They can be worn on the upper body or covering the whole body depending on your or your beagle’s personal preference.  

The thickness of the winter will determine how much heat they retain.

Thinner coats are good for preventing cold air from coming into contact with the skin while not trapping too much heat to make them uncomfortable. 

Thicker coats also have the added benefit depending on the material used to be absorbent. This prevents water from coming into contact with their skin, avoiding a rapid drop in body temperature.

Beagle Coat Designs

In terms of design, the winter coats for beagles come in a wide variety. 

Some make them look like little people with hoodies and jackets or a simple but functional design focusing on comfort and ease of movement.

It is important to take note to choose a design that your beagle is comfortable with. 

They can get stressed out if they are wearing a winter coat that they are uncomfortable with. 

Beagle Coat Colors

The color is also something people consider when choosing a winter coat for their beagles. 

The winter coats that are available these days sport a wide variety of colors. From autumn hues to vibrant and loud, to calm pastels, and the basic blues, reds, and white. 

When choosing a color, you might be surprised to know that dogs can actually develop a preference for certain colors. Unlike humans, dogs see the world differently since they only see a limited amount of color. 

However, this doesn’t stop them from developing a preference for certain colors despite how limited it is. 

There is actually an app named Dog Vision HD that lets you see through your phone screen what your dog actually sees.

Some dog owners use this by buying toys in different colors and observing which one their dog actually interacts with the most. 

If you see them chomping more on the blue chew toy, then most likely, they’ll also love wearing a coat of a similar color. 

Materials used in Beagle Winter Coats

Winter coats for your beloved beagle can be made from natural fibers such as cotton and wool, synthetic ones like polyester. 

Suppose you want to give your beagle a sophisticated look. In that case, you can even go for fur and leather. 

Blended fabrics are also available, and some are insulated for added protection from the cold.

Cotton Based Beagle Coats

One of the benefits of cotton is that it is cheaper than most while also being absorbent and easy to clean. 

As for cold protection, it doesn’t really perform well compared to wool, but it is also much lighter and doesn’t cause much friction. 

This makes cotton an ideal fabric to use for the active beagle who would run, jump, and play around when outside. 

As for durability, cotton doesn’t do too well in this department since it can tear and get damaged easily. 

Since cotton has good water absorption capabilities in a cold environment, it can also reduce its effectiveness. 

The more water it has absorbed, the less effective it is at keeping the cold at bay while also making it heavier. 

This makes cotton coats much better for use with dry snow than wet snow.

Wool Beagle Sweaters

If you love and know knitting, you can knit your beagle a woolen winter coat for added warmth and comfort during the winter months. 

Wool offers more durability than cotton, but it is also much heavier and bulkier to look at. 

It is also much harder to wash since it does shrink, but it does offer the added benefit of being water-resistant. 

If you let your beagle run around in a woolen winter coat on a carpeted floor, then you will be in for a shock. 

Wool can accumulate static energy, which can shock people who forget this interesting fact about it. 

One of the downsides to wool is that it can trigger allergies since it contains a natural oil called lanolin.

Overall, wool is a great material since it provides great cold protection while also being water-resistant than most other natural fibers.

Synthetic Fiber Beagle Coats

Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and rayon are also used in making cold protective clothing for Beagles. 

One of the key benefits of this kind of fabric is its water resistance. 

Also, if you have worn polyester clothing in the summer months, you’ll know that they are good at trapping heat. 

This makes it a great choice for winter clothes since it can trap heat and be much lighter and more water-resistant than wool. 

The downside to synthetic fibers, though, is that they have been known to be less eco-friendly. 

Since they are made of plastic and chemicals, some of these fibers can come loose during washing. 

They become microfibers that have been known to collect and pollute streams affecting fish and other wildlife.

Fur Based Beagle Coats

Furs, particularly synthetic ones, can trap heat much better and offers protection from cold winds. It also gives your beagle a much-sophisticated look. 

While they aren’t really as common as the other fabrics mentioned previously in this list, they exist. If you are talented at dressmaking, you can even make one of your own. 

One of the downsides of fur is that it is harder to clean and maintain. 

If not properly taken care of, it can become matted. Just like rugs, stains are also much harder to remove than most fabrics. 

The difficulty of maintaining any fur clothing is one reason they aren’t a popular choice for most pet owners. 

It also tends to lean towards the more expensive side of the spectrum.

Fur tends to be heavier than other materials. 

Fur-lined beagle winter coats are also available for those who find the idea of their pet wearing a full fur ensemble gaudy and out of the times.   

Leather Based Beagle Jackets

Leather is not really perfect for winter clothes, especially when dealing with snow. 

It is a bad choice since it is very sensitive to humidity and water. It can crack if exposed to water, and extra care should be considered when using leather. 

However, with proper storage and maintenance, leather can actually last for a very long time. 

This is because it is an extremely durable material. 

It can also trap heat, just like wool and fur but to a certain degree. It is, however, the heaviest compared to the other materials listed here and should be best used indoors where the environment can easily be controlled. 

It should also come into mind that dogs love to chew on leather and if your pet likes to chew on things, best to avoid anything made of leather.

Blended Fabric Based Beagle Coats

The majority of the beagle winter coats you find in pet stores and online shops are made of blended fabrics.

This includes common blends such as cotton and wool to pure synthetic blends like polyester and nylon. 

This combination helps augment one fabric’s weakness with another, such as a wool and cotton blend. Which provides a fabric that is absorbent and prevents heat from escaping.

So, do Beagles need winter coats? Hopefully, now you have enough information to make that decision for your Beagle and weather conditions!

Final Thoughts

One of the things that you should never forget as a proud parent of a beagle is to remember to protect your little child from the cold while also taking the time to get to know your pet more. 

Having it wear a winter coat is one thing, but wearing a winter coat that it is comfortable with makes it much happier and stress-free. 

If you wish to learn more about raising beagles, we’ve listed some great articles at the end of this blog. 

Always remember to love your pet as much as it loves you as its owner and as a parent!

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