Are Havanese Better in Pairs? What’s Best For THEM?!

Every situation is better with a friend by your side. This is both applicable to humans and dogs. Many dogs thrive better in pairs or even in groups because they will have a friend by their side at all times. 

Are Havanese Better in Pairs 1 1 Are Havanese Better in Pairs? What's Best For THEM?!

Is it better to have two Havanese together?

Havanese dogs are so social that it is recommended to have them in pairs instead of alone. When they are paired, they will never have a problem with not getting enough social interaction. These dogs will be able to be happy all the time and will never be lonely. 

Having 2 Havanese dogs instead of 1 helps keep both of their mental health good and can provide you with a lot of entertainment. 

Havanese dogs are very extroverted and need plenty of social interaction daily to maintain their mental health. Having a friend in the house gives them a dog that they can always interact with. Without proper amounts of social interaction, these dogs will get very sad and possibly destructive. 

Having two dogs in the household is also beneficial to those who have to be out of the house for many hours of the day. If these dogs were alone, your absence would be stressful. 

No Separation Anxiety Here

Havanese dogs are prone to having separation anxiety. These dogs don’t handle being alone very well and can get stressed out when you and their family leave. When you have 2 Havanese dogs, there is always someone there to comfort them while you are out. This will ease their stress and prevent them from acting out due to anxiety. 

Exercising Without You

Havanese dogs are not only incredibly social, but they are also very playful. A great way for these dogs to get exercise is by playing, and if there are two dogs, they can play together. 

Having two Havanese dogs is a great way to have them get their exercise in. They can run around together, play with toys together, or even wrestle together. If you are worried about these dogs having too much energy, they surely won’t after a day of playing around. 

Training Will Be Easier

Teamwork makes any task so much easier to accomplish. If you have two Havanese dogs, you will see that they will learn commands and behaviors faster than if they were alone. 

This is because they aren’t only trying to impress you, but they will also be trying to impress each other. Two Havanese dogs will be able to support and challenge each other to learn things quickly. 

Who knows, these dogs might even get competitive and see which one will be able to learn the trick first. 

Are Havanese Better in Pairs 1 Are Havanese Better in Pairs? What's Best For THEM?!

More Fun for You!

Just one Havanese dog is super playful, cuddly, and loving. Having two Havanese dogs will double this love and provide you with many cuddles. These dogs can also be pretty wacky together, making for a funny sight to watch. 

If you need more cuddles in your life and want to see what crazy activities two Havanese dogs can get up to, make sure that your Havanese dog has a friend. 

What Are the Downsides to Having 2 Havanese Dogs?

When there are pros, there are also cons. A lot of work goes into taking care of any dog, so prepare to double that work if you have two Havanese dogs.

Lots of Grooming

Havanese dogs are higher maintenance when it comes to their grooming routine. They need to be brushed several times a week and bathed every 1-3 weeks. This can be a lot of work for one person, and that workload will be so much higher if you have two grooming routines to keep up with. 

More Messes to Clean Up

Everything that you have to keep up with having one Havanese dog gets doubled when you have two. Two dogs mean double the messes that they make. Prepare to pick up after them often; if one of them has an accident inside, the other might as well.

It’s More Expensive

You will have to spend more on food, toys, grooming supplies, and even vet bills with two Havanese dogs. Each dog has needs that must be taken care of, and you will need an adequate number of supplies to do so. This makes having more dogs a lot more expensive. 

Don’t get two Havanese dogs if you won’t be able to keep up with their costs. 

Double the Fun but Double the Mischief

If your Havanese dogs are close friends, they are just as likely to play together as they are likely to cause trouble together. Already, the Havanese dog can be mischievous if they are bored or not being properly taken care of. 

Having two Havanese dogs will mean twice the amount of havoc they will cause together. 

Ensuring your Havanese dogs are properly trained will be important in keeping them from causing trouble together. Otherwise, you’ll end up with more messes to clean and shoes to replace. 

Do I Have to Get Two Havanese Dogs? Do Havanese Dogs Get Alone with Other Breeds?

No, you don’t have to get another Havanese dog to give them a friend. With how social these dogs are, they can get along with many different dog breeds. However, two Havanese dogs will provide more understanding between the two as they will have the same personality traits.

If you are looking into getting a different breed to be friends with your Havanese, try to make sure that the breeds have similarities. Don’t bring home an independent and withdrawn breed; expect it to be best friends with your Havanese dog.

It is also a good idea to get a dog breed that is a similar size. This ensures that neither of them will get hurt if they start playing together. 

Having your Havanese dog play with a German Shepherd might get your Havanese knocked over or possibly hut. 

Does Havanese Gender Matter?

Gender tends to matter when you are bringing another dog into your household. Having a boy Havanese and girl Havanese might result in puppies if neither of them is fixed. You might witness some weird behavior between the two. 

Gender also might matter on a dog-by-dog basis. A specific Havanese dog might not get along with dogs of the same gender for whatever reason. This is a very possible experience for dogs who have been adopted and experienced abuse. Knowing what gender your dog gets along with is essential to choosing which gender of dog you bring home. 

However, it might not matter as much if you are buying your Havanese puppies at the same time. At that point, neither will have previous experience with either gender to have formed a preference. They might even be biological siblings. 

When Introducing a Dog into Your Household

Whenever you are introducing a new dog into your household, you must give it time to warm up to everyone. Allow your Havanese dog to meet everyone in the household one-on-one so they don’t get overwhelmed. 

If you already have a dog, make sure to keep an eye on how the two interact. While a Havanese dog is great at making new friends, make sure your other dog remains friendly.

Provide your dog with plenty of supervision when they are being introduced into a new home. When there are other dogs around, remain nearby so you can watch their behavior. It might take some time for the other dogs in your household to get used to a new presence. 

Let your new dog know which bowls and toys are theirs. This can prevent confusion and possible conflict from happening between dogs. 

Final Thoughts

A Havanese dog will never mind having a companion that will be their lifelong friend. Two Havanese dogs are better than one if you know that you can effectively take care of both of them. They will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it to know that your Havanese dog will always have someone they can hang out with.

Having a pair of Havanese dogs will make it easier for them to stay at home for longer. Companionship will prevent loneliness, separation anxiety, social anxiety, and other problems from impacting your dog. Just remember that if you don’t properly take care of your Havanese dogs, you’ll have double the mischievous behavior making trouble in your house. 

Havanese dogs can get along with any kind of dog, both big and small. However, it is always best to have a companion that has similar traits. A smaller dog will prevent too rough playing, and a social dog will benefit both of them. 

If you get the opportunity of welcoming a Havanese dog into your home, you are sure to have a great time. When it comes to the Havanese dog, the more, the merrier. 

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