What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter? Answered!

Gordon Setters are striking-looking dogs that are surprisingly big and powerful. It may seem obvious that the Gordon Setter is, well, a setter, but what does that mean? What type of dog is the Gordon Setter?

What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter 1 What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter? Answered!

What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter?

A Gordon Setter is a hunting dog, originally bred to hunt game and, in particular, bird game. Historically they originated in Scotland and England and were used for hunting bird game.

Also known as Gun Dogs, they are a part of the Setter family of dogs, including four dog breeds. Gordon Setters is the largest of the Setter breeds and, ironically, the rarest. Their popularity is not as much as the other three Setter breeds, but they are endearing in their own right.

Gordon Setters are a type of dog typically used to hunt pheasant and other birds. They are the slowest and most lumbering of the four Setter dog breeds but also probably the most unique with their Black and Tan coloring. 

They can also have small portions of white in their coat.

The American Kennel Club classifies the Gordon Setter and the other three Setters in the Sporting or Gundog Group. Dogs in the group, including the Gordon Setter, are types of dogs that have tremendous versatility and adaptability.

They possess high intelligence and skill, lending them to many different occupations, but hunting and sport is their specialty. 

Gordon Setters is the type of dog that needs to be active. They have high levels of energy that need an outlet and require at least two hours of exercise per day to be healthy and content.

Gordon Setters is the type of dog that needs a yard; apartment life is not for them. For starters, they are large dogs, and secondly, they need lots of activity and movement.

Gordon Setters are perfect hunting and family companions as they adore being close to their humans. They can suffer from separation anxiety and are not for people who spend great amounts of time away from home.

Gordon Setters make good hunting dogs and companions not just because of their breed background; they are adaptable to different life situations.

Their fur coat is silky and beautiful but durable. Their physical build is strong and lean. They were built for the climate and atmosphere of their homeland and can spend great amounts of time outdoors.

What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter 1 1 What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter? Answered!

What is a hunting dog?

A hunting dog is a canine animal that hunts alongside or primarily for their human. Various hunting dogs were created for specific hunting purposes. You will see hound-type hunting dogs, but there are also gun dogs, cur dogs, and terriers, to name a few.

Hunting dogs possess certain physical, emotional, and mental qualities that make them better at this task than other dogs, like herding dog breeds.

Each dog breed will excel at something pertaining to hunting other creatures. Some dog breeds will excel at hunting a particular type of creature, like birds, while others will have expert hunting skills.

Gun dogs and scent hounds are the most common type of hunting dogs. Hunting dogs come in different sizes; they have different styles of fur coats and facial features.

Many hunting dogs are versatile and adaptable to different scenarios and purposes.

Gordon Setters fit into the Gun Dog Group, which makes them one of the more common types of hunting dogs despite being less popular than the other Setters.

What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter 2 What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter? Answered!

How many types of sporting dogs are there?

According to the American Kennel Club, the Sporting Group has four types of dogs. In each type of dog, there will be various dog breeds. The four groups include Spaniels, Pointers, Retrievers, and Setters.

Gordon Setters fall into the Setter Group, which includes the Irish, Irish Red and White, and English Setter dog breeds. Dogs in this class enjoy and excel at hunting and other outdoor field games and sports.

Some of these breeds are built for water, all built to excel in certain terrain. All dogs in this category require regular exercise, and some require above-average physical activity.

What is the difference between a Setter and a Retriever?

What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter 3 What Type Of Dog Is A Gordon Setter? Answered!

The difference between a Setter and Retriever is that Setters don’t usually flush out their game, and setters will usually run far into the distance in search of prey.

They are the scouts that locate the game, and when they do, they hold that place or Set as the position they are named after. Setters and Pointers are usually similar but take different positions.

Retrievers are experts at hunting water game as their bodies were designed with webbed feet and water-resistant fur coats to dive headlong into the water and retrieve their prey.

Both types of sporting dogs can also learn other skills in this sporting group. For instance, the Retriever can learn to track down and point out the game, and Setters can also learn to retrieve the game.

Dogs in the sporting category are versatile, adaptable, and useful in many areas of life. They can easily be crossed trained due to their physical abilities and mental intelligence. Both of these dog breeds think on their feet and learn training quickly.

Interestingly enough, these dogs also make great therapy and assistance dogs. They both have a gentle nature and friendly temperament that lends them both well to being companions animals.

According to the American Kennel Club, both breeds are in the Sporting Group and have similarities. Often when a hunter needs a hunting companion, it comes down to preference.

When a hunter chooses one breed or type of sporting dog over another, it is based on their specific needs as a hunter. Both dog breeds are highly skilled at their sport and closely bonded with their humans.

Closing Points

The Gordon Setter is a sporting and hunting type of dog that’s versatile and easily adapts to different situations. They have a unique physique, temperament, and skill that only Setter possesses.

As one type of Setter, they were and are used to locate and point out the bird or game, usually pheasant or other birds. Even though they are a type of Gun Dog, they possess many other beautiful qualities that lend them well to other sports and activities.

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