Why do Dachsunds Cry? (Answered!)

As an animal lover, I often have wondered why do pets cry, and specifically why do dachshunds cry? I don’t like when my pets cry so I set out to research why dachshunds feel the need to cry.

Why do Dachsunds Cry?

Dachshunds cry when separated from their owner because they need their owner’s love. Howling, barking, and crying occurs when an owner departs from their dachshunds because they feel anxiety and desire to be with their owner. Really what dachshunds need is comfort.

You probably want to know what is the best way to help them stop crying and become your happy best friend again. There are ways to cure Dachshunds of crying as much with these tips that are explained below.

Cure Dachshunds from Seperation Anxiety

Dachshunds cry to catch the owner’s attention because they may suffer from separation anxiety which can make it difficult to leave your dog at home or with strangers. The best way to help your dachshund from crying is to provide the comfort they are needing. Often times Dachshunds will react when an owner will leave the house.

If this occurs, practice pretending to leave the home. Grab your keys, grab your purse, and follow the motions as if you were leaving the home. This will send the signals to your dachshund that you are leaving, but instead of going, come back and sit on the couch. Repeat this action different times but eventually leaving the house for a few minutes, then for a longer period of time.

Each time it will remind your dog that you will return back to the home even after you leave. In fact, dogs can also respond well to love languages.

I know personally, a love language of mine is words of affirmation. Several dogs are the same way. By providing comforting, soothing words, it lets your dog know they are okay, and the calm tone in your voice helps them be less alarmed when you are leaving.

Avoid making a big deal over leaving, if you let them know it will be okay, then they will begin to see that when you leave the house it is not the end of the world.

Another comforting method can be to give your dog a favorite toy when you leave. It will make them excited to see the toy and take away from the pain they feel with separation. Toys are a form of comfort that brings good memories back to your dog.

While you are away, they can hold onto the toy and remember those good memories of you playing with them and that toy. Toys tend to be the best method of distraction as well, a happy dog is a dog with a toy!

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Be careful with the types of toys you purchase that there are no small pieces that can break off and choke your dachshund. Or any toys that could cause possible harm or pain. This could be especially dangerous while you are away. See below in the section “Noticing Pain” to recognize when your dachshund could be crying because of pain.

Dachshunds also respond positively when left with something that reminds them of you. If they have a piece of clothing or blanket that smells like you, it can help take away that feeling of missing you.

Noticing Pain

There is a difference when Dachshunds are crying because they miss you and when they are actually in pain. It is very important to pay attention to how you dachshund reacts when they are moving and playing.

If they whimper when lifting up or putting pressure on one of their paws, this is not a good sign. It is important to also watch your dog’s eating habits to notice if they are experiencing pain after eating which is causing them to cry. It can be dangerous if a dachshund is at the pain and it is not taken cared of immediately.

The best resource would be to contact your local veterinarian to ask them for their opinion on if your dog needs to be taken in to see them or if they need a change in their diet. Continue to pay attention to your dachshund and keep track what times of day and when they are crying. Keeping tabs on them could be the key to saving them from unhappiness and possibly saving their life!

Using Crying to Your Advantage

Although dachshunds cry a lot, you can also use this to your advantage. Crying is not only a form of pain or discomfort but a method of allowing your dog to speak to you. You can begin by training your dachshund to cry when they need to go outside to take care of their business.

Begin by teaching them which door to use and practice opening the door for them.

Also, it may interest you to help them know when to cry or bark at an intruder instead of your friends. Several people like dachshunds for their protectiveness and loving nature. They often will bark and let you know if anyone is approaching which can be very helpful from unwanted company.

A good way for your dachshund to become accustomed with only crying or barking at strangers and not your friends is to invite your friends over. Make time to have your dachshund become aquaitned with your loved ones, friends, and especially friends with other dogs.

Dogs will do better if they recognize a sent, so by inviting your friends and loved ones over, it is more likely your dog will not bark or cry but instead be comfortable around them. Allow time for your dachshund to smell and play with your loved ones. Also by taking your dog to the local dog park will help them familiarize themselves with other dogs so that they will not cry or bark at other dogs as often.

What Dachshunds do When They are Stressed and How to Prevent Accidents

Dachshunds also cry when they are stressed, but not usually as much. Instead, they turn to chewing, digging, or getting into trouble with your personal belongings. This can be frustrating because not only are they stressed out, but it stresses you out too after seeing the mess they can make.

Dachshunds can become stressed as part of separation anxiety and especially when you are not there to tell them “no”. Some ways to help with this stress is by removing items that are low enough for them to reach.

By moving the curtain bottoms up and removing all shoes or precious items from the ground, it will help you avoid cleaning up an unwanted mess. Also by closing the doors to the rooms in the house, it prevents the dachshunds from stress eating your other valuables.

Tough Love

Although your dachshund needs so much love and attention from you, it is important to not give into them and cater their every need. Dachshunds may cry, but it does not mean you need to make a fuss over it each time. Just like a child, they need to understand that you will not always be home to comfort them.

To help them feel your love, providing them with tough love will help them get over their anxiety. By following the steps above, when practicing leaving them behind, they will start to learn that it will be alright to be left alone for a while. Also, it can become troublesome if a dachshund receives too much love because they will become needier every day. Thus causing more crying than there was, to begin with.

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Why do dachshunds like to sleep so much?

Dachshunds actually are full of energy and love to go on walks, play with toys, and be playing with other dogs. However, they do sleep often, similar to other dogs because find comfort in resting and it is what their bodies need. Got to sleep enough to have enough energy to play with their favorite person!

Why are dachshunds so needy?

Dachshunds need the basic needs of life, food, shelter, and attention as much as any dog. Dachshunds can be needier than other dogs though because they make strong connections with their owners and love to spend time with them.

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