How Often Do Boston Terriers Go Into Heat?

Taking care of an unfixed female Boston Terrier comes with a lot of extra considerations, not least of all is their heat cycle.

Not only do you need to be prepared to deal with the effects of your Boston Terriers’ heat, you also need to know when to expect and how often.

How Often Do Boston Terriers Go Into Heat?

Boston Terriers usually go into heat about every six months. This timing is based on their first heat season, which can begin sometime during the first year of life. After that first heat season, a Boston Terrier will go into heat every six months after that for the rest of their lives unless existing health issues or pregnancy and nursing interrupts this timing.

Six months is just a guideline, some Boston Terriers may go into heat a little sooner or later, but it happens consistently throughout the rest of their lives.

Female Boston Terriers usually mature sexually when they are between six and nine months. 

his timing is a guideline as some might finish maturing sexually sooner and others a bit later. 

Once they have sexually matured, they will go into their first heat cycle.

Once this process begins, they are sexually matured and the first heat season will begin their productive lives. 

After that first season, every heat season after that typically happens on a rolling basis of every six months.

Health issues, including pregnancy and nursing, hormonal changes, and stress, can affect how and when this first heat cycle begins and how they occur afterward.

Most Boston Terriers will begin during the first year and have two heat cycles per year driven by the first cycle.

The only difference would be for those Boston Terriers that have existing healthy issues, usually chronic in nature.  

Providing a healthy diet and lifestyle can ensure that they go into heat when they should, and the process is as smooth as possible.  

A healthy diet and lifestyle can make the event less uncomfortable as well.

In some instances, certain smaller dog breeds like the Boston Terrier can go into heat more often, at approximately three times per year, but this is less common. 

This is driven by the size of the Boston Terrier and is not cause for alarm if it happens.

There are four phases to the complete heat cycle, but the two active phases, which are the most important last a few weeks.  

These two phases of the heat cycle are also the most obvious.

How will my Boston Terrier feel during her heat cycle?

The female Boston Terrier can feel uncomfortable during the heat cycle as changes inside and outside their body can cause discomfort and confusion. 

The hormonal changes can make them clingy and needy or moodier and less loving.

Depending on the individual Boston Terrier, they may need more attention. This is a suitable time to show as much love, compassion, and understanding as possible.

It can be helpful to provide multiple comfortable resting spaces throughout the house where they can snuggle up and get cozy.

Sharing more affection than usual can benefit their emotional health during this time.  Being more responsive and connected physically may make her feel better because her emotions and hormones as well as her physical body are going haywire.

Since the heat cycle can cause the Boston Terrier to spot or bleed, it can be helpful to contain them to one area of the house for this time or use a diaper designed to keep messes in check. 

This spotting or bleeding can make the Boston Terrier feel more uncomfortable physically and she may sleep more.

How Often Do Boston Terriers Go Into Heat How Often Do Boston Terriers Go Into Heat?

What are some signs that my female Boston Terrier is in heat?

The signs that show your female Boston Terrier is in heat include physical changes like how she behaves when she sees male dogs. 

The female Boston Terrier might also need to go to the bathroom more or be more tired.

The female Boston Terrier might also seek more comfort from their loved ones, or they might seem more distracted or interested in the world around them as if searching for a mate. 

Some dogs display odd behaviors that are not typical of being in heat and some flip back and forth.

Physically she might spot or bleed, and she might also make strange noises like groaning, crying out, and whining. 

These sounds are often considered a mating call for the female as she instinctually searches for her mate or alerts those male dogs that are nearby.

How do I keep my Boston Terrier healthy while she is in heat?

The best way to keep your Boston Terrier healthy while in heat is to pay attention to her physical and emotional cues.

Show her more affection and follow her lead; if she doesn’t seem too interested in snuggles, then back off. If she seems to need extra, give more affection. 

Ensure that your Boston Terrier is getting enough exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Provide your female Boston Terrier with a comfortable resting spot for whenever she needs it and engage her more often as a distraction from what she is going through. 

Keep a soothing home environment free of stress to promote calm and relaxation.

Beyond these things, time will have to pass until she is through the process.

It is important to keep a watchful eye on your female Boston Terrier, so no surprises happen, especially when she is outside.

It can take but a moment for an incident to happen, and in the blink of an eye, she may end up pregnant. 

Depending on her behavior, you should also keep her on a leash while keeping her away from other dogs.

Keeping her away from dog parks or other areas where it is common for male dogs to be around can reduce the potential of an unwanted pregnancy. 

It may seem stressful for you as a pet parent, especially if you have to change up your daily schedule but it is necessary.

During this active reproduction time which only lasts a few weeks, it is incredibly important to protect her unless you want a litter of puppies.

Closing Points

Boston Terriers go into heat about every six months after their first heat cycle during the first year. They usually go into heat twice per year, but three times is possible as smaller breeds can go into heat more often.

Taking care of the physical and emotional needs of your female Boston Terrier during this time is important for her overall health and comfort.

The active phase only lasts a few weeks, and when it is done, things can get back to normal, at least until the next wave occurs!

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