How Far Should A Springer Spaniel Walk? Answered!

Going on a walk with your Springer Spaniel can be a great way to enjoy exercise and the outdoors. 

The amount of exercise is important, but so is the type of exercise or variety. Changing the exercise routine up, so they don’t get bored and are engaged makes all the difference in how content and tired they are in their day.  But how long should a Spring Spaniel walk?

A Springer Spaniel should walk about a half hour to an hour each day. They need a total of two hours of exercise per day. Exercise can include many things, from tossing a ball to walking a trail. Since they need a lot of exercise daily, the two hours per day can be broken up into multiple adventures, including walks.

A Springer Spaniel may get an hour walk in the morning and half an hour of playtime in the yard in the afternoon. In the evening, they might get another half-hour walk to meet their fitness goals for the day.

How Far Should A Springer Spaniel Walk How Far Should A Springer Spaniel Walk? Answered!

They also need some longer walks throughout the week at various times. It could mean they get an additional hour of walking on a Tuesday, and then on Friday, they get an extra hour of playtime at the dog park. Springer Spaniels need diversity as well as exercise.

Therefore, walking a Springer Spaniel needs to be interesting. For any dog to feel satisfied, they need to be mentally and emotionally engaged in what they are doing.

The more you take your Springer Spaniel on different walks and adventures, the better they will behave and feel content.

To keep things interesting and your Springer Spaniel engaged, you could change up the park you take them to or where you hike.

Little things like bringing a new toy or another buddy to share the adventure will make the time more special and exciting.

With the amount of exercise, the Springer Spaniel needs, it can be interesting to make them your exercise companion. 

They can learn to run alongside the bike if you’re taking a bike ride. If you’re headed to the beach, they can come for some playtime, provided the beach Is dog friendly.

Everything you do with your Springer Spaniel should be about exercise and fun, and a morning run could have you both stopping by the bakery for some fun baked treats. The Springer Spaniel is energetic, with a zest for life that only a few other dogs possess.

Investing time and energy into your day with your dog can help bring a better outcome at night.   The more they are engaged in their day, the more tired they will be later at night when it’s time to settle down.

Investment means physical activity, of course, but also engaging them. Playing games, taking them on adventures, and adding new and interesting things to their day to keep them thinking and learning will be the spark they need to feel content at the end of the day.

Do Springer Spaniels need a lot of exercise?

How Far Should A Springer Spaniel Walk 2 How Far Should A Springer Spaniel Walk? Answered!

Yes, Springer Spaniels need a lot of exercise every day. They are athletic, energetic, and hard-working, making great working companions and assistants at home or elsewhere. They need two hours or more per day to fill their energy cup, which is why they are best with active families.

While they need a lot of exercise, it doesn’t need to be all at once or the same activity. Walks are great, but there are endless things to do with your Springer Spaniel that can benefit you both.   If you have a Springer Spaniel, for whatever reason, you can’t physically meet that need for daily exercise, enlisting the help of other family members can help.

Other family members, friends, and neighbors can help take over some of the physical activities they need, so it’s not a burden. 

Having a good yard is a great place to start if that can’t be accomplished and you cannot meet their daily fitness needs.

A good yard, preferably a fenced-in yard, will be a great place for The Springer Spaniel to find adventure, exercise, and numerous exciting things to do.

It can be easier for parents who can’t match that physical activity level and allow them to still enjoy some fun when they can.

Springer Spaniels need a lot of exercises daily, but they should be broken down into different times of the day and activities. Boredom is not something that should be on the menu for a Springer Spaniel, and it’s a surefire way to bring out bad behaviors.

If there is no way you can get others to help and you don’t have a yard, you may want to select another dog breed better suited to your lifestyle.

How much should I walk my Springer Spaniel puppy?

How Far Should A Springer Spaniel Walk 3 How Far Should A Springer Spaniel Walk? Answered!

You should walk your Springer Spaniel puppy for approximately five minutes every month of their age after you adopt and bring them home. For instance, if you need to walk your Springer Spaniel puppy and he’s five months old, he will need twenty-five minutes per day.

This is a guideline, and some puppies will be more excited than others to continue their little adventures. Another puppy may get tired sooner. Puppies have small bodies that require lots of fuel and frequent breaks.

A Springer Spaniel puppy may need a certain amount of daily exercise, but if they seem tired or overly energetic, you may need to adjust the time. If the puppy didn’t sleep well the night before, the amount of time they need to exercise might be less that day.

The time they need to exercise is based on age, energy level throughout the day, and activity. It shouldn’t be a problem if you want to take them out in the yard to toss the ball after they have already reached their quota for the day.

Letting your puppy have a nap beforehand or right after can be helpful. There may be some days when your puppy seems to have tons of energy, which could happen because they weren’t tired or exercised enough in the previous few days.

In this case, providing them with more activity than the five minutes per month would be okay. It’s a guideline, not something that is etched in stone. 

A parent must consider everything daily when caring for a young, energetic Springer Spaniel puppy.

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