Are Maltipoos Hyper? Reasons Why Yours Is Acting Crazy!

Being active and energetic doesn’t mean that a Maltipoo is automatically hyper. Hyper is bad behavior that occurs when a dog’s needs and wants are unmet. Hyper is often confused with high energy; some dog breeds like the Maltipoo have more energy to expel and more active life. They can behave badly if that energy isn’t properly channeled or managed. This will turn high energy into hyper behavior. 

So, is the Maltipoo a “hyper” dog?

Are Maltipoos Hyper 1 1 Are Maltipoos Hyper? Reasons Why Yours Is Acting Crazy!

Are Maltipoos hyper?

Maltipoos can be hyper due to their high energy and need for activity. This is due to their cross-bred background, which is Maltese and Poodle. Their energy level is higher than a lot of dog breeds, making them the perfect dog for energetic individuals and families and keeping an active lifestyle.

The Maltipoo, like other dog breeds, need a lot of activity in their daily lives to feel satisfied and content. They need lots of attention, closeness, and connectedness to their loved ones and environment.

Suppose these basic needs for this cross-bred dog are not met. In that case, a pet parent may find themselves dealing with bad behaviors and hyperactivity, an inability of a dog to settle down and find content.

Not all Maltipoos are hyper. Some have families that are active and include them in everyday adventures as well as attend to their basic needs for an engaging lifestyle. These Maltipoo will behave better and have an easier time settling down at the end of the day.

Still, some Maltipoos may not be hyper due to their individual dog characteristics. Breeding will always play a role in who a dog is and how they behave, as it is ingrained in its DNA. Aside from that, environment and life experiences can shape a dog’s behavior.

Finally, a dog’s personality will also be individual, and they may only be highly active or hyper during certain situations.

A well-behaved Maltipoo might be hyper if they have triggers that are stimulated. For instance, a Maltipoo goes wild every time the mailman stops by. After that, the Maltipoo is so excited and overstimulated by something they can’t handle or don’t like and take a long time to settle.

How do I stop my Maltipoo from being hyper?

If you find that your high-energy Maltipoo is hyper, you must first remedy the situation. There are a few ways a pet parent can handle the moment, and the pet parent must know the situation they and their dog are in at the moment.

The parent should know what they are capable of and act accordingly. For instance, a pet parent and their Maltipoo have been busy all day. There has been excitement, activity, and a whole lot of love and fun.

When they arrive home, the Maltipoo is too excited to settle down. They are running around, playing with toys, barking, jumping on furniture, and basically acting wild.

The parent can recall the day and realize they had enough entertainment, and it’s time to settle. They can provide a quiet space, a room that is slightly dim with little noises or distractions, and snuggle.

This could be a perfect time for the Maltipoo and parents to relax and reflect on the day. Treats, soothing words, and physical shows of affection like petting should do the trick.

Every dog will have their own time for settling, some might settle in a few minutes, and others might take close to an hour or longer. Age and health play a part in this process.

The point is that the parent is in charge, and being confident in the role of pack leader will help maintain a proper balance and limit behaviors like hyperactivity.

If that same dog didn’t have enough exercise that day, they might act hyper, which would be remedied by the parent taking them for a walk or having some playtime in the yard. Each situation is different, so how a pet parent will handle it is based on the environment and situation.

When dealing with a Maltipoo that is behaving hyper, and it’s been a while, the same measures would be used, but it might take longer to move from hyper to calm again.

Are Maltipoos Hyper 1 Are Maltipoos Hyper? Reasons Why Yours Is Acting Crazy!

How do I prevent hyperactivity in my Maltipoo?

The best way to prevent hyperactivity in your Maltipoo is to meet their needs. Know your dog and attend to their lifestyle as you would your own. If they need activity, provide it. If they need attention, give it. If they need to settle down, make sure they do.

As with human children, when a dog’s needs are met, they are better behaved no matter what their breed background and who they are as a dog. Maltipoos look to their loved ones for care and fulfillment of their needs and wants.

This requires our attentiveness and willingness to include them in our lives all the time, not just when we find it convenient. This doesn’t mean we have to attend to every need or want.

Sometimes a pet parent might need a break, and someone else will attend to the dog’s needs like a family member. Still, sometimes we will meet their needs but not all their wants.

Whatever the case, ridding you and your dog’s life of bad behaviors like hyperactivity requires an activity level that matches their own. This is the reason for choosing the right breed. Think how unhappy an active and energetic dog like the Maltipoo would be with a family that likes to relax and enjoy a quiet, simple, and calm life all the time.

Preventing hyperactivity means providing plenty of activity on your Matlipoos day. Engaging them so they have attention and connection and ensuring their energy is properly expelled during the day.

In Conclusion

Any dog can be hyper at any time. The Maltipoo is a breed that requires a lot of energy and activity in their day. If provided with what they need, a Maltipoo might sometimes act hyper, but the likelihood is greatly reduced.  Thankfully there are many ways to easily modify this behavior if it does become an issue.

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