Do Dogs Feel Better After a Bath?

If you are a dog owner, you probably know the importance of giving your dog a bath. 

You want to make sure they are clean and don’t have any fleas or bugs that could make them uncomfortable. 

Some owners feel bad giving their dogs baths though as it might make them feel bad or they might show they don’t like it

Do dogs feel better after a bath?

Most dogs will show resistance when it comes to having a bath, but after the bath is over, they feel better and more relaxed. For your dog to reap the benefits of a good bath time, you need to make sure you are doing it correctly and not too often. 

Most dogs will accept the bathing process, while others will fight you or run away when they see you getting ready for bath time. 

However, all dogs and puppies feel much better after having a bath because it allows them to feel better and gets rid of dirt on their fur.

If you are unsure of the benefits of bathing though, you can use this guide to make sure you know the best ways and times to bathe your dog. 

What are the Benefits of Bathing My Dog? 

Even though bathing your dog can be a pain, there are many benefits that come with bathing your dog. 

They will also feel better afterward even though they might not be able to tell you. 

Make sure you give them baths enough to get the dirt off their fur but make sure you don’t give them baths too often or they might get itchy or irritated skin. 

Here are the main benefits when it comes to bathing your dog:

  • Warm and relaxing
  • Massaging their skin feels good to them 
  • It’s a time for them to get a lot of attention 
  • Soothes their skin 
  • Gets rid of matted or knotted skin 
  • Gets rid of loose hair 

Most dog owners will give their dog a treat after, and the dog will love that they are getting extra food and rewards. 

Your dog might also get the zoomies after a bath to show they are excited and love it. 

The zoomies are also part of them drying themselves. 

How Can I Make the Bathing Process Easier for my Dog?

Although your dog might love how they feel after a bath, they probably won’t love the process and having to get the bath itself. 

Some dogs might love certain parts of the bath but not others. There are some steps you can take to make the process much easier though so your dog might look forward to it or at least tolerate it. 

Before bringing them to the bath, make sure you set up the bath area to make the process more fun. 

The first thing to do is make sure the bath water is warm and not deep. You want the dog to feel relaxed and safe when in the bath area.

You should also add a few toys to the bath so they can be distracted and play while you are washing them. 

For your own safety and the safety of the dog when you are done, make sure you have a non-slip mat by the tub so you can dry them without them slipping and falling. 

For the comfort of their skin, make sure you only use non-scented shampoo and soap. 

You might also want to get a special shampoo for dogs that are meant to soothe their fur and their skin. 

Make sure you place your dog gently in the bath and do not just drop them into the water as they may slip and fall, or they might become scared. 

Allow them to have a few minutes to get used to the water and allow them to walk around in the water if they want to. 

You can even talk to them and play games with them as you bathe them if they seem like they are in a playful mood. 

Do Dogs Feel Better After a Bath 1 Do Dogs Feel Better After a Bath?

Playing with them might also make them feel more relaxed and at ease. 

If you want to use a brush, make sure you are using the soft ones and not with hard bristles. 

Keep soap away from their eyes and make sure they don’t get water directly into their ears. 

This will make sure they stay comfortable and don’t get an infection in their eyes or ears. 

Many of the bathing tips for dogs follow the same guidelines as those for babies. 

So, if you have a baby, you probably know many of the tips that come with bathing a dog. 

If you have a shower attachment, it can also be easier to use to rinse your dog. 

You might also want to get a cup or container to help pour water over them. 

Fun music can also make the process much more fun for your dog. 

Make sure to keep the bath time short though. The water will begin to cool off and your dog might start to become cold and shiver. 

If they are cold, make sure you use a big fluffy towel to dry them off so they can warm again and start to feel more comfortable. 

Most dogs also love to get a big treat when you are done. 

This will help them look forward to the process of bathing and will also encourage them to be more obedient for the next time. 

The main trick is to make the process of bathing fun and not a chore for either of you. 

Make sure you are giving them a bath only when you have time to make the process fun and give them enough attention. 

Why Is My Dog Afraid of Bathing?

Some dogs will be scared of getting baths. If the process is new to them or they had a bad experience with bathing in the past, they might show fear when it comes to bath time. 

You might see they still love it afterward though and they want to run around and play.

If you see your dog has a fear when it comes to bath time, you might need to do some retraining and help them through their fear. 

Some common reasons why they might be afraid of bathing include:

  • They had a bad experience before. This might be truer if they come from an abusive home, or you rescued them. 
  • The water is too deep, and they had a near-drowning experience, or they feel unsafe in water. 
  • Running water scares them and they don’t like the smell of the soap or the shampoo. You can make sure you fill-up the tub before they come into the room or change the shampoo. 
  • The water is too hot or too cold and their skin is uncomfortable. 
  • The tiled floor or bathtub makes them feel they will slip and fall. 
  • You might hold them too tight or firmly accidentally and hurt them. 
  • They might not like being held or feeling constrained. 
  • They might just be timid and afraid of trying new things. 

If your dog is new to you or to your way of doing bath time, make sure you keep the bath short and sweet at the beginning so they can get used to the process.

They should feel more secure over time. 

They will also like bath time more as they become more confident with your home and with you as their new owner. 

Make sure the water never goes over their head as they might become afraid of drowning and will not be able to breathe. 

Make sure you are calm during bath time as dogs can sense stress. If you feel unsure or stressed, they will feel the same. 

How Can I Make My Dog Like Bath Time? 

Dogs like bath time when they are pampered. Show them you are happy when bathing them and make bath time fun, so they feel like they are playing and enjoying it. 

Make sure you also aren’t being too rough or holding them too far down into the water. 

Dogs have tender skin so make sure you are scrubbing lightly and softly. 

You also want to make sure to get soap in their eyes as it will make them scared for bath time in the future.

Make sure you are also pampering them with warm towels and treats. 

The end treatment is what they will remember, and they will want to make sure they feel like bath time ends with love and warmness. 

Make sure you also dry their ears with a soft towel and make sure they don’t have bugs or skin issues. Let them run around and have fun after their bath. 

Final Thoughts 

Dogs usually feel excellent after baths even though they can’t tell you themselves. 

Their skin and fur will feel much softer, and they might feel less itchy if you get rid of dirt and bugs on them.

Bath time can also be a fun process if you make it that way. 

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