When Do Boston Terriers Shed Their Puppy Coats?

 Almost all dogs go through tons of changes when they transition from puppyhood to adulthood, including the Boston Terrier.

One of the changes you can expect to see as your Boston Terrier puppy ages is to their coats. They will, at some point, lose their soft, fluffy puppy coat and replace it with their coarser adult one. 

When Do Boston Terriers Shed Their Puppy Coats?

Boston Terrier puppies begin to shed their puppy fur coat at about four to six months, depending on their inner development and how fast their body grows. Over the course of months, their fur coat will change and grow into their adult fur coat.

They will shed their fur coat in their own way and begin at their own unique time.

They will begin to shed their puppy fur coat at this time, but the process is not a once-and-done phase.

Boston Terriers will start out like all puppies do, with their fur being fuzzy, soft fur. 

When they begin shedding that puppy fur coat, it can happen in a variety of ways depending on the individual puppy.

Some Boston Terrier puppies will lose their fur coat in wisps of fur that come out so gradually that the parent might not even notice it is happening until much later. 

There won’t be much fur around the house from this shedding, and it is a very gentle way for the puppy to go through this process.

Some puppies will have this change happen suddenly, and they might shed their fur coat in a way that looks like all of it is coming out at once.

There may be puppy fur everywhere around the house, and they may go through a phase of looking unadorable for a time but this will end when their adult fur coat comes in completely.

Other Boston Terrier puppies may do something completely different and in between the two. 

However, the puppy goes through this puppy phase. 

It usually starts at four to six months, and before the change is completely done, a few months will have passed.

During this time, when their adult fur coat is coming in to replace the puppy fur coat, the parents will find it helpful to practice good grooming habits. 

If the Boston Terrier puppy hasn’t already been exposed to grooming tools and the process of grooming, now would be a good time to begin.

When Do Boston Terriers Shed Their Puppy Coats 1 When Do Boston Terriers Shed Their Puppy Coats?

The puppy might enjoy these grooming sessions, and it can help the puppy’s fur shed, so less fur ends up around the house.

Grooming will also ensure that the new fur coat that comes in for a Boston Terrier puppy is healthy and beautiful.

If the puppy doesn’t like it, the parent need not make the process challenging, and they can make it a game or more fun than the actual grooming. 

These early grooming sessions are more about introducing the puppy to grooming, which will be a part of their lifelong care.

The sooner they are exposed to grooming and the tools that are used, the better, as they will need to learn many things like how to sit still and allow someone to touch them, including their nails, teeth, ears, and other sensitive body parts.

Boston Terriers have a single coat of fur, unlike some other dog breeds with a double or second undercoat for protection against harsh weather elements if they spend more time outdoors.

How long does it take for my Boston Terrier puppy’s adult fur coat to grow completely?

It can take a few months for your Boston Terrier puppy’s adult fur coat to come in completely. 

The process starts inside their body like other development and growth and is driven by their genetics and who they are as a dog.

That doesn’t mean other things can’t enhance the process, like anything else related to their growth and development. 

When they enter their new home, they should be fed a healthy diet that helps them grow healthy and strong.

A healthy diet at every phase of their puppy life helps their bodies develop and grow without delay. 

A diet riddled with unhealthy food or not enough protein can cause delays in their growth and development, just like human children.

Supplements are unnecessary, and as long as they are fed a diet of food that their little tummies can handle, they will go through the phases of growth in their unique timeline. 

This includes the loss of their puppy fur and the development of their adult fur coat.

Diet is very important, but so are other areas of a Boston Terrier puppy’s life. 

They should have a healthy home where they are loved.

Their home should be free of large amounts of stress; they should be treated well and have plenty of love, attention, exercise, and a warm, comfortable place to sleep.

Puppies of any breed should be receiving all this love and care every day, and when they do, they will grow up as healthy and strong as possible for their unique body and genetics.

Suppose they have a pre-existing health condition that causes issues, allergies, or anything else. 

In that case, they should be under the care and supervision of their veterinarian to make sure that they develop properly and on a regular timeline.

If your Boston Terrier puppy has begun to lose their puppy fur coat and by the time they are over a year old, the process is not complete, it may be a good idea to consult their veterinarian to make sure nothing else is going on.

Some dogs, like humans, are late bloomers for certain developmental milestones. Usually, that is the reason for a delay, but it doesn’t hurt to consult their veterinarian to have peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Growth and development are individual, always.

Whether it is a puppy, human, or something else, each is individual, and how we develop is linked to who we are based on genetics.

How long it takes for the Boston Terrier puppy to shed their puppy coat and develop their new adult coat is based on who they are inside. 

This process usually starts when they are around four to six months.

When they begin this process and how long it takes to complete it are less important than their health and well-being.

When we focus on that, timing is less of an issue!

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