Why Aren’t Irish Setters More Popular?

Irish Setters aren’t necessarily the most popular dog breed, but many adore them.    Popularity shouldn’t be the most important reason to select any dog breed and choosing the Irish Setter should be based on your fondness for who they are as a dog breed. Since you welcome a dog into your loving family, they should be loved for who they are and accepted for their quirks, strengths, and challenges.

Why Arent Irish Setters More Popular 1 Why Aren’t Irish Setters More Popular?

Why aren’t Irish Setters popular?

Irish Setters might not be that popular for a couple of reasons. First, they require a lot of exercise to exhaust them mentally and physically. Another reason they might not be popular is the grooming that their fur coat requires and the excessive shedding.

If that isn’t enough, Irish Setters aren’t as popular as some dog breeds because they suffer from separation anxiety. As a sporting dog breed that thrives in a pack close to their human companion, they need a secure and close bond.

Irish Setters can also have a strong mindset that can border on stubbornness, making it hard to train them and live with them. And still, some might not always be amused by their trickster, clown-like personality.

Irish Setters are a very popular dog breed but aren’t as popular as others, even in the sporting class.   The above reasons can be the reason for some of this lack of popularity as these traits do not always blend well with everyone.

While these traits could make them less popular with some individuals, they have qualities that make them perfect for others. For instance, Irish Setters have a very good personality and are loving, pleasant, and fun.

Why Arent Irish Setters More Popular 1 1 Why Aren’t Irish Setters More Popular?

Their sweet, gentle, and friendly personality make them an amazing dog breed.   These qualities make them a perfect family dog or companion animal for individuals with many diverse lifestyles.

Still, many might find that long, smooth coat of fur stunning and enjoy the lengthy grooming and care required to make an Irish Setter look their best. Those same individuals might also find a bit of shedding acceptable and normal.

Some individuals and families who lead an active lifestyle will find their energetic, tireless personality a perfect fit. On top of that, many adore a dog that loves being closely connected to them and the companionship that comes with it.

As you can see, the Irish Setter doesn’t have any negative qualities, even though it may seem like they aren’t popular to some. Each family and individual have a dog that fits perfectly into their lifestyle.

The key is finding the right match for the Irish Setter. If anything, the Irish Setters aren’t as popular as some other dog breeds due to their high maintenance. 

Many a pet parent out there wants a dog that easily fits into our lifestyle.

Let’s face it, in our modern world, we are busy. Our days and nights are filled with responsibilities and busyness, making it hard to devote tremendous amounts of energy to a dog.

If that dog needs to be brushed, groomed, closely connected, and exercised often. Add in a dose of difficult training if they are strong-minded, and that dog breed becomes less popular than a more agreeable, easy dog breed.

Why Arent Irish Setters More Popular 2 Why Aren’t Irish Setters More Popular?

Therefore, Irish Setters aren’t as popular as some dog breeds, but they have all the qualities that make them a perfect dog breed for anyone who wants to invest energy, time, and patience.

What makes a dog breed more popular than another?

Many things make a dog breed more popular than another at any given time. They might be popular if they are a new breed, such as a cross-bred dog that blends adorable qualities from two purebred dogs.

The dog breed appearance will help determine how popular they are among the masses of dog owners and pet parents. The first thing we all notice about a dog is how they look. Therefore, if an individual or family has a particular look in mind for the dog they want in their clan, they will lean towards a certain dog breed.

Popularity can also be determined by society as a whole. If two people in a neighborhood got a new puppy and it was an Irish Setter, a few more in that neighborhood would be exposed to that dog breed, and that could cause the Irish Setter to become more popular than another breed.

Popularity is a fickle thing that can change rapidly on the whims and choices influenced by our lifestyle and those around us. If we watch the news and there is a new dog breed that hardly barks or sheds and is adorably small like a teacup, that could drive up popularity.

There may be many other small purebred dogs that hardly bark or shed, but that new dog breed would shine, and for that year or a certain time after that, they would be considered more popular than another.

Why Arent Irish Setters More Popular 3 Why Aren’t Irish Setters More Popular?

Popularity should probably be the least recognized reason for selecting any dog breed. When deciding to get a dog, one should look closely at their lifestyle, home, and the reason they want the dog in the first place.

If the dog is for sports or hunting, many in that American Kennel Club class can meet a dog owner’s needs. Close examination of one’s lifestyle can help one determine which dog breeds are best for them to choose from.

How will I know if the Irish Setter is the right dog breed for me?

By examining your lifestyle, you will know that the Irish Setter is the right dog breed for you. Acknowledging why you want a dog is the first step to choosing the right breed. After that, understanding your personal lifestyle and your family will help you choose the right dog breed.

Knowing how much time you can devote to your dog daily is important. Knowing how much time you will be with the dog and away from them is also important. Choosing the right breed is not just about what you as the pet parent want; it’s about choosing the right dog who will be happy in your family.

The breed and dog you choose should easily fit into your life and lifestyle. An energetic and active dog breed would be good for you if you are active. A friendly and sociable dog would be good for you if you love socializing. Choosing a dog breed that doesn’t fit will cause misery for you and the dog.

Therefore, when deciding on an Irish Setter, you should live an active life or be happy to provide much physical activity for them in the day. You, as the parent, shouldn’t mind a dog that loves closeness and connection or at least be agreeable to it for the dog’s sake without struggling to be close.

The same can be said for all the other aspects of your life. The Irish Setter should fit easily into your lifestyle and family. 

You should also like the characteristics and qualities of your dog, not find them annoying, stressful, or bothersome.

If you feel that way about an Irish Setter and who they are as a purebred dog, they are not the dog for you. It is far better for yourself and the Irish Setter to choose another dog breed that makes you happy, so they can find their loving parent and family.

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