Do Gordon Setters Like To Cuddle?

We all like to cuddle, Gordon Setters included. How much depends on the individual dog, and when is usually after your Gordon Setter has exhausted themselves mentally and physically.

While they are a sporting dog that loves adventure and activity, they still need a few cuddles to remind them that they are loved!

Are Gordon Setters Cuddly?

Yes, Gordon Setters like to cuddle; they like being close to their human companion and loving family. Gordon Setters would like to cuddle after a long hard day of work and play outdoors. They may have trouble settling down otherwise with a high energy level and an easily bored personality.

Gordon Setters like to cuddle with those they are close to but usually prefer it when it’s in the evening after they have spent their day being active, outdoors, and expelling energy. This breed needs to spend a lot of time physically active to feel content.

Once they have expelled their energy during the day, the Gordon Setter will be more than happy to sit back and relax for a while after a well-done job. They get along with children and won’t mind cuddling up next to someone on the couch or bed.

Gordon Setters adores attention from their family and thrive best when they receive plenty of it. While they may not like to cuddle all the time, like when outdoors, they will also enjoy receiving some loving pets and attention throughout their day.

First thing in the morning, they will be charged and ready to go and begin the day, but don’t be surprised if the Gordon Setter wants some cuddle time. Everyone loves to start their day with some love and affection, and Gordon Setter is no different.

Do Gordon Setters Like To Cuddle 1 Do Gordon Setters Like To Cuddle?

Since they bond very strongly with their human family, it is highly probable that a Gordon Setter will become an attention thief and want all the hugs, cuddles, and love anyone gives out.    

This breed can sometimes be a bit more maintenance than others and seem like a needy child depending on their family.

While they love to cuddle, Gordon Setters are also friendly dogs that adore going out with their humans wherever they are headed. They love attention, cuddles, and being the center of their family’s world.

Some Gordon Setters will love receiving attention and cuddling, but they may not all be the most affectionate in return on the flip side. 

They can suffer from separation anxiety which can become a problem; therefore, sharing enough cuddle time with them before separation is essential.

Dogs that suffer separation anxiety like the Gordon Setter will need plenty of cuddle time, love, and attention from their humans if they are to be separated.  

What are some ways I can cuddle with my Gordon Setter?

Do Gordon Setters Like To Cuddle 2 Do Gordon Setters Like To Cuddle?

There are many ways to cuddle with your Gordon Setter that don’t have to be over the top, where this lumbering dog is always sitting on your lap. Cuddling is referred to as holding or hugging in physical form, but the possibilities are as endless as how we physically connect with our dogs.

That being said, the term doesn’t isn’t just limited to physical holding as there are many ways to show affection and loving attention.   

Holding a dog of this size might be a bit hard to do. Therefore cuddle is used as a broad term for showing love and attention physically.

Depending on your pet parenting style and personality, Gordon Setter can sit beside you on the couch and feel close while you share physical affection. A few scratches behind the ears and some petting on the top of the head can be great ways to show love.

This type of cuddle time allows the pet parent to lean in and share a hug without actually holding the Gordon Setter.   Cuddling this way can be good for children with no possible way of picking up and holding a dog of this size.

Cuddling is also possible if they are in their crate or dog bed. During hunting or other sports, getting down on their level and showing affection with a quick cuddle is possible. 

It doesn’t have to be a full-blown hug, either. A quick but gentle squeeze followed by a nose nuzzle might be just enough. Whatever you choose, your Gordon Setter will welcome it.

Should a hunting dog like to cuddle?

Yes, a hunting dog should like to cuddle. Cuddling is a healthy part of a connected family life regardless of what one’s occupation is or how much work they do. 

This is true for humans and dogs. Cuddling is a way of showing appreciation, affection, and love towards others.

Hunting dogs may need more of this attention than anyone since they work hard to accomplish that given activity. Gordon Setters use their mind and body to accomplish a task, and at times they may work very hard to be successful, all the more reason to share the love.

Certain occupations may require a dog to be less cuddly than others, and this can be the case with a Gordon Setter or other hunting dog. Their training, lifestyle, and atmosphere may primarily be focused on hunting, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to cuddle.

It can mean that a Gordon Setter or other hunting dog doesn’t cuddle as much as other dogs, and it could also mean they don’t share affection or seek it out in return. 

The breed was created to hunt, work, and fulfill a duty by a human’s side, and while they are doing that, it’s unlikely that they will be enthusiastic about sharing cuddles or affection.

Some hunters out there might discourage this quality in their furry hunting companion. Anyone who knows anything about work knows that love, attention, and affection are vital to our health.

That means that a Gordon Setter or other hunting dog will perform better based on the love others show them and how much loving attention they receive.  

Like food, water and rest, it restores their inner resources for the next big adventure.

Should I set time aside in my day for cuddling with my Gordon Setter?

Do Gordon Setters Like To Cuddle 3 Do Gordon Setters Like To Cuddle?

This depends on your lifestyle and home life. If you and your Gordon Setter are busy, then yes, setting time aside at the end of the day is essential. 

Many people struggle with this in their personal human relationships, but life is busy. The more time we schedule for fun and connection, the healthier we will be.

Even if schedules and home life are not crazy, one never knows what will crop up on a daily as an emergency or surprise. Having a routine ensures nothing is forgotten, including sharing the love and affection we feel for others.

It can be thought of as a backup plan. 

You might get to the end of the day and spend that time cuddling when you already spent cuddle time twice. It might seem overkill, but go with it; there is never enough love to go around.

If you get to the end of the day and sit down for some cuddle time, it can be a pleasant surprise and gentle reminder of how important this time with our fur baby is if it is a crazy day. Either way, everyone is always happier with more cuddles and attention.

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