How often do Beagles need to be walked?

Beagles ooze with energy and stamina! Your Beagle will need plenty of calorie-burning activities to stay fit and happy. 

Whether you go hiking with them, take them to a park for a quick walk, or play tug-of-war at home, your highly active fur buddy would love it.

How Often Do Beagles Need to be Walked

Adult beagles need at least one and a half hours of exercise daily. And you can break this down into two different walks or “sessions” in a day. For puppies, a short 5-minute walk per month of your pup’s age (e.g., 5 months = 25 minutes), up to two times per day, would do.  

Beagles are a naturally sociable breed. Explore different types of activities to satisfy their adventurous nature. 

You don’t need to stick to walking, especially with an adult dog. Things can get boring pretty easily for this playful hound breed. 

To keep it fun for both you and your pet, you can mix up two to three different types of activities. 

For instance, brisk walking with you for about an hour and then running free or playing fetch in your garden later in the day. 

The important thing is that you stay committed to keeping your dog healthy – both physically and mentally. 

Walking your Beagle, at least, has to be a part of your dog’s daily routine. 

If you can’t do it yourself, then ask someone you trust to walk with your dog. The last thing that a beagle needs is to stay stuck at home and miss out on exercise. 

Tips when walking your Beagle 

How often do Beagles need to be walked?

Beagles are exploratory creatures with high “investigative” instincts. So it can be challenging to take your daily walks without being challenged by your pet. Expect sudden lunges or pulls for many reasons!

Here are some tricks on how to make your daily strolls more relaxed and enjoyable for you and your furry companion.

  •  Modify and personalize your walks. Walks can get boring if you don’t shake things up a bit. You can randomly switch your walking pace from brisk-walking to slow side-by-side walking, for instance. 
  • No sticks during walks. Chasing sticks may injure your dog, so avoid this during your outdoor hikes. Energy treats or a ball is a better option, but make sure your ball is big enough to avoid swallowing.
  • Remember, your Beagle is a scent hound. Keep your Beagle leashed if you want to stop them from chasing new scents – or worse, escaping!
  • Explore somewhere new. Keep it exciting for you both by exploring new routes and walking in new places you’ve never been to together.
  • Your Beagle deserves some freedom too. Allow your Beagle to satisfy their curiosity! Too much restriction is not good for your Beagle’s mental wellbeing. 
  • Make walks more of a bond-building experience for your Beagle. As a pet mom or dad, use this time as a bonding opportunity for you and your dog. It’s also a good time for practicing learned tricks like asking them to sit or stay. 
  • Organize dog walks or meet-ups – Beagles are highly sociable dogs. Therefore, walking along with other dogs and fur parents could be a wonderful experience for everyone.
  • Be a happy buddy for your doggie! You can be your truest self with your pet. Sing, dance, play, goof around with your Beagle… your pet would love you even more for that.
  • Be environment-friendly – Always bring dog poop bags – and make sure to put them in proper bins after.

How to Keep Dog Walking Safe 

It’s truly a beautiful sight to see a pet owner and an obedient beagle trotting along. But obviously, this isn’t true for all beagle parents out there. 

To keep our dog walks fun, safe, and secure, here are some steps to take before your outdoor trip:

  • Get your beagle vet cleared. Consult your veterinarian first before having a dog outing. Your dog must be healthy before engaging in any strenuous activity with you. 
  • Teach your dog basic obedience tricks. Does your pet know how to obey single-word commands like “come,” “sit,” or “stay”? Otherwise, you will have a chaotic journey ahead as opposed to a relaxing one.
  • Use sturdy walking accessories. It’s highly advised that you put your dog on a leash during your strolls or hikes. Again, beagles have very strong “chasing and sniffing” abilities. 
  • Paw-protect your Beagle. Grab a pair of good-quality paw boots to help protect your Beagle’s paws from extreme temperature and other harmful materials or substances.
  • Familiarize your walking paths, especially when you hike on natural terrains. This is to keep you and your dog away from any harm.
  • Don’t forget your water! Also, remember that colored drinks aren’t suitable for canine consumption. 
  • Bring your IDs. Can you and your dog be identified in the event of an emergency? Using a dog tag with your number or microchipping (if you want) is a great option to consider.
  • Consider safety accessories. Have you seen collars or leashes with LED lights? Well, they aren’t just a cool trend these days but can double as a safety device during an evening or early morning stroll.
  • Warm-ups are essential. Allow your dog to roam around your garden first or any other simple yard exercise to prep up their doggie muscles.
  • Think “safety first.” Have a first-aid kit handy for minor accidents down the road. Include items that apply to both you and your furry strolling buddy.

Related Questions

How often do Beagles need to be walked?

Are beagles good walking dogs?

Because of their outgoing and adventurous nature, beagles love spending time outdoors. Therefore, your Beagle can be a good strolling or hiking partner. They have loads of energy to use, so no worries about long walks or even hikes. 

Planning to hit the trails soon? Remember, any physical activity requires proper preparation and body conditioning. That’s crucial, especially if you consider taking your Beagle out for a long walk or a hike in unfamiliar terrains. 

How far can a beagle walk?

If healthy and well-conditioned, an adult beagle can walk up to 8-10 miles. Sedentary Beagles can be walked a mile or two at a time until they are in good shape. The distance will vary depending on the health of the Beagle.

Be sure that the two of you are physically and mentally ready for the distance you set. Whether you set out for a hike or a simple walk at the park, you and your Beagle’s safety is a priority! 

How many miles can a Beagle run?

A beagle can run up to 10 miles. Beagles are known for their stamina and endurance, so it’s not uncommon that they would go on long runs. Bear in mind, the Beagle will need to be in excellent physical condition for this. Running consumes more energy than merely walking.

Be sure the two of you have plenty of water before setting out. As a responsible pet owner who loves his dog dearly, we want nothing more than safety first when exploring new places together.

Why does my Beagle refuse to walk?

If your Beagle is refusing to walk, then chances are he’s tired, and it’s his way of letting you know that. This is common with Beagles on hot days or when they have walked a fair amount. Alternatively, he could be more interested in something else, like a scent or something in the air.

Tips if your Beagle refuses to walk

Beagles can be stubborn and refuse to walk in certain places. They can be picky about the direction they walk in, especially if they have picked up a scent that has caught their attention.

  • If your Beagle is sniffing the ground and refuses to walk with you, try to redirect their attention to something that smells better, like treats.
  • Try to excite them with words that they know and understand. Things like “you want a treat”.
  • Pick them up and carry them. I had to do this with my Beagle on many occasions! He liked it, no doubt.
  • If your Beagle is not walking because he’s afraid of something, it’s helpful to be calm and reassure him in a gentle voice tone. Try petting him and telling him that things are going to be ok.
How often do Beagles need to be walked?

In Conclusion

Taking daily walks with your Beagle every day is a healthy way to develop a stronger bond with your pet. But make sure that you both are physically fit, mentally ready, and emergency-prepared. Have fun but also be safe, everyone!

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