What’s Bad About English Setters? Do People Like Them?

English Setters are a very sweet and loveable dog breed.  They have some very beautiful qualities which can make them bad for one family but good for another. Careful consideration of the breed traits and your lifestyle can help a family decide if they are the right dog breed. No dog is bad; some dogs don’t have adequate obedience training, which is the foundation of all good behaviors.

Whats Bad About English Setters 1 1 What’s Bad About English Setters? Do People Like Them?

What’s wrong with English Setters?

One thing that might be bad about an English Setter is their need for closeness and connection to their owner or loved one.  If the family does not address this need properly, the English Setter might display bad behaviors like barking and chewing.

There are not many bad things about English Setter as they are a wonderful, loving, sociable dog breed.  They are highly intelligent and have a strong memory.  Due to their high level of intelligence, they learn things quickly and, more often, don’t forget.

Therefore, if a parent allows the English Setter to do something they shouldn’t do, the English Setter won’t forget any time soon and will continue to do whatever that is.  Their long memory and intelligence can make the task of training them easy.

However, if the parent doesn’t have a confident and commanding presence, the training process might take a little longer.

English Setters are very headstrong, and if they want to do something, it’s not likely that the parent will be able to sway them.  Therefore, training must be a top priority, with a skilled professional trainer if possible.

In truth, there are no bad things about the English Setter or any dog breed.  Every quality a dog has will fit in with some human’s lifestyle and personality.  Bad denotes something they are doing wrong, which comes from bad breeding practices, which leads to unacceptable personality and behavioral issues.

Some dog breeds and dogs are better suited to certain people and lifestyles. Therefore, there are no bad dogs, no matter the breed.  Skilled and knowledgeable breeders know this information.  

When an English Setter breeder welcomes an adopter and tries to help them select a dog, they learn about the family.

This knowledge is crucial to finding the right family for each dog, regardless of breed.  The more information they have, the easier it will be for them to find a dog that will fit the family’s lifestyle.

Behavioral qualities like close contact with their loved ones and resistance to training have their place in life, just not with every family or individual.

English Setters are very sweet-natured, hard-working, intelligent, and lovable dogs.  They have a lot to offer a loving family in the way of excitement, connection, and love, and they also have other important traits that are suited to specific people.

Therefore, when choosing to adopt an English Setter or other dog breed, it is important that the family or individual first know who they are.  They should know many details about their life, like how much daily exercise each family member expels.

Whats Bad About English Setters What’s Bad About English Setters? Do People Like Them?

Potential adopters and parents should know about their particular financial situation, activity, and other important information.  This knowledge can then be conveyed to the English Setter breeder, who can discuss the breed at length.

Breeders are then capable of helping the adopter choose a dog that aligns with their lifestyle and home.  When this process is begun correctly and followed through, the right dog will always be chosen for the right family.

There are no bad dogs, only dogs that are in the wrong family or home environment.  All dogs are good and right in certain environments and situations.

English Setters can suffer separation issues if left alone too long because they enjoy being with their loved ones and family pack.    That would mean they should be with a family that always has someone around to be with the English Setter.

English Setters are very intelligent and can have a one-track mind where their ideas take center stage.  This personality can make them hard to train, as If the trainer has to earn their trust.  This type of personality would be best suited to a family that has at least one family member that is compassionate to animals but firm and confident in their place in the family.

In this way, an English Setter might be headstrong, but the parent is stronger and prepared to be as persistent as needed in a gentle and loving manner.

Negative qualities like separation anxiety and abstinence can be assets in the right situation and family.

How do I know if an English Setter is right for my family?

The best way to know if an English Setter is right for your family is to make sure you know yourself, your family, and your lifestyle.   Then, you can offer this information to potential breeders so they can pair you with a dog that aligns with your lifestyle.

When deciding on a specific pure breed like the English Setter, it’s a good idea to know as much as possible about the breed.  Knowing everything you can about your family helps.  In many instances, it’s just a matter of finding the right puppy in the litter that best fits you and your family.

In some instances, it may be necessary to choose another dog if that breed doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

One particular quality that should be considered is training.  English Setters have a strong personality, and training might be challenging if there isn’t someone in the family with a strong, confident presence.

Hiring a professional trainer can easily manage this situation, but not everyone can afford to do that.  In this case, it may be best to select another dog breed.

Training and social skills are the foundation of everything your dog does.  If they can’t be effectively trained, it can spell trouble for the family at the moment and down the road.  An English Setter would benefit from a family capable of handling nuances of their intelligence.

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