How Often Do Springer Spaniels Go Into Heat?

Beyond health, diet, exercise, sleep patterns, stress levels, and environmental factors can affect a female, Springer Spaniels‘ reproductive health and how often she comes into heat. Like any other body part, the reproductive organs can have issues. If the female came from a good ancestral line, she should have healthy reproductive organs. Provided she is of good breeding from a reputable breeder that follows responsible breeding practices, none of this should ever be an issue for her reproduction or the rest of her body. Still, issues can occur at any time during a dog’s life, and even with good breeding, surprise issues can arise even in the healthiest of dogs, so it’s important to be aware of what’s normal and what isn’t.

How Often Do Springer Spaniels Go Into Heat 1 1 How Often Do Springer Spaniels Go Into Heat?

How often do Springer Spaniels go into heat?

Springer Spaniels come into heat once every six months or twice per year. How often they come into season per year will vary based on when they come into their first heat.

That first heat season drives the following heat seasons for the rest of the female dogs’ lives. The process lasts about twenty-one to twenty-eight days for the active phase, and the other remaining phases take up the rest of the six months.

During some years, the Springer Spaniel may only come into season once, but there can be some heat seasons that happen three times a year. It all depends on how heat seasons come to pass in a year. For instance, if a female Springer spaniel comes into her heat season in January during a certain year.

If she comes into her heat season in January of a given year, that will mean the next heat would be June through July, and there could be another one in December of that same year. Timing is approximate as each female dog’s body will have its own clock and timing for a heat season.

When a Springer Spaniel first comes into heat, this process continues throughout her life. If, for some reason, a female doesn’t go into heat and she isn’t pregnant, it would be a good reason to take them to the veterinarian for a check-up.

Many factors in the female Springer Spaniels’ life can affect or alter this naturally occurring event in their reproductive life. Health problems related to their reproductive organs or the rest of their body can contribute to delays in a heat cycle.

When will my Springer Spaniel go into heat for the first time?

How Often Do Springer Spaniels Go Into Heat How Often Do Springer Spaniels Go Into Heat?

Your Springer Spaniel will go into heat for the first time between nine months and a year, or even a little after. The exact timing of this process is driven by an individual internal clock for each dog. Nothing can speed the process; simply allowing it to happen in its own time is best.

When the female Springer Spaniel comes into heat, there are signs that a parent can notice. Such things as bloody spots on the floor or carpet and a mixture of unusual emotions and behaviors can signal this process has already arrived or is on the way. 

Showing love, compassion, and kindness during this time is needed.

The female Springer Spaniel will not know what to do, as this is unfamiliar territory for her, and everything going on in her body can be unsettling to her delicate emotional state and nature. As a parent, being supportive and letting it happen as it is meant to while being there for her is all that is needed.

A pleasant spot for her to rest and find peace can make all the difference. Giving the female Springer Spaniel extra food if she feels hungry and lots of cuddles can make a big difference in how she feels during her first heat season.

It may be helpful to use a doggie diaper at this time to keep the house clean, so you don’t get stressed over possible staining.   

A calm environment will be best for everyone, especially the Springer Spaniel. It is of the utmost importance that she be kept away from male dogs during this time.

This requires keeping her on a leash and a close watchful eye on her when outdoors. Incidents can happen quickly, and before you know it she is pregnant with a litter of puppies.

Unless that’s the desired outcome, keeping her by your side is important until this short time passes. When it’s over, you both will feel relief for different reasons, but this, too, will begin again in six months.

Should I be concerned if my Springer Spaniel doesn’t come into heat after she reaches her first year of life?

You should not be concerned if your Springer Spaniel doesn’t come into heat after she reaches her first year of life. This process will occur when nature and her body determine, and the process is individual and driven from inside her body. 

It can take up to a year and a half for some dogs.

However, it may not be easy to be comfortable letting nature do its thing. If that is your case, consulting her veterinarian or taking her to the veterinarian for a check-up might put your mind at ease.

Before you do that, it is important o do a thorough investigation of the lifestyle she is living in your home. Going over her eating habits and the quality of her food is a good place to start. After that, you will want to evaluate her sleep habits, exercise, and other areas of her life.

If everything seems normal and nothing is out of the ordinary, you should document all this information and consult her veterinarian. 

They can discuss concerns and any issues that could be causing this delay. Many times, there isn’t anything wrong with your dog.

We spend a great deal of energy on the numbers, what time something will happen, and if so, how long it will take. It can make us, and our female dog stressed, and stress can be a factor in the delay of her heat cycle.

Focusing our energy on being calm, patient, and responsive is often all that is needed for any biological process to occur naturally in our dog’s life.

In Conclusion

The Springer Spaniel heat season occurs whenever her body tells her it’s time to begin. Once that happens, the heat cycle occurs every six months or so, for one, two, or three times per year.

Providing a female Springer Spaniel with a healthy diet and lifestyle is all needed for this process to occur naturally. Beyond that, patience while playing the waiting game helps!

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