How Often Do Maltipoos Need To Be Bathed? Answered!

We all know that  Maltipoos are a mix between a Poodle and a Maltese and that generally means that they’ll have hypoallergenic hair instead of fur. That hair comes with additional maintenance like brushing and haircuts, but what about baths? How often do you need to give your Maltipoo a bath to keep their coat healthy and looking its best?

How Often Do Maltipoos Need To Be Bathed 1 1 How Often Do Maltipoos Need To Be Bathed? Answered!

How often should I bathe my Maltipoo?

Malitpoos can be bathed monthly to keep them clean, smelling fresh, and feeling good. Bathing a Maltipoo too often can cause health issues as it strips their skin of essential oils that protect their body. It is not necessary to bathe your Maltipoo every month, it just depends on how dirty they are.

It depends on your dog’s lifestyle, how dirty they are, and their health. Some Maltipoos can go a bit longer and even as far as a few months, and some will need to be bathed sooner.

How often they are bathed is based on various factors, and most important is not bathing them too much and causing issues with their skin, hair, and body.

Maltipoos that love the outdoors or get dirty need to be bathed more than others that spend a good deal of time indoors or don’t get too dirty. Older Maltipoos or puppies may need to be bathed less for this reason.

Bathing should be about once a month, but the parent can determine what fits into their lifestyle to keep their Maltipoo healthy and happy. The experience should be positive for everyone when it does happen. If once a month doesn’t fit into the parent’s lifestyle, they can plan accordingly unless the Maltipoo is too stinky or dirty.

Bathing habits should be learned early on in a Maltipoo’s life. When they are a puppy, they can learn the bathing process a few weeks after they come home from the breeder. Teaching them about this necessary life habit makes it easier to do later when they are older.

The sooner they accept this type of care as a part of their life, the better the experience will be in the long run. It can take the puppy time to understand and accept what is happening, so the parent should be patient.

Those first bathing sessions are more about the experience for the puppy than cleanliness. Puppies of this age do not get that dirty. The session can be short since the puppy will get bored and have a short attention span. It should always be fun and include words of praise and treats to make it a positive experience. 

The parent should focus on gently introducing the puppy to the water, tools, and bath. If it can be outdoors in the sun or somewhere that is easy clean, all the better.

Maltipoos that are older or have been bathed before should get the same rewarding, positive experience. Still, since they have done it before, the parent can focus more on cleaning.

Bathing is a part of the Maltipoo grooming ritual, and if it’s not done regularly, that doesn’t mean the Maltipoo can’t be cleaned in other ways. For instance, if the parent doesn’t think the Maltipoo needs to be bathed, it can be groomed in other ways.

Brushing should be done more regularly to keep the Maltipoo’s hair looking beautiful and clean. Brushing should be done every other day, or if the parent has time, daily might be better. 

Due to their breed background, the Maltipoo needs more regular grooming care like brushing and visiting the groomer but not necessarily bathing.

How often should I take my Maltipoo to the groomer?

How Often Do Maltipoos Need To Be Bathed How Often Do Maltipoos Need To Be Bathed? Answered!

It would help if you took your Maltipoo to the groomer every three to four weeks or months.

The Maltipoo has hair that grows faster than other dogs due to their crossbreed background of Maltese and Poodle. For this reason, they will need to visit the groomer or be groomed more often than other dogs.

Grooming can include any number of things, including bathing, and sometimes parents find this a nice way to care for their dog.

Suppose the Maltipoo doesn’t get groomed once a month exactly. In that case, it is okay as long as they get regular brushing and grooming sessions at home, but they shouldn’t go too long between grooming sessions.

Do I have to take my Maltipoo to the groomer, or can I do it myself?

You do not have to take your Maltipoo to the groomer, and you can do the grooming yourself if your Maltipoo is used to being handled like that by you. It depends on how much free time you have and your experience with this activity. Maltipoos have hair that grows faster than other breeds due to their breeding, but that doesn’t mean a breeder has to groom them.

Many people take their Maltipoo to the groomer, having experience cutting this dog’s hair correctly. They will often get a special haircut for the Maltipoo that adds to their unique appearance. That doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing.

Groomers also perform added treatments, sometimes for an added fee, sometimes not. The groomer might clean their ears, check and manage their nails and brush their teeth. You can also do these things yourself if you have time.

Not every parent will want to hire a groomer to bathe and care for their Maltipoo, and the choice is up to the parent. Most will find the small fee they charge worth the expense for their skill and knowledge.

Either way, the dog will get the treatment they deserve, so they are clean and beautiful.  It should be noted that some groomers will groom the dog without bathing them.  It can be nice for the Maltipoo to get the full treatment but its not always necessary.

Pricing varies for groomers based on location, how long they have been in business and their experience.

In Conclusion

Bathing is a part of life; we all need to clean up sometimes. For a Maltipoo, once a month is probably good in most cases. A parent can wait a bit longer if they don’t seem dirty or stinky.

There is no exact time frame for this as each parent and dog will be different. Finding the right schedule where they are bathed, groomed, and cleaned regularly should begin early in life. And by all means, the Maltipoo bathing routine should always be positive and enjoyable no matter what age they are.

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