Do English Setters Make Good Family Pets?

There’s no denying that English Setters are stately, attractive dogs. You may be tempted to bring one of these old hunting dogs into your family, but even if you have a big backyard and a very active lifestyle, there are some serious factors you need to consider before you make an English Setter your next family pet.

Do English Setters Make Good Family Pets 1 Do English Setters Make Good Family Pets?

Do English Setters make good family dogs?

English Setters make good family pets due to their sweet, loving nature and pleasant personality.  That being said, they may not be for every family and English Setters, like other dogs, need to be supervised around babies.

English Setters have a very laid-back nature that makes them a great addition to any family regardless of size.  They make a good family pet for single individuals and larger families.  Their calm and pleasant nature and the way they love being connected and close, make them good family pets.

English Setters get along great with other dogs and animals.  They are also great with seniors and children because they are peaceful and gentle.

While they were bred to hunt, they can have a high prey drive towards birds; therefore, a home with small animals that might be considered prey may not be the best.

This doesn’t mean a household with a rabbit or bird in a cage or outdoor chickens can’t have an English Setter.  They will need to be trained, and that training might need to be reinforced regularly if they forget themselves from time to time.

Prey drive is ingrained in them, so it will always be a part of who they are, and this should be considered before anyone adopts them into the family.

Besides this quality, English Setters make good family pets; they like to be outdoors, which can be an asset to a family that spends much time outside being active.  For the family that wants to be more active and spend time outdoors, an English Setter can provide the right motivation and positive encouragement to do that.

English Setters love to receive and give attention which is good for families with children or those who want a furry companion by their side.

They are also an alert dog breed, meaning they would make a good guard dog, which can be an asset to any household and family.  They are not bred to be the protector and aggressively protect like some dog breeds, but they will do what is necessary.

This character trait is primarily driven by their close connection and bond with their loving family pack members.  They don’t usually bark an awful lot which is good for a family with children.  The English Setter’s size makes them sturdy enough to withstand a bit of mild-mannered roughhousing occasionally without getting hurt.

Their gentle nature would prevent them from intentionally hurting anyone during playtime.  The English Setter needs more grooming than some dog breeds, which can be a great way for everyone to learn how to care for their dog.

Since the English Setter is sporty and active, they will enjoy playing games and having fun outside and in.  They are usually easy to train unless they have a stubborn streak which means they will learn fast.

The English Setter is a smart dog breed, so they will retain what they learn and not forget.  They are a playful dog breed that seems to have that puppylike zest for life, well into adulthood which can be a wonderful asset for anyone, not just a family.

Are English Setters good with all children?

Do English Setters Make Good Family Pets 1 1 Do English Setters Make Good Family Pets?

Yes, English Setters are good with all children, regardless of age or personality.  This quality is due to their loving and peaceful nature.  English Setters have the right energy and easy-going attitude to mix perfectly with all children.

That doesn’t mean they should be left alone with all children.  Like other dog breeds, English Setters should never be left alone with young children and babies.  Young children and babies can accidentally be hurt by their size.

English Setters would never intentionally hurt anyone, child or otherwise, but at times their size can be intimidating, and they can accidentally hurt a young child or baby.  If an English Setter lives in a home with a young baby or child, the time spent together should be supervised by an adult.

Time will pass, and the child will grow, then it will be less of an issue.  Until that time comes, adult supervision is required.  It’s not just for the English Setter accidentally hurting the young child or baby; it can also happen in reverse.

Sometimes a young child could accidentally hurt the English Setter.  They will never forget and likely not understand why this happened; therefore, it is best to supervise and foster a healthy relationship.

Aside from that, older children will benefit from all the unique and beautiful qualities and the things they can learn from owning a dog.  They can help with training, take them for walks, and play with them outdoors.

Children of all ages can learn much about compassion and care for dogs by feeding the English Setter and brushing them.

English Setters are laid back, friendly, and loving; this makes them good companions to all children.  With little ones, until they are older, supervision is suggested for everyone’s safety.

What is the best way to welcome an English Setter into my family?

The best way to welcome an English Setter into your family is through slow introductions and time.  In the beginning, when they are still with the breeder or rescue, you can bring the children and other family to meet them.

When they are set to come home, you can designate a comfortable spot to call home, so they feel safe and allow them to blend and join in the family as they feel welcome and ready.

The English Setter has a wonderful personality; they naturally get along well with others and love being a part of a pack.  Due to their uniquely lovable personality, introductions and loving bonds will come easily with any family.

This may not always be the case in some instances, as with rescues where the English Setter might have been abused.  In this situation, more time is needed for trust, but the result will be the same with patience, positivity, and love.

Closing Points

English Setters make good family dogs because they are lovable, friendly, and easy-going.  These qualities make them a great addition to any family.

The perfect mix of active fun and calm relaxation, everyone will easily fall in love with these dogs at first meeting!

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