Are English Setters Good For First-Time Dog Owners?

Getting your first dog is a big decision, and deciding what breed is right for you can be difficult. There are so many wonderful breeds of dogs out there, but not all of them are great for first-time dog owners. English Setters are beautiful dogs, so it’s not surprising that you’re considering getting an English Setter as your first dog. But are English Setters a good breed for first-time dog owners?

Are English Setters Good For First Time Dog Owners 1 Are English Setters Good For First-Time Dog Owners?

Do English Setters Make Good First-Time Dogs?

Yes, English Setters are good first-time dogs for owners that never had a dog before. Their personality and nature are sweet, gentle, and loving. They are smart and have mild manners, which makes them perfect for a new dog owner.

Their training will be easy because they are smart, and their ability to form a close bond with their owner will be the foundation of a positive experience. English Setters can teach new dog owners much about having a dog without trying.

When it comes to their grooming needs, new dog owners will learn a lot about how to care for them regarding bathing, brushing, and haircuts. They will also learn about trimming nails, brushing teeth, and caring for the English Setter’s skin and fur.

They make great companion dogs when outdoors. If the new pet owner is a hiker or cycling enthusiast, the English Setter can learn quickly what is expected of them. The same can be said for the new English Setter owner as they learn to train an easily trainable dog that naturally knows the ropes.

While all puppies, regardless of the breed, will go through phases of their youth like teething, it may be easier when dealing with an English Setter puppy because of their nature.

English Setters are sensitive to their loved ones and respond accordingly. This can make it easy for a first-time dog owner to get along with a dog in their home.    The English Setter’s love for attention and closeness will make bonding easy.

Their alertness and protectiveness for those they love make English Setters good first-time dogs because they provide a mixture of traits that a new dog owner might appreciate. The pet parent can find comfort in knowing their home is somewhat protected, or at the very least, the English Setter will let them know if something is amiss.

Unlike dogs specifically geared to guarding and protecting, which requires a confident owner and parent, this breed is versatile and easily adaptable. English Setters are also friendly dogs that can encourage a new dog owner to get out and meet other like-minded individuals.

At the very least, the parent won’t have to worry about their dog attacking another dog on a walk around the neighborhood. As puppies, English Setters are active and enthusiastic, with a natural zest for life. This is true of every dog.

Since their breed background usually has them forming close bonds, their eagerness to please should make many puppy behaviors easier to manage.

Is it hard to train an English Setter?

Are English Setters Good For First Time Dog Owners 1 1 Are English Setters Good For First-Time Dog Owners?

It is no harder to train an English Setter than to train any other dog breed. How hard or easy it is to train any dog is related to who the dog is. Certain traits and characteristics are related to their breed background, but that’s not the only thing that matters.

Some English Setters will be super easy to train, while others might be a bit more challenging. Personality, temperament, ancestral lineage, and breeding will determine who they are and how easy they are to train.

Most importantly, English Setters are easy to train due to their people-pleasing nature and intelligent mind. This dog breed is smart, and many will pick up training quickly.

There is always the possibility that a dog, English Setter, or otherwise will be strong-willed and stubborn, and this scenario can make it harder to train them. English Setters have a stubborn streak, but not all are this way.

This can be a positive for new pet owners as it teaches them to be confident in their position in the family unit and their abilities.   Should it be too difficult to train an English Setter, many professional trainers are happy to complete the task.

Before training, a parent needs to be prepared for the training. They should begin with the right mindset. Positive patience and a no-nonsense determined attitude will get the job done even with stubborn dogs.

Patience is perhaps the most important aspect of training right after consistency. Consistency in everything the parent does regarding training is well received and respected by the English Setter, and it shows the dog that you know who’s in charge and what is expected.

Once the parent has the right mindset, proper time set aside, and a plan, training should fall into place naturally with this dog breed. Even in the case of a sometimes-stubborn English Setter, most often, the parent will win the day because they are eager to please and thrive on performing the task.

This is related to their breed background and usually overrides their stubbornness.

Does the English Setter have any bad traits?

Yes, they can have some bad traits but not many. Most often, bad traits are not related to the dog breed or dog but to how well they will blend in with a family.

Due to their breed background, they have a lot of energy and need lots of activity. For this reason, they are not the best dog for families or individuals that spend a lot of time indoors or sitting around. 

Another case would be a family that is hardly at home. English Setters need close companionship with their loved ones. Therefore, they would be miserable if the family wasn’t home.

The dog or breed doesn’t have bad traits; they have traits meant for a particular family or individual. Before any family selects a dog breed and dog, they should always take a hard look at their lifestyle.

The family should be realistic with themselves and the breeder about their lifestyle. Things to consider are how much time they spend at home and how active they are regularly. Finances, family members, home environment, and so forth will round out the list.

Final Thoughts

English Setters make a good first-time dog for new dog owners. Their personality is sweet, balanced, and friendly, and they are smart, active, and friendly, which will benefit a new dog owner.

Training them is not tough, and they enjoy a close bond with their loving family. All the right ingredients for a perfect first dog!

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