How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Boston Terrier?

Dealing with little puddles and piles around the house is all part of raising any puppy, including Boston Terriers.

While they are very small, there’s just no point in trying to potty train them; they just don’t have the physical ability to hold it in.

But once you get started potty training your Boston, you may be surprised by how fast (or slowly) that it goes.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Boston Terrier?

Depending on the individual dog, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or months to potty train a Boston Terrier. Each Boston Terrier will take their own set time when potty training as with other obedience training.

Each Boston Terrier is an individual dog, and how they learn potty training and how long it takes for them to master this training will be as individual as each dog is personally.

Some dogs will master potty training in a few days, these dogs are no smarter or more skilled, but the method that is being used and who they are as a dog will be different from another dog. 

The environment they live in, as well as the person training them, will also be different.

No matter how long it takes for an individual Boston Terrier to be potty trained, they are all eventually potty trained at some point. 

The best thing that parents can do during this process is to begin and continue with an open mindset to be patient and understanding.

Many factors determine when any skill is learned. 

Beginning the process with the wrong mindset and thought process could also slow down the training. 

Dogs are notorious for picking up on the energy of those around them, especially their owner or parent.

If the parent or trainer is nervous about the process, feels stressed that it has to be completed in a certain amount of time, or feels a need to pressure the dog to learn fast, it can hinder the process.

If that ends up not being the case, it can cause the Boston Terrier to need a refresher course somewhere down the line. 

If something triggers, then take a few steps backward.

It is always best to respect the individual dog and potty train the Boston Terrier in a way that is conducive to their learning. 

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Boston Terrier 1 How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Boston Terrier?

This learning style will mean being more patient, understanding, and setting aside the timetable that the parent might have set for their dog.

During potty training, and regardless of how long it takes, the Boston Terrier will usually take two steps forward, one back, and so forth. 

As they learn and go through the experience, they need to have a positive home environment to focus just on learning.

Stress can make it hard to get the idea or remember it. 

Thankfully, many things can be done besides being patient to make this process easier.

What can I do to help my Boston Terrier be potty trained sooner?

To help your Boston Terrier be potty trained sooner, you can have all the tools at hand, make sure you have time off from work and other activities to devote energy to this training and be persistent.

Diligence and persistence are the most important aspects of training a Boston Terrier. 

Consistency is immensely important as dogs are creatures of habit, and if they see that this training is not important to you, they won’t feel it is important to them.

Consistency means following the same patterns, routines, and methods throughout the process. 

You can’t get lazy, take a day off, or even change the pattern or routine as this can confuse the Boston Terrier.

If you don’t know what you’re doing or what is supposed to be done, why should they follow your lead?

Confidence is very important; they are more likely to listen if you are confident in what you are teaching them, potty training, and there is no room for negotiations. 

This doesn’t have to be harsh or mean; when a trainer is confident in their place, they are in command, regardless of the situation.

When you have everything in place regarding your mindset and the method used, and you have a routine or schedule set, it is very important to have all the tools on hand and the time to devote to this education.

During the potty-training process, you will not want to delay the process by going away for the day. 

It would help if you also didn’t have to run out to grab extra’s of their favorite treat or to figure out a plan for how this training will happen.

Everything should be in place beforehand, and you should be prepared. 

Review the schedule or potty-training method you will use, have everything in place and work diligently to train the Boston Terrier.

What is a good routine or method for potty training my Boston Terrier?

A good routine or method for potty training your Boston Terrier considers who the dog is and your role in this training. 

For instance, if the dog is easily stressed by outsiders coming to your home, they should be limited during this training.

One of the best methods for potty training a Boston Terrier is to take them out before going to the bathroom.

Depending on when you start this process and how old the Boston Terrier is, you can take them out every half hour to start. 

In the beginning, you will want to take them out before they need to go, so beginning with every half hour, you will take them outside to the designated bathroom spot.

Choose this spot wisely as it will become their designated bathroom, so it should be convenient but not someplace you will want to change later.

If you begin taking them out every half hour and don’t seem to have to go, you can stretch it to forty-five minutes and see if that works. 

If every half-hour is too late, then you can shrink the time and do it sooner.

The idea is to catch them before they go and teach them where to go. 

Of course, they should be rewarded when you are successful in the process.

If they have an accident or don’t go, a reward or treat should be given.

It doesn’t mean that they should be punished for no success, it means that there is no reward, but they are still loved. 

When you find the right time to get them outside before they have to go after a few days or weeks, you can extend the time a bit and see if they can hold their bathroom breaks.

If they have an accident, it may be too soon for this particular dog, and you need to return to the old time. 

As they grow and their little bodies develop, they will hold their bladder longer and have fewer accidents inside the house.

Many other methods can be used; this is but one method. 

Some dogs will thrive when one particular method is used, such as the crate method. There is no right or wrong answer for every dog. 

Each dog and trainer will have their way of learning this process, and when you find the right method, you will know.

In Conclusion

Potty training is a process. For some, the time it takes to get the idea is very small; for others, it will seem like an eternity. 

Either way, it will eventually get done no matter what.

Patience and a positive mindset are always the best way to begin as Boston Terriers, like other dogs, can pick up on negative or bad energy and will react to it.

Timing may seem like a factor, especially for us humans with all our responsibilities, but in the end, as long as they are potty trained and not using the living room rug as they potty, all will be perfect!

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