Can Dachshunds Live Outside? (Explained!)

Have you ever wondered about your dachshund and what exactly they can and can’t do? I have my own dachshund at home, and I have wondered about him as well! One of my main concerns is whether or not he’s capable of living outside. I wasn’t sure if it would be too cold for him, or even if he would be able to survive the exposure.

Can Dachshunds Live Outside?

No, the Dachshund breed is not well suited for outdoor living. This is a breed that seeks attention and freedom, and will often escape if they are left outside. In addition, they don’t have the fur type and thickness to withstand great cold and may have a hard time defending themselves.

So, you may still have questions about the limits and requirements these little dogs need. If you’re interested in more specifics about their outdoor challenges, read on! There are even a few circumstances where dachshunds have been very happy to live outside. We’ll explore these topics below.

So, Why Can’t They Live Outside?

One of the main reasons that it is not suggested the dachshunds live outside is because they are pack animals. They seek companionship. Even among dogs, they are one of the most social breeds. They make connections with their owners that are unbreakable, and they’re incredibly loyal. They love to play, cuddle and socialize.

This also means that they are very vocal dogs and are known for their love of barking. They like to be heard, and they’re often extremely loud and persistent.

Because of these reasons, putting them outside on their own can give them a very lonely and solitary life. They won’t be able to interact with you as much as they would like to, and they’ll bark a lot more than your neighbors would like them too!

Another reason that Dachshunds are kept inside is that they are expert escape artists. Since they were bred to dig, they are incredible at it. Their long bodies and strong front paws help them to dig quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately for dachshund owners, that means that they can easily tunnel underneath fences and escape.

I know that my dachshund has almost gotten out several times just with the power of his paws!

Particularly if your dog is outside and alone, they will look for entertainment. And in the cold, they might try to burrow. This will give them even more cause to dig. They are capable of digging very deeply and will find a way to get underneath the fence.

This is practice is very dangerous for your dog. They could escape and snag themselves on the fence. And if they do get out, there’s a whole world of danger once they get onto the streets.

These things all come together and create a pretty good image of why you shouldn’t allow your dachshund to live outside. It not only is lonely for them, but it is dangerous for them as well.

Dachshunds are not outdoors dogs by most accounts. You may be sitting here and feeling like your dog’s circumstances are different than most. This is very likely, considering all dogs and families are different. And for that reason, I have listed out some different circumstances that might apply to you and your pup.

Caveats and Exceptions

As with almost any rule, there are certain exceptions to this question. Each dog is different, each family is different and each situation is different.

Obviously, one of the main concerns of dachshunds living outside is their unfulfilled socialization needs. But, what if you have several dachshunds? If this is the case, it is more acceptable for your dogs to be spending a lot of time outside together. If a dachshund has company, it is more likely to be entertained and less likely to focus on escaping.

So multiple dogs will solve those problems for you. But on the other hand, this might just make your barking situation worse. More dogs mean more potential noise.

This also depends on the personalities of the dogs involved. Some dogs will be more reserved than others. This will decrease their need for extreme socialization. Family members also may spend an extreme amount of time outdoors with their dogs.

These things can affect how outdoor living could impact your dog.

In my experience, my family spends a lot of time outdoors, so my dog does as well. This isn’t a problem because they are still able to socialize with their pack.

Safe Temperatures for Your Dog to Be Outside

For each individual home and city, the climate will be different. This directly coincides with the type of fur your dog has. If you have a short-haired dachshund and you live in Montana, it might not be the smartest idea to have your dog live outdoors.

It is best to make sure that your dog has the correct amount of hair for your local weather. Otherwise, keep your dog inside with the heating and air-conditioning.

Along with this, Dachshunds are very low to the ground, so they are affected by weather differently than other dogs. Whenever it rains or snows, they can have a hard time getting their bellies out of the water. Precipitation comes down on them from above and then splashes back up on their underside. This can make for a very unhappy (and smelly) dog.

It is important for you to know that, while it is frowned upon to have your Dachshund live outside, the effects on your dog are usually more behavioral than physical. Dogs are quite adaptable to weather, especially with the help and a watchful eye from their loving owners.

“The effects on your dog are more behavioral rather than physical.”

If it is safe for you to be outside, it is safe for your dog to be outside. But, like us humans have to bundle up against cold weather, we must prepare our dogs as well.

Can Dachshunds Live Outside

We put on coats and watch for signs of heatstroke and we must do the same for them. Dachshunds are less likely to get heatstroke than other types of dogs because of their longer snouts. This feature helps them to cool air that is entering their lungs.

Whether it is frigid or blistering, you must watch for signs of heatstroke and frostbite in your furry friend. While it is not suggested you let your dog live outside, if you must, make sure to keep a close eye on them and their physical state.

How Long Can Your Dog Be Left Outside

Now, you may be wondering about how long dachshunds can endure extreme temperatures. While it may not be healthy to have your dog live outside, your dog can surely enjoy some time outdoors. It is recommended that, if your dog is in good health, they should only be left outside for 30 to 45 minutes maximum in cold weather.

This, of course, varies with your dog’s health, the wind chill, and the precipitation. With all this in mind, as long as the outdoor time is under an hour, your dog should do just fine. It is important that your dog has access to water, shade, and shelter any time they are outside though.

Your dog is sure to enjoy it’s time outside, so make sure to not deprive them of it. Your dachshund is built for exercise and fun. They love to dig and run so make sure you allow them time and a place to be able to do this freely.

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Dachshunds tend to latch onto one main person. They are loving and friendly to many many people, but they tend to pick one person from the family and make that person, their person. That person tends to be the one that gives them the most physical attention,
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