When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season?

If you have a female Springer Spaniel puppy who is still unfixed, it’s important for you to plan for the first time she goes into season. You’ll need some special equipment and you’ll need to alter your normal routine to account for this time in your dog’s life, so know when your Springer Spaniel will go into their first heat season is vital.

When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season 1 When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season?

When will my Springer Spaniel come into season?

Your Springer Spaniel will come into season at some point after nine months, but this is an estimate as all dogs are different in how their reproduction develops. The second half of a female dog’s first year will change its reproduction and go through its first season.

When a Springer Spaniel comes into season is determined by many things that occur in their body. The process is nature driven based on an internal clock and its growth. Some Springer Spaniels may come into season sooner than the nine months, while others might begin later.

Before this happens, the parents may see changes in the Springer Spaniel’s behavior and emotional or physical state. These changes may come as a surprise to the dog since they have never gone through the process. After their first season, it will continue for the rest of their lives unless health issues change.

Some parents prefer to alter or fix their Springer Spaniel before this stage of life happens. It can be helpful for parents and the community to do this if the Springer Spaniel isn’t going to be bred for puppies.

The likelihood of a Springer Spaniel getting pregnant during its first season is high if the parents don’t know what to expect or how to manage this stage of life. Before nine months, new Springer Spaniel parents should discuss the pros and cons of doing this before they enter their first season.

It can be beneficial to let the Springer Spaniel go through one season and then alter or fix them, so pregnancy isn’t an issue, but that is up to the parents. Discussion with their veterinarian before nine months are recommended either way. The sooner, the better, no matter when the first season comes.

When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season 1 1 When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season?

After the first season, how often does a Springer Spaniel come into season?

After the first season, the Springer Spaniel will come into season on average twice per year. Some years might be as many as three, depending on the calendar and how the cycle falls.

Springer Spaniels will go into season about every six months, beginning like clockwork with the first season. Health reasons can alter this timing and how it happens, but for the most part, twice per year is when it happens.

What behaviors will my Springer Spaniel show when in season?

The behaviors that your Springer Spaniel will show when in season include a broad spectrum of emotions and actions. Since their reproductive cycle is linked to behavior and emotions, they can become overly needy of their parents and others.

They might want to be cuddled more and on laps. They might sleep more or need more food. It’s even possible that the reverse will happen. They might eat little and not sleep out of discomfort. If you can think of an emotion or behavior they can display, it could show up during this time.

One characteristic that parents are always on the lookout for is the need to mate. Her body will send out the singles to male dogs in the vicinity through scent that she’s ready for reproduction. 

Some Springer Spaniels can get pretty nasty or determined during this time as they attempt to seek out a male and reproduce. She may try to get out open doors or sneak out the yard. Any number of attempts in various ways could happen.

With all the emotions and physical sensations going through their bodies, it’s a time of chaos and confusion, which happens naturally, but the dog may not understand or realize it.

No matter how the Springer Spaniel is behaving during this time, there are certain things to watch out for and do.

When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season 2 When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season?

What should I do when my Springer Spaniel is in her first season?

What you should be doing when your Springer Spaniel is in her first season is keeping a close eye on her at all times. It is your job as the parent to ensure that she doesn’t become pregnant if that is the desired outcome.

Staying close to her during this stage is important as anything can happen anytime. First and foremost, always keep her away from male dogs. It takes a few moments, and then you will be left with a litter of puppies to care for or find homes.

You can take your female dog out and about, but she must always be on a short leash. She must be kept away from male dogs, and if possible, using a doggie diaper can slow things down if one approaches her so you can remove her.

The Springer Spaniel should be kept in an easy clean part of the house during this month-long stage to make for easy cleanup. She will be bleeding or spotting, and it can be messy if she isn’t wearing a doggie diaper.

She might need to use the bathroom more, so wee wee pads might be a good choice if you are to be away from home for longer periods. If not, taking her out for bathroom breaks more often can help.

Beyond keeping her away from male dogs, showing her lots of love and affection during this time and responding to her needs is highly important. This stage of her life can be a challenging one, and your Springer Spaniel might not fully understand all the discomfort she is going through. Love and attention help.

What are the telltale signs that my Springer Spaniel is in season?

When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season 3 When Will My Springer Spaniel Come Into Season?

The telltale signs that your Springer Spaniel is in season include spotting droplets of blood, and this is just like human females but with less blood. The female’s genital area may also become swollen, red, or seem irritated before this stage.

Tiredness and over-energetic behavior signal that your Springer Spaniel is approaching her first season. It can go either way. Some females will be more tired, others energized by this stage, and some will flip back and forth between the two.

Beyond that, there will be the telltale need for attention and comfort and possibly an odor coming from your Springer Spaniel. Again, these are common signs, but some females can also display an assortment of changeable behaviors.

Closing Points

When a Springer Spaniel comes in season is usually after nine months but can begin at any time based on their health and environment.

When they go in season is less of a factor than what the parents do when they finally hit that mark. Parents should think about whether they want to alter their dog or not, and when as well as how to properly care for them!

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