Which Dog Breeds Jump Fences?

I’ve had fence-jumping dogs in the past, and few things are more anxiety-provoking than watching, waiting, and hoping that your dog doesn’t jump the fence at any given moment when they are outside.

I’m wanting to get another dog, but I really do not want to risk getting a breed that is prone to jumping fences.

Which dog breeds jump fences?

Most dog breeds are physically capable of jumping an average-height fence, especially the more athletic, sporting, or working dog breeds, including the Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier, Rottweiler, and the Vizsla, to name a few. Size matters less than athleticism and training when it comes to dogs jumping fences.

These dogs are part of the working and sporting class of dog breeds, making them athletic, agile, and strong. 

Breeding plays a big part in whether a dog jumps fences or is good at jumping.

Companion dogs are less likely to perform such activities unless under the right circumstances because of their nature and temperament.

While certain dog breeds may be more capable of jumping a fence and deciding to do so for whatever reason, obedience training can help remedy this issue.

It is also important to note that not all dogs of a particular breed will choose to jump a fence as some dogs have no interest.

Also, these dogs may be capable and good at jumping fences of varying heights but their intelligence and how well they are trained will determine if they do so.

Dogs of any breed that receive thorough obedience training and have a closely bonded relationship with their loving human family will not usually jump a fence unless there is a very important reason.

These breeds may be better than others at jumping fences but dogs of any breed, age, or temperament may decide to jump a fence at any time for various reasons such as thunderstorms that scare them or rabbits that they want to chase to name a few.

Which Dog Breeds Jump Fences 1 Which Dog Breeds Jump Fences?

Except for the Jack Russell Terrier, the dogs listed above are considered medium to larger-sized dogs, making it easier for them to jump a high fence.

Their size, agility, strength, and intelligence make them good at jumping fences.

For instance, a dog of any breed can jump over a fence if the yard is set up in a manner that makes it easy for them to do.

Tables or other objects besides a fence that a dog can scale can make any dog good a jumping their fence because the conditions are right.

Boredom with the backyard, a mind and body that isn’t properly stimulated in the right environment, and a picnic table right up against a six-foot fence can provide the right situation for any dog to jump the fence and escape.

Therefore, while certain dogs of the sporting and working breeds can be good at jumping fences, any dog is capable of such activity.

Each dog listed above is versatile as part of their breed background as working and sporting dogs. They are athletic and strong, hard-working, and energetic

Those above-listed breeds thrive best when they have something to do that provides mental and physical stimulation and falls in line with the type of work they were bred for doing. 

What dog breeds can jump the highest?

While just about any dog can jump and likely jump over a fence, some dogs are better at certain activities than others, including jumping high.

When it comes to jumping high, the border collie is a dog that can jump high and far in distance.

Border Collie

This breed can jump about six feet high from standing on the ground, and they can also boast a very long jump across a distance, at about four feet.

Aside from being a great family and working dog, this breed is athletic, making them good at all things physical, including work and sports like jumping.

Australian Shepherd

As a hard-working dog breed these dogs are intelligent and can jump about four feet up in the air and similar in length across an area. 

German Shepherd

This dog breed is agile, strong, loyal, and large. The German Shepherd can jump very high fences because they can jump up to six feet high rather easily, and they can also jump a great distance in length.

Thankfully they love nothing better than being beside their closely bonded human so it is not likely they will jump a fence for no reason.

What should I do if my dog is a jumper and likes to jump fences?

Regardless of breed, if your dog is a jumper and likes to jump fences, many things can be done to remedy this issue.

First and foremost, know your dog. Knowing your dogs’ temperament and nature helps remedy any behavior. This knowledge helps promote the right environment and situation for your dog to thrive, reducing the chance of jumping fences or other negative behaviors.

When you know your dog, you can provide them with the right amount of physical and mental activity to keep them content and provide activities that align with their breed background.

Aside from that, providing them with thorough training ensures that they behave their best and are less likely to jump a fence.

Lastly, the best thing you can do for a jumper e that is to ensure that their home environment, including the outdoors, is set up in a manner that reduces the chance they will jump the fence. This includes limiting outdoor equipment placed near the fence.

Lastly, providing lots of fun activities keeps their mind focused away from what is on the other side of the fence.

When all these are combined, the likelihood of your dog jumping your fence is greatly reduced. For dogs like the German Shepherd, obedience training and all the above-listed tactics can reduce the chance that they will jump your fence.

Final Thoughts

Certain dogs breeds are better than others and more likely to jump a fence, but any dog of any breed can jump a fence if given the right situation.

Having proper training and the right environment help reduce the chance that this will happen. If a dog does decide to jump a fence for some reason, their training reduces the chance of unforeseen issues like them biting someone or getting hit by a car.

The most important thing that can be done as a pet parent is to ensure that they receive quality obedience training which is essential for every dog, regardless of breed and their desire to jump over a fence!

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