Are Boston Terriers Big Chewers?

Getting a dog that’s prone to chewing is a huge headache. 

Once they get started and realize that they like it, it can be difficult to train a dog not to chew.

Some breeds are more prone to chewing than others. 

If you’re considering a Boston Terrier and a worried about them chewing, read on for all the answers.

Are Boston Terriers Big Chewers?

While Boston Terriers were historically bred to be fighting dogs, they are not necessarily big chewers. Any dog can be a big chewer because chewing is calming and relieves stress for a dog. Some breeds seek this sensation out more than others, and Boston Terriers are not particularly prone to chewing.

This breed background doesn’t mean that there isn’t a Boston Terrier out there who chews everything in sight and loves every minute of it.

Some dog breeds are indeed bigger chewers than others. 

Certain dog breeds can suffer from more nervous energy or anxiousness, while others that chew a lot can have a huge prey drive that needs fulfilling.

Either way, Boston Terriers are not typically one of those dogs.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t chew things and that some won’t be big chewers; most will not.

Whether or not a Boston Terrier is a big chewer from something inside themselves or a reaction to outside stimulus, there are things that a parent can do to help promote healthy chewing.

No parent wants to come home from a day of work and find out that their favorite shoe or something else has been completely torn apart from constant chewing by the Boston Terrier.

It should be noted that some Boston Terriers can be easily stressed if they don’t have an outlet for all that pent-up energy and zest for life.

If their energy and personality traits are not channeled properly, they can become destructive and act up, as any dog would do.

Boston Terriers don’t just need physical activity to burn off energy; they most importantly need attention and mental stimulation as well. 

Mental stimulation can come in the form of toys that engage their mind and problem-solving abilities.

Some Boston Terriers don’t like to be left home alone for a long time. 

In this case, the parent can’t change that they have to work, but they can find ways to reduce their Boston Terrier’s loneliness and make them more comfortable, reducing chewing events.

Are Boston Terriers Big Chewers 1 Are Boston Terriers Big Chewers?

How can I make sure my Boston Terrier won’t chew everything in my house while I’m at work?

The best way to ensure that your Boston Terrier won’t chew everything in your house while you’re at work is to confine them in an area where they are safe but can’ easily escape and get to things they shouldn’t be chewing.

Some parents don’t like crates, but crates can benefit the Boston Terrier that is easily bored, stressed, or lonely in some instances.

When a parent doesn’t want to use a crate, they can confine the Boston Terrier to a safe room like the bedroom and make sure that there is nothing for them to destroy.

While ensuring there is nothing for them to destroy, the parent should make sure there is plenty for them to play with in the form of exciting and entertaining toys.

In this way, the parent isn’t punishing the Boston Terrier but simply providing the right environment for them to enjoy while mom or dad is away.

Before the parent leaves the house, they should spend some time with their Boston Terrier giving them attention and making sure some of their energy is used up.

Aside from exciting toys for them to play with, numerous toys can dispense a treat for them when they play the right of way with the toy. 

This avenue can provide hours of amusement and learning, giving them a clear reward they can taste.

If they are tired and have received some attention before the parent leaves, the Boston Terrier will likely not get into trouble and chew anything unless they feel nervous or stressed while the parent is away.

Some dogs are naturally nervous and anxious, and these dogs may be a bit harder to manage. 

Thanks to new technology in the dog equipment industry, new gadgets are being offered all the time.

A great way for the parent to keep their bored or anxious Boston Terrier content is to have a camera in the room.

The camera can give the Boston Terrier a chance to see and hear mom or dad and feel less alone or bored.

It can also be a handy diversion at a moment when they might be ready to find some trouble. 

Either way, these cameras can also provide peace for the parent, as they can see what is going on in their home with their Boston Terrier.

Besides this, some supplements for dogs can calm the wild, but these should always be discussed with their veterinarian before giving to your Boston Terrier.

Some supplements may not be healthy for all dogs, and it is always best to check with their veterinarian so they don’t get sick.

Why is my Boston Terrier puppy chewing so much?

Your Boston Terrier puppy is chewing so much because this is a normal part of the puppy phase. 

At certain points in a puppy’s growth and development, they will learn much and undergo different physical changes.

Their teeth will develop, as will their independent mind that will have them biting. 

These characteristic puppy behaviors will have them biting and chewing more often, and sometimes things they shouldn’t chew.

The best way to manage this issue is to take a matter a fact attitude and make sure in a kind but firm manner that they learn NO and then move on. 

Redirecting is often the best way to get through this phase, as it is short-lived but trying at times.

With time and patience, they will learn what is acceptable and not, and these behaviors will be a thing of the past. 

Redirecting would have the parent replacing the shoe or their fingers with a toy over and over again until the Boston Terrier puppy learns where and what they can chew or bite.

Final Thoughts

Chewing is a behavior that every dog displays at one time or another. 

How often the dog chews depends on the dog.

Some dogs are notorious for chewing everything, but the Boston Terrier is not usually one of those dog breeds.

If you find that your Boston Terrier is a big chewer at the end of the day, redirecting is the best way to manage this issue, as sometimes we all just need a break from the stress of life!

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