How many puppies do beagles have?

Beagle puppies are the cutest. Their oversized ears and scrunched-up face makes them adorable. According to the AKC, it’s no wonder Beagles are one of the top 10 dogs in the US.

If you’re Beagle is pregnant, or you are considering breeding her, there are some helpful things to know.

This will be stressful for the dam as the puppies began to grow and form.

In this post, we will look at the litter size and factors that determine it.

How many puppies can a Beagle have?

On average, beagles have six to eight puppies per litter. When breeding, there are factors that determine how many pups come out of the dam’s womb-like age or experience creating litters already, so the number each time around gets smaller than her first or last ones. It’s vital that you know how many will be born when anticipating your dog giving birth because having too few nutrients during gestation may result in complications for both mom and pup.

Average Number Of Beagle Puppies in a Litter

The average number of Beagle puppies in a litter is 6, but there can be as few as 1 and as many as 10. 

It’s helpful to know the litter size to know how many puppies you will have to find homes for, but the litter size will vary.

It’s important to understand that 6 is only the average of what you can expect.

Several factors determine a Beagles litter size, discussed below.

How many puppies are usually in a first litter?

Beagles have an average litter size of six, but there can be as few a one and up to ten puppies in the first litters.

The number usually depends on how many times she has been bred. If it is her second or third time being pregnant, you may have more than eight pups per pregnancy; however, this isn’t always true with every Beagle dam (female dog).

Suppose your female hasn’t had any pregnancies before hers. In that case, chances could vary from two-eight babies depending upon whether it’s their first breeding season, which would mean less opportunity since most likely not much experience yet! If we’re talking about an experienced mother, who’s done several breeds already –

How To Tell How Many Puppies a Beagle Will Have

There are 3 ways to get an accurate count of the Beagle’s litter size, but they require that you go to a vet, but the first one you may be able to do yourself.

  • Early Palption’s 28 days into pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound’s 30 to 45 days into pregnancy.
  • X-rays 45+ days after skeleton develops.

Early Palpation

When your Beagle is 4 weeks pregnant, the fetuses in her womb should be big enough for your veterinarian to feel and identify.

This involves the vet feeling your dog’s stomach with his hands to count the number of bumps he feels.

This is not always accurate but is helpful if you’d like to get an idea.

The weight and size of the Beagle will determine if your vet can get a count. If she is too big, it might not be possible.

After 4 weeks, the dam may be too thick to palpate, and the vet may need to do an ultrasound.


Abdominal ultrasounds are more accurate and might be a better option.

Ultrasounds can show the pregnant Beagle’s gestation sacs as early as 20 days.

The heartbeats of the fetuses can be identified around day 30.

Many vets use ultrasounds when it’s too late for Palpation.

Typically used between 30 and 45 days of the pregnancy.

Can you X-ray a beagle to count the size of the litter?

Yes! X-Rays are the most accurate way to determine the number of puppies the Beagle will have. However, the dam will have to be at least 45 days into her pregnancy.

They can only be done once the skeletons are developed enough for them to be picked up by the machine, usually around day 45.

What determines a Beagle litter size?

Many factors determine the size of the litter a Beagle dam will have. Some of it is determined by her own DNA and genetics. Other factors include the stud’s DNA. 

The size of a Beagle’s first litter will often predict future litter.

How long does a Beagle stay pregnant?

Beagles’ expected gestation time is between 60 and 70 days, but this can be lower or higher. The average pregnancy time for all breeds is 63 days. Many factors can determine the pregnancy date. 

The dam’s age, the size of her litter before, and how many times she has been pregnant all play a role in determining gestation time. It’s helpful to know the date they were bred or have a good idea.

How many times can a Beagle get pregnant?

Responsible breeders will breed their female Beagle up to 3 or 4 times in their lifetime and wait 18 months between pregnancies. Technically, Beagle dams could become pregnant any time after giving birth.

There is debate over what constitutes responsible breeding. Still, the responsible breeders will care about their dogs in a way that protects them and doesn’t exploit them for financial gain.

How To Tell If Your Beagle is Pregnant.

A Beagle will start to show signs of pregnancy after about two weeks. A female dog’s nipples may become larger and more prominent, her belly might swell a bit, or she could increase her appetite.

A pregnant Beagle will also start to produce milk, which may leak from her nipples. Her vulva might become swollen, and she could have a discharge that is clear or yellowish in color with an odor similar to the smell of cheese (which can be mistaken for urine). 

A female dog’s belly should not swell more than twice its size during pregnancy. If it does, then there are likely complications such as pyometra – infection inside the uterus- so contact your vet immediately!

Beagle Motherhood: After the puppies are born

The mama Beagle will be attached to her puppies and want to spend time with them. She may also try licking their genitals, a natural instinct for Beagles. It helps the pups urinate after birth.

The mother dog might be protective of its litter by growling at people who come near or trying not to let anyone touch any part but especially around where they are nursing from (the nipples).

This behavior should stop once she has weaned off milk production about two weeks post-birth when all food intake goes towards feeding herself again instead! You mustn’t pick up your pup if mom doesn’t allow this because doing so could cause separation anxiety in both dogs later on down life.”

How To Take Care of  Beagle Puppies

Whelping Newborn Beagles.

Beagles are known for their strength and independence. They’re often referred to as the ultimate survivor breed; they can survive independently and give life successfully before, during, or after a harrowing incident (like being born).

As owners, people who find themselves surprised by these remarkable dogs should be relieved to know that Beagle’s natural instincts will help them through birth without much help from humans.

When the mama Beagle begins to whelp, you will need to have specific items prepared in advance. You should buy (or make) a whelping box and have it ready for the dog to use. You will also need a heating pad, towels, or blankets that can be used as bedding material in case she needs them during labor.”

“It is important not only when whelping but after birth too!  The mother Beagle might want her puppies nearby, so you should make sure there are plenty of places they could go if needed, such as at an elevated surface where mommy has access from below!”

“You’ll know your pup’s eyes open up about two days post-birth because their pupils start dilating, which means light starts penetrating through more than before,” says Dr. Piazza, who specializes in canine reproduction issues with over 30 years of experience working closely alongside veterinarians all around America including

Have a vet check them out.

The first thing you want to do is ensure that they are all healthy. Having a vet come to your home, or bringing them all to one, is a must. The vet will be able to check for any health issues and will also be able to give you a vaccination schedule.

Vaccinating your puppies is a topic of debate. Many veterinarians will say that it is necessary to vaccinate your puppies, while others will tell you not to. It’s vital for the owner of a beagle pup or any other dog breed with an unknown health history to consult their vet and make an informed decision about vaccinations before proceeding.

Vets will check new Beagle puppies for certain things like worms, fleas, and ear mites. The vet will also check for any health issues that may not be visible to the naked eye, like heartworm disease or other parasites, which can cause illness in your pup as they grow older if left untreated.

These things are very important when it comes time to decide on a vaccination schedule.

Prepare an area for the puppies.

The area should be closed off to prevent them from escaping. It should also be able to handle when the puppies pee and poop. A place that is easy to clean is best.

The area should also be large enough for the puppies to play in.  The flooring is up to you, but it needs much padding and soft surfaces so that they don’t hurt themselves when playing with each other or running around too much. You can use old blankets if needed because they are easy clean-up items!

If there’s not an appropriate place available, then make one yourself using things like cardboard boxes which will provide some cushion on hard floors while still being able to create boundaries between them all without having any sharp edges sticking out where your pups could get injured from jumping off onto something else nearby (like furniture).

Choose Healthy Dog Food

After 8 weeks, or when they stop nursing, make sure to feed them with high-quality puppy food.  

It is important that you don’t give your Beagle puppies human foods because it can cause digestive problems and other health issues later in life, so make the right choice for their diet! You should also monitor how much they are eating by weighing each pup daily.

Largest Litter of Beagle Puppies Recorded

The largest litter of Beagles, to my knowledge, was 13, and during the 1950s, It was witnessed by Dr. Leon Whitney and mentioned in his book. 

I couldn’t find any evidence of this record being broken, and as far as I know, it still stands.

The problem with having too significant of litter is that it can cause pregnancy problems and injure, or kill, the dam giving birth.

This is one reason it’s helpful to find out how many pups she will have for sure.

At what age can a Beagle get pregnant?

A female Beagle can become pregnant as early as 6 months and as late as 18 months, when she becomes sexually mature. It’s ’s considered unethical to begin breeding until she is 8 months, as per the AKC recommendations.

Well, everyone, that’s it for now. Hopefully, now you know how many puppies a beagle can have.

Questions? Leave them in the comments, and we will respond when we can.


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