Can Beagles Climb Fences? (Answered)

If you have a Beagle, it probably didn’t take long for you to notice that they can be quite the escape artist. Especially, Beagles that can climb fences and gates. They are intelligent and agile little escape artists!

When I got my Beagle, Chad, I had to Beagle proof my backyard to prevent him from climbing the fence. I made sure to install a fence that would prevent him from escaping underneath, so I didn’t have a problem with him digging.

Can beagles climb fences?

Yes, Beagles can climb fences if they are determined. Many are strong and agile enough to use a combination of their claws, paws, and legs to pull themselves up onto and over a fence. It’s a common problem Beagle owners have to face.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to avoid having my beagle escape from the backyard thanks to installing a good wooden fence. Any type of fence can be Beagle-proofed, but I think fences that you can’t see through offer the best solution.

In this post, I’ll go over some questions and share tips on Beagle proofing your fence, no matter which kind you have.

How Beagles Climb Fences

Can Beagles Climb Fences? (Answered)

Beagles use a combination of their claws, paws, and legs. They are strong enough to pull themselves up. For a Beagle to learn how to climb a fence, he must be determined and motivated. Limiting the amount of time your Beagle is alone outside may prevent him from wanting to climb.

4 Ways Beagles Escape Fenced Yards

Beagles can be mischievous little escape artists! They are stubborn, and when they want to escape, they will do whatever it takes.

Beagle owners may find that taking measures to prevent climbing may lead them to find another way out, such as digging. It will depend on the Beagle, but here are how they have been known to escape.

#1 Climbing

Can Beagles Climb Fences? (Answered)
  • This is the most common form of escape.
  • Beagles are muscular dogs and have strong upper and lower bodies. This includes having strong front and hind legs. This makes it easier for them to climb a fence than it would for a different breed.
  • Chain link fences are easier for them to climb than wooden fences and solid metal barred fences. The chain-link nature creates pockets that Beagles can hold onto with their claws and paws.
  • This makes it easy for them to latch onto something. It lets them pull themselves up to all the way to the very top of the fence. 
  • There is no resistance or large spaces between support areas.

Other types of fences can be climbed by Beagles too. I’ll cover things you can do to prevent this later on.

#2 Jumping

Can Beagles Climb Fences? (Answered)

Beagles can jump between 3 and 4 feet on their own, but some Beagles can jump 6 feet. They can jump high enough to clear a 4 ft to 6 ft fence. They have been known to jump over fences higher than 6 ft by using objects and other surfaces as springboards.

  • It’s not common for a Beagle to jump 6 feet, but some can with determination and practice.
  • Many Beagles will be able to jump over 3 and 4 feet fences.
  • Age and fitness level determine how high a beagle can jump
  • Beagles who are young and get plenty of exercise can jump up to 6 ft.
  • Inactive Beagles who are out of shape or overweight won’t be able to jump or climb very high. They are more prone to digging.
  • The clever Beagles will use other objects and surfaces to help them jump over something too high for them. 

It’s funny the ideas our Beagles can come up with.

#3 Digging

Do Beagles Dig under fences? Yes, they can dig and escape a fenced-in yard. Beagles are intelligent and stubborn. If a Beagle is left fenced in for too long, he will find a way to escape. Digging is usually done when he cannot climb or jump.

  • The best way to prevent a Beagle from escaping from digging is to install wires below the fence, but concrete will also work.
  • Alternatively, you can buy a fence long enough to go into the ground 6+ inches.

# 4 Opening gates

Beagles that are enclosed in a fenced-in yard or a kennel will look for ways to escape.

  • They are smart enough to learn how to unlock and open gates (or doors) themselves. If they are determined to escape, they might try it out themselves.
  • Many Beagles have been successful at this, but it does require a certain level of intelligence and determination.
  • Child lock devices and bike locks can be used to prevent Beagles from opening gates and doors.
  • There are a few other ways Beagles can escape from fenced yards or kennels, but these four seem to be the most common.

How To Beagle Proof a Fence & Yard

If getting a new fence isn’t an option there are a few things you can do to Beagle prood your fence and your yard. Here are some suggestions.

Install an Invisible Fence

Do invisible fences work for Beagles? Yes, invisible fences work well for most Beagles and are a good option. Some Beagles will find ways to get around it. Either by taking their collar off or ignoring the alarm from the collar when they are tracking a strong scent.

  • Train your Beagle to use the invisible fence for several weeks
  • Start with the vibrate and alarm setting. Do not use the shock feature to begin.
  • Do not use the shock setting unless you have developed a strong bond with your Beagle and they trust you.
  • The shock can be traumatic and should only be used if necessary.
  • Follow the training and instructions provided by the manufacturer of the invisible fence.
  • It will take your Beagle time to become accustomed to the collar and invisible fence. You can’t expect to put the collar on your dog and have him figure it out for himself.
  • Some Beagle owners have reported that their Beagles have escaped from the electric fence.
  • One beagle owner said his Beagle took off his collar before crossing the fence and got hit by a car. Thankfully he was only injured.
  • Other people have reported that when their Beagles are determined enough, they ignore the shock and deal with it long enough to get outside of range. With some invisible fences, the dogs have been reported to be afraid to get back inside the fence.
  • Escape from an invisible fence is rare, but it’s essential to be aware that it can happen.

Install a PVC Roller

  • Since Beagles can climb, having a PVC roller installed at the top of a fence will prevent animals from getting in and your Beagle from getting out.
  • Also called a coyote fence.
  • You can buy these pre-made or make them yourself.
  • To make a PVC Roller you’ll need a PVC pipe between 1 ¼ inch and 5 inches in diameter. The bigger, the better
  • A smaller metal pole or electrical conduit that fits inside the PVC pipe while allowing it to roll easily

Best Types of Fences for Beagles

The best type of fences has certain features that make them better for preventing Beagles from climbing out.

A solid fence that offers privacy is the best option, but I understand that not everyone can afford to do this. You don’t need one. There are other features you should look for, though.

Features to look for in a Beagle Fence

  • Privacy fences that are difficult to see through. It’s easier to prevent a Beagle from escaping if he can’t see the other side of the fence.
  • Fences that are 6.5 ft to 8 ft high (when above ground). Beagles have been known to get out of fences that are 6 feet and under. A 6ft fence won’t work for all Beagles, so fences above 6 ft are best.
  • Fences that go directly to the ground and do not have any space between the ground and the fence. This is good to prevent climbing but not recommended if the Beagle has a problem with digging.
  • A fence that can go into the ground six inches or more. Some fences have extra height to them so you can bury the bottom in the ground. Doing this will prevent your Beagle from digging and escaping. This type of fence should be buried half a foot to one foot.
  • Flat fences that don’t have areas of support your dog can use to grab onto to pull himself up

Boarded Privacy Fences

Can Beagles Climb Fences? (Answered)
  • These are made from vertical boards that are either solid wood or wood composite. They block out all (or most) of the visual distractions that will catch the attention of your Beagle.
  • They are hard to climb due to not having many areas of support for a dog to grab onto
  • They go directly to the ground and have very little space between the bottom and the dirt.
  • Some can be installed several inches into the ground

Heavy Duty Vinyl Fences

  • Vinyl privacy fences often have flat surfaces and don’t offer support for dogs to grab onto. Your Beagle will have a more challenging time pulling himself up and climbing over most vinyl fences.
  • They go directly to the ground and have very little space underneath.
  • They may not be suitable for Beagles who dig.

Fences Over 6 ft

  • Any type of heavy-duty fence that stands 6+ feet above the ground and has no space between the fence bottom and the ground is sufficient.
  • It doesn’t have to be a privacy fence as long as your Beagle can’t fit between the boards or poles.
  • If you suspect your Beagle can jump 6 ft, then shoot for 6.5+ ft
  • The fence should extend directly to the ground and not have a gap between the dirt and the bottom of the fence
  • Fences that can extend into the ground several inches are better

Worst Type’s of Fences for Beagles

Can Beagles Climb Fences? (Answered)
  • Fences that you can see through
  • Fences that have gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground. They will be an invitation for your Beagle to crawl under and will encourage digging.
  • Chain-link fences. They are the easiest to climb because of the nature of chain links. The Beagle will easily be able to grab onto the gaps and pull himself up
  • Picket Fences are too short and don’t always extend to the ground. Anything under 6 ft should be a no-go.
  • Post and rail fence. These are good for keeping horses and cattle enclosed. They’re also used to set boundaries and enclose fields. A Beagle, or any dog, can easily escape
  • Wooden Lattice Fence. These have gaps similar to chain-link fences that make it easy for your Beagle to climb. They are also arent always sturdy enough. A determined Beagle can likely break out of this type of fence.

Related Questions

How high should a fence be for a beagle?

A Beagle’s fence should stand at least 6 feet high above the ground and have no gaps or space between the fence’s bottom and the earth. Though, some Beagles will need fences to be above 7 feet. Installing PVC rollers on the top of the fence can prevent escape from climbing.

Why do beagles escape?

Beagles are very social and require daily exercise.l A Beagle will want to escape if his social and exercise needs are not met, is in heat, or is on an irresistible scent trail. Beagles have an incredible mixture of intelligence, determination, and stubbornness that makes them the perfect escape artist.

  • If you leave your Beagle alone for long periods, his natural tendency will be to escape. If his social and exercise needs arent met, he will become frustrated and want to break free.
  • Young Beagles, who are full of energy, may need more exercise and stimulation. Taking them for long walks is a way to exhaust them and cause them to mellow out.
  • A 30-minute walk is enough for most Beagles, but my Beagle does best when I walk him for an hour a day.
  • If your Beagle is escaping, try exercising him more and leaving him alone less.

If that doesn’t work, you can Beagle proof your backyard, which you should do anyway.

Beagles Can Climb Fences

As you now know, Beagles can indeed climb over fences. I hope this post has helped you develop a plan to beagle-proof your yard.

Do you have a Beagle that loves to climb?

Let us know your experience and what you did to solve it in the comments section!

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